9. Kindness

The next day Jojo had rotated Bree's schedule, she managed to give her two days off and that's all she needs. She was still new, she didn't want to get cut because she was unable to work for two straight days. And those two days were all she needed since Hazel was discharged the next day.

At least she was only paying for a one-day private room, her little girl was a bit cranky the next day saying she wanted to sleep in her bed. Late that afternoon after Bree signed off on her hospital administration and got Hazel's prescription, she saw Gage by Hazel's bed with another teddy bear almost as big as her daughter.

No... Bree thought to herself, she didn't need to have Gage getting closer to her daughter. She didn't want Hazel to go through another separation process. Her little sunshine gave her thousands of questions when she realized her dad wasn't going to live with them again. The questions tire her already numbed feelings and she didn't need another one where Hazel might eventually t
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