Chapter 9

Charlotte arrived at the hotel a bit late due to traffic, and she had to spend some time with her girls, before leaving the house. While she was at home getting dressed up, she received a notification from the manager with the room number.

She took the stairs, and strode to the room, he was waiting up for her. She felt her stomach twisted, and it made her uncomfortable. Somehow, she was scared something might go wrong.

Charlotte pushed the thought aside, and continued striding to the room number. As soon as she step her foot inside, and closed the door behind, she saw a dead body on the floor and quickly used her hands to cover her mouth to restrain herself from shouting.

Before she could regain herself from the state of shock, the door barges open, which made her heart thump. It was like someone was already waiting for her to walk inside.

Charlotte vigorously spun around to see the figure, and she came into view with a lady in her mid-thirties, but she doesn't recall seeing her.

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Grav Heart
good to read, moved to next chapter please
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Need more chapters to read .
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Lovetee R. Bryant
Not bad, but at least two chapters for 35 Bonus....

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