BEYOND HER DREAMS {A Nigerian Romance} ✔️

BEYOND HER DREAMS {A Nigerian Romance} ✔️

By:  QueenTori  Completed
Language: English
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The story of a young, beautiful lady named Sola, who has dreams and aspirations of being a successful and independent woman. However, she's tied to her snobby, bossy friend, Clara. Whom she's known since her childhood. Their friendship comes crashing when Alex, a bad boy Mogul from one of the richest families in Nigeria catches the attention of both women. What will be the fate of their friendship? Will Sola's love for Alex be put to a strong test?And will their uncontrollable desire for each other destroy the clouds of hatred between them? Find out in this sizzling, heart warming romance story! ×××

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44 Chapters
Chapter ONE
 *Third pov* Sitting close to the clean, serene pool with the beautiful blue looking waters, Sola hardly realized that she was lost in her own thoughts and memories.  She scarcely noticed the clapping of the waves caused by the chilly wind on a quiet Sunday in September 2016. She absentmindedly sighed as she felt the chill climb all the way up her soft, clear skin.  Sola was trying so desperately hard to conjure up memories of how her life had been before she'd tragically lost her parents, but she realized she could hardly come up with anything.  She didn't know if she was supposed to feel happy or sad about that discovery. That she was finally losing painful memories that made her cry to sleep on her small bunk bed almost
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Chapter TWO
*Third pov* The loud bang on the iron door woke Sola up, startled. Clara must have arrived. She thought. Clara was a very impulsive young lady and she did things without considering the consequences.  Sola remembered how heartbroken Clara had been when a boyfriend of hers, Gideon, who she hadn't even been faithful to, had decided to break off their relationship.  Sola had had to put up with Clara's abnormally rude behavior just because she had been dumped by her boyfriend. But eventually Clara had overcame the dark times of her life and Sola didn't want Clara making the same mistakes over and over again.  She got up and quickly and straightened the bed before leaving the room. She got to the parlour to meet Clara sitting wide-legged on the sofa, counting the cash in her hands with ridiculous seriousness.
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Chapter THREE
 *sola* (pov)  I woke up with a jolt. My forehead was beaded with thick sweat that was trickling down my damp face.   I rubbed the back of my palm over my forehead to ease the headache that was already forming because of the nightmare I just woke up from.  I was a bit shocked. I usually had pleasant dreams of when my parents were still alive and when we were always happy, going to the market with my mother and coming back home to arrange and plan the type of pranks we would play on my father.  But, tonight was different. I glanced at the clock on the opposite wall. 2:20AM it read.  I cleaned my forehead again, with my arm. I hadn't had a nightmare in
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Chapter FOUR
 'tonight I might fall in love,.. Depending on how you hold me...I'm glad that I'm coming down..Don let no one come control me..Keep dancing and call it love.. She fighting but falling slowly..If ever you are in doubt, remember what mama told me.. Brown skin girl...Your skin just like pearls...The best thing in the world...I'll never trade you for anybody else...Brown skin gir–—' My singing was interrupted by the loud bang on the door. I was sure it was Clara. My troublesome best friend.I unplugged my headphones and left the kitchen where I'd been making dinner while listening to music to pass
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Chapter FIVE
   The AC in the car was so chilling and refreshing that I had to fight my desire to sleep off.We were on our way to the big event that was being held in Eko hotel and suites, one of the best hotels in Lagos state, pretty much the whole country itself.     I had been there just once, I was part of the ushering crew for a birthday party, but I'm so excited now that I was going not as a low, limited worker, but as one of the management of my restaurant. I loved my job, because it was like a miracle for me. Last year I finished my ND part time course in the college of Yabatech. I did part time because I needed to support myself to survive. I wish I could finish my HND but I had so many responsibilities, like working all week, and jumping on any available jobs during the weekends. So,
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Chapter SIX
*sola* I stood stock still. Frozen. Shocked. I still couldn't believe someone had been here witnessing my embarrassing situation. My eyes and face were still burning hard but I was so shocked I didn't know how to react.  His hand that was holding the little hand wash bottle was stretched to me. I stared at it. It was like I was frozen. Couldn't move. Then he spoke.  "Take it" that voice, a rich baritone that was clear as day and husky at the same time. I gulped and jumped in to action.  I grabbed the bottle, turned back to the basin and started washing the hell out of my face.  After about ten minutes, I started to feel my face cool down. I opened my eyes, they felt sore an
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Chapter SEVEN
 *Sola*    I stared deeply at him. My eyes never wavering. My attention was fully on him. His hair looked fuller and he had those pretty scrubs on his perfect chin. We were both seated on the sand, the beach water playing with our feet and finger tips. We kept staring at each other like nothing else mattered, like no one else existed. Just the two of us.  "God! you're so beautiful" his voice echoed to me in a tight-lipped exclamation as he gazed at me in wonder, studying every little details of my face.   He stroked my chin with the back of his fingers, his lips slightly ajar. I felt my eyelids unconsciously close at the feeling of his touch on my face. I wanted it to be this way. I wanted it to never stop.  "Alex," I sig
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Chapter EIGHT
*sola*  My head was swimming, I didn't know how to react as I stared at the man in front of me."Can we take a sit over there and talk?" he asked. Looking expectantly at me.Before I could form any reply to give him, Clara was in front of me.  "Alex, did you come here to talk to me? Oh my gosh I'm so flattered, let's go take a sit" But Alex remained where he was, never taking his eyes off me as he replied Clara."I came to see Sola. Not you." His voice was firm, Like before. That voice alone could make a grown woman melt.  Mr Ben came forward looking shocked and flustered at Alex. Every other staffs were also gathered around, Looking at him like he was some kind of trophy or diamond. It made me very conscious of myself."Mr.. Mr Williams. It's an honor to have you dine at our humble restaurant." said Mr Ben, shaking
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Chapter NINE
*sola*   I flipped the chicken lap over, checking thoroughly if it was fried enough. It was Saturday and I was supposed to go for an ushering job but the woman who ran the ushering agency had called me this morning to terminate my job because her ushers were already fully booked.    I was sad because I had hoped to Make enough money to for the month and because Mrs obi who I worked for as a part-time cleaner wasn't in town for a while. But I had to look on the bright side, that would give me the opportunity to clean the whole house and do some laundry.    I thought about Clara and how she had been giving me the cold shoulder throughout the week. She didn't come home last night and she still hadn't arrived all morning. I tried calling her line but it was switched off.This wasn't the first time Clara went off on
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Chapter TEN
*Alex*  I glanced at Sola as I spoke to my business associates from south Africa. I was talking with someone on the phone but my mind was on the terrified looking lady that was sitted beside me. Funny how she looked like a nervous virgin on her wedding night. I wanted to chuckle, but I didn't. I didn't want to embarrass her further."Yeah, okay. Thank you." I replied to the man on the phone and hastily cut the phone, dumping it carelessly into my pocket.   "Alex, I need to tell...""Shhh... Don't worry about any issues, you're completely safe with me." I replied huskily. "Well.. Um.. That's not.."   I didn't let her finish as I pulled her into my Laps and locked her lips onto mine. I was so eager to touch her and make love to her, I couldn't reason with my brain that this might turn out to be a bad idea for me later. 
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