By:  Zuliheart Arom  Ongoing
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Zainab had a crush on the new boy,not knowing that her close friend, Maryam has a thing for him to. But then things get out of hand as Maryam did all she could to have him for herself, which results to breaking their perfectly made friendship. But as they say, what comes around goes around. A love triangle it is!

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Amina Mora
Nice chapter!
2020-09-13 04:07:37
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Khadijah Mora
You go girl!
2020-09-11 04:27:59
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Samina Shaikh
nice content
2020-09-09 02:29:44
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Samina Shaikh
A wonderful book Happy to see islamic content
2020-09-02 03:22:59
user avatar
Amina Mora
This book is really great! Can't wait for the next chapter
2020-08-27 16:27:57
41 Chapters
 Zainab entered her class with Maryam, Yasmin and Jamila. They were all talking and laughing. Suddenly, Zainab's laughter subsided and she stopped dead on her tracks. She was looking into a boy's hazel brown eyes and she quickly moved back a bit. They mouthed sorry in unison and she felt quite embarrassed, as heat crept up from her neck to her cheeks. She then walked to her desk.  "Hey, that was the new boy that was supposed to come yesterday but was caught up with something." Jamila said to Zainab.  "Oh." Was all Zainab could say at that moment. She felt something deep within her spark and tried to ignore it. She opened her locker and shuffled through it as she looked for her Maths textbook.  "Zainab! Zee!" Aisha snapped her fingers. "I've been talking to you since. What happened?
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 "Wow." Aisha said munching on her meatpie. They were in the school cafeteria eating. "He's handsome alright.""Yeah. And that was why our damsel here has fallen in love". Jamila said grinning.Zainab has been annoyed with them lately."Look guys, for the last time, it's just a crush. I'll get over him sooner or later." She said."I hope so, and you better make a move or else Maryam will snatch him in just a snap of her fingers." Jamila said."Yes, I've noticed too. She's been clinging to him like a leash." Aisha said. "Uh-oh, here he is, and he's coming over here." She squeezed Jamila's hand and she shoot her a glare.Zainab turned and their eyes locked. Hazel brown met honey brown. They kept staring at each other until Jamila cleared her throat and spoke."Um... hi, you are the new boy in our class jss3 right?"He smiled and
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 "You gave him your what?!" Maryam cried glaring at Zainab. "What were you thinking?!" "Look here Maryam. I didn't tell you this so that you can yell at me or glare at me." Zainab said a little hurt her own friend could say this. "I told you this so that you can rejoice with me as Aisha, Jamila and Yasmin did. Besides, why do you even care?" She crossed her arms as she returned the glare. "FYI I'm backing up Maryam." Yasmin said patting Maryam on the back. Maryam ignored Zainab's question as she scowled even more. "Me too." A quite voice behind them said. "Missed me?" They all turned to look at the intruder.  "Hafsa!" Yasmin and Maryam yelled pouncing on her.  "Guys! You
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 Zainab was having dinner with her Dad, Mum, and 3 siblings."Khadija pass me the mayonnaise please." Zainab said to her 12 year old sister."Ok." Khadija said and gave her sister her request. They continued eating in silence until their Dad wiped his mouth with a serviette and spoke."I'm going to your Aunt's house in kinkinau. Who's coming with me?" His eyes darted round the table."I'm cool." Yaya Ameer their 18 year old brother said."No, thank you." Zainab said and headed to her room."Till you come back Baba." Khadija said and followed her sister."Baba ka gaishe su." (Baba greet them). Abdullah said and picked his iPad.Their Dad now turned to their Mother."Since the kids are not going then I'm also not coming with." She shrugged. "Send my regards. She then left to her room. Yaya Ameer and Abdull
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 Zainab woke up with a throbbing headache. She muttered her azkar and went to take panadol then gulped it down with some water. She then headed to the bathroom, took her bath and performed ablution. She then wore her blue tracksuit and her long hijab, sprayed her praying mat and observed her salat. She poured all her worries to the Al-wadud in her prostration. When she was done, she folded her hijab and praying mat and wore her blue short hijab. She didn't bother to apply some kohl on her eyes cus she was not in the mood. She was sick in the inside and outside. She picked her bag and made her way downstairs. There, she met her Mom making pancakes whilst her Dad and siblings were busy digging in theirs.  "Good morning everyone." She said sitting and began preparing her tea.  "Morning." They all said in unison.
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 Maryam and Zainab soon joined the volley ball practice. They both slipped into the game, thinking that the sport master didn't notice them."You two, Zainab and Maryam go seat over that bench there and wait for halftime." He said."Uh crumps." Maryam muttered and sat on the bench with a thud.  Zainab joined her as they watched the rest of the girls play.  She was cheering for her friends' team. There on the other wing  of the field were the boys playing football.Maryam smirked at Zainab mouthing tsk tsk tsk.When it was halftime and they were given 10mins to freshen up, Jamila and Aisha dragged Zainub to the other side of the field."Why were you late and what in the world were you doing with Maryam?" Jamila asked raising a brow."That's a long story." Zainab said."Zainab, we're asking you and you're giving a damn answer." Ai
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 "Bruh that was incredible I didn't know that you can dive like that. And a summer salt that is just too much." Isma'il said to Abba rubbing his hair dry with a towel. They were in the boys changing room."Thanks. I can teach you if you want." Abba said putting on his tracksuit. "Let's go."They headed to their class, unlocked their lockers and brought out their spelling books. Isma'il was about to close it when he saw a paper stuffed into the side of his locker. He hesitated at first but then he picked it and read. He was puzzled as he read it twice, and then thrice. He then held the paper to Abba who also looked baffled as he is."You've also found a letter?" They both said in unison."From Zainab?" Isma'il asked while Abba said from Maryam."But why? Why would they do this? I mean I'm dating Maryam while you aren't dating Zainab. Or are you?" Abba asked curiously.
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 ISMA'IL'S POV I watched as Zainab's friends talk to her while she only replied with a nod, "uhmm" "okay" and sometimes smiled. Gosh, why am i looking even looking at her. After all she did. She's so unpredictable.  I've got to get her out of my mind. I glanced at Abba who has his earpiece plugged into his ears and he's eyes were closed. I shuffled on my seat and closed my eyes too. I then heard Maryam's voice and I opened my eyes to see her smirking at Zainab. "Not again" I muttered."I'm just here to tell Jamila that she should have picked on someone her own size. But I'm not here to make any fuss so don't give me that kind of I-will-rip-off-your-throat look. Thank you for listening." I heard Maryam said but she still stood there her hands akimbo. Maybe waiting for a remark I guess.I can see Jamila trying to stand up but then Aisha whispered something in her which made her relax
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  Isma'il 's pov "Hello." Yasmin said on the other line. To be sincere I really hate her when I came to the school but she's a really good friend so we're getting along pretty much I must say. And Hafsat too.  "Hi Yasmin I was meaning to ask you a really important favor." I said. Damn it this whole thing is really making me nervous.  "Ok I'm all ears." She said.  Me: u know with all these fight between me and Zainab Maryam stood up for me right?  Yasmin: yh go on.  
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 Zainab's povIf wishes were horses beggars would ride......I wish I will have a chance to talk to Badman Binladin. Yeah. I've ever seen him once when I went to my Aunt's house in Abuja to spend the holiday. I saw him in Silver bird. I wanted to talk and maybe snap some pics but my Aunt was like u guys shld hurry up we're going to be late. And that was how she spoiled my mood. To cut my depressing story short, I'm now playing his song, my favorite song super and here is Deeja trying to spoil my mood."Wai why are you obsessed with this Badman ne. You're here worshipping him while his there clueless of your existence." She said. I ignored her as I sang the song with my future husband."Oya do the do super scary scooby doo... ""Your wallpaper, his picture. You even have a special file in your laptop titled Bad
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