Rose’s Pov

Her words still ring in my head…Slut…Though she had not directly called me that , I still get what she tried to say. Sure…my clothes were a bit revealing but no guys are allowed on our level and even if Jason’s friends came over – he would of dressed me himself. My cheeks blush with the thought of him dressing me up in a cute little onesie.

“Oomph” I sound out after bumping into someone who walks in front of me. I stumble backwards. A man in his mid 40’s angrily looks down to my height. His face is red from the anger that is trying to explode from him.

“Watch where you are going you brat!!” he screams at me , I feel droplets of his saliva splatter against my face…Ewww! I whip the droplets away from my face with the long sleeves of my jersey.

“So – sorry…I am -…” before I could finish my sentence I am interrupted by a strong muscular voice.

“Is everything okay?” I turn to look at the man who speaks wit

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