“Baby…Baby! Calm down…” I say in a strict yet caring tone of voice. Rose is latching onto , her entire body frame is shivering from fear. She is cradled on my lap in the back of the Jared’s jeep. Her eyes leaking with fearful tears – her lips moving slightly murmuring broken sentences which I can not understand. She pushes her face into my chest as if trying to hide away – but not from me…from someone in particular.

I try to pull her away gently away from my chest , but this makes her lowly screech and lunge her head to my chest again. It as if she finds comfort being this close to me. Instead of pulling her away , I change my tact tics and try rubbing her back in a soothing manner. This seems to work as I feel her back muscles begin to loosen up a bit. She relaxes in my arms ,however she is still a crying mess.

I can not blame her – I curse under my breath. How could I have let her go out knowing the circumstances and danger she is in.   How

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