Chapter 19

Sofia came home reeking of alcohol and smoke. She managed to drive home, and help herself out of the car to the living room before she collapsed on the sofa.

A maid who saw her walking inside drunk, hurried upstairs to go get Sofia's mother. Four minutes later, she returned with her and Sofia's kid brother.

"Sofia, what have you turned yourself into? When do you intend to stop wasting your life like this? Which man would want a lady who goes to party and gets drunk?" Julian asked, and sat close to her on the sofa.

Sofia's head was buried on the sofa, she jerked her head up smiling, then placed her hands on her mother's jaw and started to shake it.

"Baby Julian, when are you going to stop emphasizing I'm wasting my life? Don't you think that's a bit harsh?" Sofia's hand dropped to the ground, and she burst out laughing.

"Mother, she's right, it's a bit harsh. I know I'm not supporting this life she's living, but please stop using the word waste on her. It's like something without use."
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tama nga hula ng anak ni charlotte may kabit si mrs.veronica

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