Rose’s Pov

It’s been exactly five days since I had that encounter with Alex…I still can not seem to brush off that fear that he installed in me – his darkness has been imprinted into my soul. I know for sure that I will not forget the way I felt , for a long long time. I quickly close my eyes shut , cringing when I think about the blood and the ghostly scream that I heard voice out from my mouth. I remember how his head motionlessly turned to the side – a big red leaking hole on his forehead. Chucks off his broken skin was still attached to his head – I currently feel the bile rise in my throat. I shallow it back down , disgustingly trying to prevent from vomiting all over this gorgeous dress.

“You look absolutely beautiful!!” I hear Gigi exclaim from behind me. I silently thank her in my head for bringing me out of that recorded nightmare in my head. Shaking my head slightly , dusting the memory away I open my eyes. My eyes lay on a f

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