Jason’s Pov

“Thank you for brining me along Olivia , this gives me a chance to get my baby back from that good for nothing bitch!” I hear Nicole’s voice turn from a whisper to something a bit louder than that when referring to Rose. Nicole thinks Rose is the good for nothing bitch – how ironic! I am still quite mad at Olivia for showing up invited and taking control of my household – from the chefs to the maids. Now I find out that she brought Nicole with her to stay here. Well I think it completely slipped my mind to ask Nicole why she was in my house in the first place back in Rose’s room. I guess I am so used to seeing her around her when we used to live together that it completely slipped my mind and felt natural.

“It’s not a problem…”I hear my step sister chuckle a bit ,”Ever since I saw that video in the library where Jason takes a hold of that creature’s hand – totally disrespecting you , I knew I had to do something…”.It makes more sense now

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