Hired by my Uncle's Bestfriend

Hired by my Uncle's Bestfriend

By:  Sapphire Dyace  Updated just now
Language: English
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Jermaine's voice echoed in Dylan's condo unit as she caught him with someone else. "All this caution I've taken for myself, and for what? For you!" Jermaine exclaimed. "You're too paranoid, Maine. What do you think of me? Chasing you just because you won't give me what I want? Are you gold?" Dylan scorned her, "Hey, Maine, if you can't give it to me, I'll find it elsewhere! Just leave, you're causing us unnecessary trouble!" That marked the beginning of her downfall. It was her last semester in business administration, but her former boyfriend shattered it all. She became her own investigator, trailing him wherever he went, until her parents found out. They sent her to the province to reflect. There, she met her uncle's best friend, Demitri, a man left behind by time. He offered her an opportunity she couldn't refuse. "Marry me, and together we'll seek revenge for all the pain we've endured!" he proposed. "Bu--but why me?" she was confused. "Because I know, nothing's gonna happen between us. Besides, our gap means a lot to me, looks like i'm your uncle. I just want to take revenge. That cheaters need to receive their karma!"

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Love Reinn
nice story <333
2024-03-19 13:48:50
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Love Reinn
di ko na nagawa cover mo mii kasi busy sa exam, pero congrats <333
2024-03-19 13:48:36
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Highly recommended story...️ Super love it...️
2024-03-05 20:31:06
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Chapter 1
PROLOGUE:"This is part of being married to each other, Jermaine," said Demitri, slowly removing his clothes."No—no!!! It can't be!!" She stepped back as her husband approached."Sweetheart, there's nothing more you can do. We're married now, what else can you say to me? Besides, I've invested a lot in you. Perhaps it's time for you to reciprocate everything..." he murmured as they neared the bed. She sat down on the soft mattress, realizing she was the only one sleeping in it.Her spouse stood by the door, an extension of that room, so as not to arouse suspicion from their housemates that they weren't sleeping side by side."But, Demitri... we're only married on paper!" She continued to look for a way to stop him, holding onto her clothes to avoid his touch.The man stopped in front of her. Gently, he held her chin and looked into her eyes."Is what I give you still not enough, Jermaine? I'm only asking this now, but can't you grant me this one thing?"Jermaine felt the intensity in
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Chapter 2
She's sulking again, constantly staring at her cellphone. She's waiting for a message from Dylan, the man who shattered her heart. She can't fathom how he could deceive her. Two year age gap; he graduated earlier and is now working, while she's still studying.They were just in their first year of college when the guy courted her. She really liked him, inspired by what she saw in pageants on TV. He was in his third year of college at the time, and wherever he was, she wanted to be there too.Her contemplation was interrupted by her cellphone ringing. It was her friend, Coleen. She hadn't been attending classes for a week because she was secretly following Dylan. She missed her defense. Almost as if her friend could reach through the phone, she scolded and slapped her. Her friend was sent as an exchange student to Japan, and if Coleen could visit her, she probably would, giving her a piece of her mind.She abandoned her studies and has no one else to talk to. For her, taking care of on
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Chapter 3
She scanned the surroundings of the place. It had been a long year since she left her grandmother's house, taken away by her parents to her father's province.During college, she chose to move to Manila and convinced her parents to buy a condo unit for her. They hesitated, being protective of their only daughter, but she stood firm.She promised her parents she wouldn't marry early, focusing on growing their business. Her mother, with Chinese heritage, wisely invested and expanded their wealth instead of merely letting it sleep.Her grandparents warmly welcomed them. They raised her while her parents worked abroad, establishing a home and business before bringing her back.Her grandparents were kind, and she obediently followed their wishes. Her uncle, her mother's younger brother, used to take her to school. He now had his own family, but his house was conveniently close to her grandmother's, so he often visited."Maine, my grandchild!" Her grandmother embraced her tearfully."How ha
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Chapter 4
She stepped out of the house to observe. Much has changed in their area over the more than ten years of her absence. The once abundant trees in the surroundings have diminished, replaced by buildings and houses. Several subdivisions have also sprung up in the area.It's a beautiful transformation. The muddy road they used to take to school when it rained is now paved.Many children there are unfamiliar to her. Some passersby glance at her, perhaps wondering who she is.A group of women passed by and stopped in front of her."Maine?" The one greeting her seemed hesitant."Yes? Do I know you?" She asked. The others laughed."Silly, it's me, Emilie."Her face lit up. She suddenly felt happy, seeing a familiar face."OMG, you look gorgeous," she hugged her old friend."I've been looking for you on social media, couldn't find you.""I'm not active, my profile is hidden," she replied."Monique and Elise, they're our friends too.""You all look beautiful," she smiled at them. They've all blo
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Chapter 5
As Maine lay on her bed, a wave of emptiness washed over her. The room felt suffocating, and her thoughts were consumed by memories of her cheated boyfriend. She couldn't help but replay the promises he had made, the words that had once held so much meaning.She remembered the way he had looked into her eyes, his voice filled with sincerity as he vowed to always be faithful. She had believed him, trusted him with her heart. But now, those promises felt like distant echoes, shattered by his betrayal.Tears welled up in Maine's eyes as she thought about the moments they had shared, the dreams they had built together. It was painful to realize that it had all been a lie, that the love she had invested so deeply in had been taken for granted.She felt a mix of anger and sadness, a whirlwind of emotions swirling within her. How could he have done this to her? How could he have thrown away everything they had for a fleeting moment of pleasure?Maine knew that she deserved better. She deserv
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Chapter 6
Maine and her friends went to the mall to buy clothes for graduation. Suddenly, a wave of sadness enveloped her. If only Dylan hadn't deceived her, she might have been graduating now too."Hey Maine, look at this beautiful dress! It would look amazing on you for graduation!" Emelie happily got the dress.She forces a smile "Yeah, it's really nice.""Are you okay, Maine? You seem a bit down. Is something bothering you?" Elise asked.She sighs "I... I had to stop schooling because of my cheating boyfriend. It's been really tough for me.""Oh, Maine, I'm so sorry to hear that. That must have been really difficult for you." Monique gives sympathy to her."We're here for you, Maine. You don't have to go through this alone. We'll support you no matter what." Emelie cheers her up."Thank you, guys. It means a lot to me to have your support. It's just hard to see everyone excited about graduation when I won't be a part of it." she was about to cry. The tears started to mold on her eyes."Main
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Chapter 7
She was in her room when a man suddenly entered carrying a sack. She grabbed her pillow to defend herself.The man took out his weapon from the sack."You shouldn't have made it until tomorrow!" he declared."We'll see who falls first!""I'm here to take your head, as I promised my wife!""Before you can do that, I'll make sure to slit your throat!"They circled the room, and she initiated the attack. He fought back, wielding his weapon. Due to his size, he managed to knock her down first.He was about to strike her again, but her grandmother intervened, hitting him with a cane."You're such a nuisance! Your niece just arrived, and look at what you're doing!" She aimed for his legs, and the cane struck hard."Ouch, Mommy!" he cried out. "Maine, defend me!"She blocked her uncle and held him by the arms."Go, Grandma! Avenge me!""Traitor!" Her uncle tried to break free, unintentionally hitting her with the cane."Ouch, Grandma!" She winced in pain. The cane struck her leg, leaving a v
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Chapter 8
She walked alone, passing through an orchard laden with mango fruit. Her stomach grumbled, so she entered a gap in the barbed wire. She wasn't familiar with the place. It had been ten years since she left.She enjoyed walking among the tall trees with intertwining branches. The fruits seemed like hearts kissing the earth. It felt like she was in an enchanted garden. As she walked, she reached the center of the farm.The trees looked similar, and she didn't know how to find her way out. She hesitated to shout, not wanting to disturb the owner.She continued walking until she came across a beautiful house."Oh my God, a beautiful house in the middle of the woods? Could it be, am I in a haunted place?" She rubbed her eyes in disbelief.She walked around the house, admiring its beauty from every angle. It had a modern touch despite the house's age."Oh, there's a gate," she remarked upon seeing it.But before she could reach it, she heard a growling animal. A shiver ran down her spine. Sh
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Chapter 9
"Bam! Bam!" Sandro shouted at Demitri."Aaaah, farewell world, farewell," as he knelt down."Hahaha, how's it going, Demi?" his uncle approached and shook his hand."I'm good, how about you? You've been gone for so long. Is this- really Maine?," he said with a smile.Maine raised an eyebrow, then shouted at them, "You guys are animals! You scared me!""Sorry... as soon as you called me, I messaged Demi to let him know it was you.""That arrogant guy over there," she pointed at Sandro."I'm just being cautious.""Because the last girl who got lost here brought him tears," Sandro chuckled."Shut up Sandy..""Stop calling me that way, I got goose bumps!""Take your niece with you, I think she's so annoyed with me.""I'm glad you noticed that, idiot." she murmured in frustration and mimicking his reaction."Wow, what a sharp tongue! I guess, you inheret that to your uncle Sandy.""Shhhoooo! shut up Demi. We're going. Thank you for not shooting Maine," her uncle jokingly wink at Demi."Let
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Chapter 10
She woke up with a growling stomach in the early morning. Peeking outside, she made sure the guys she annoyed were gone. Once assured there is no one else there, she headed to the kitchen, finding leftover food on the table inside the food keeper. No need for lights; the light outside their garage sufficed.Seated on the chair, she opened the food containers, the worms inside her intestine dancing wildly. She first tasted the pasta her uncle praised – delicious, undoubtedly he didn't cook it but from a town restaurant.Grabbing a canned soft drink from the fridge, she savored the meal alone until the light suddenly turned on. Her uncle Sandro stood there, smirking."I've been watching you for hours; I was going to put that in the fridge," he approached, taking a seat in front of her, "tantrums gone?""I'm annoyed with you and your old friend. You act like you're fresh catches, but you're just left over," she retorted, visibly irritated."You tease me but you're so sensitive.""I know!
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