Be careful what you wish for

Be careful what you wish for

By:  LunaSilver  Completed
Language: English
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Every 50 years on the night of 13th March in the town Stella rock , people who pour out their heart to the moon is given one of their many desires. The only problem with this is that the wisher needs to be very specific, if not their own desire will become their nightmare. Just like many other people from the past , a lonely teenage girl accidentally makes a wish that could change her life forever.

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Sarah Nelson Wescott
I truly like it. Its different from all the other books
2021-02-21 03:47:06
86 Chapters
My unicorn bookmark takes it's place and I gently close the book in my hands. I close my eyes and reflect on the contents of the book that I have read over a dozen times.A romance about a popular guy falling for a quiet , shy girl . I wish that were true . You see , I'm a nerd whose currently spending break in the library.
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I lower my head as his graze burns through me. Slightly uncomfortable, I fiddle with the straps of my bag. It seems like eternity till I lift my head up again , he still is staring at me.Clicking his fingers , my bag is ripped from my back , a hand grabs my arm and drags me to the chair opposite from Jason. I whimper at its tight grip, turning around I see it's the guy with the nice smile. Throwing the bag to Jason , I'm roughly sitted on the chair.
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After he had read me HIS school rules , I thought this was more of a prison than a school. It had been a while after he was done. Every few minutes , he would just stare at me. I could not wait to leave.Eventually, he dismissed me. Standing up , I walk over near to him to pack my bag with all my books and personal belongings that now lay scattered on his desk.
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Rose POVWalking through the students , I rush to the bathroom. The tears continue to pour. I hear people whispering and some even give me way.Entering the toilet , I wash my face and look at my reflection. My mind goes back to Jas
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Breathe Rose...You can do this.I prep myself , motivating myself that I can walk into school wearing....well , this.I'm wearing a white skirt that ends alittle higher than my knees , exposing my thighs. My top is a white crop top vest. I straight
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Jason's POV"Come on baby , let's get out of here ," the slut on my lap whispers in my ears.Normally, I'd take her up on her offer but this time my mind was on my angel.
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My mind is officially blown!He knows where I live , where I keep my spare key. Could he have been in the black van yesterday that was outside my house yesterday night?He pulls me upstairs and goes to my bedroom. Throwing me on the bed roughly , I begin to sob.
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12:00am - 13/03I lay awake in bed , thinking of what had happened. Jason had made me feel so....low.I'm not a talkative person or a pretty girl but that doesn't mean he can say those things.
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The sun rays disturb my sleep. Groggily, I wake up and I  yawn. That was the BEST sleep I've ever had in a long time."Rose! Dear! You're awake...How are you doing?," my mum rushes into the room."Yes I'm fine mom ," I answer, "what are you doing home so early? I thought you and dad were co
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It's been three days since I've come back to school. Thankfully, Jason's isn't anywhere to be seen. Kevin is on edge though. His been in 2 fights so far and is going to keep getting into them , unless he loosens up.I'm on the bleaches during P.E. I dont participate,  due to my doctor saying that I can't do sport until I've properly recovered.
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