Beauty and the Alpha

Beauty and the Alpha

By:  Morgan Dawson  Completed
Language: English
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Bella French is a peculiar girl. That is what everyone says about her. She would rather have her nose in a book, forgetting the world around her, than to actually live her life. She has an odd father who likes to tinker in the shed and her mother is dead. The way he locks himself in the building and claims to be helping the FBI, people around the town find him crazy, but Bella knows that he isn't. At school she had no friends, because she prefers to be alone. Yet that does not stop Gus Stone from bothering her. For some reason, despite girls throwing themselves at him, he only wants Bella. She dreams of getting out of the small town that they just moved to. They live on the edge of town, next to the 'Forbidden Forest' as the town calls it. She had heard the town legends and lore about entering these woods. Especially not at night. But circumstances lead her there; Where she finds a beast. Adam Prince is King of the Wolves. He is the Alpha and he has even been called a beast. He is so jaded from life that he is angry at the world and he takes it out on anyone stupid enough to be around him. Especially Bella. The way that he finds himself drawn to her infuriates him. Yet, he can not stay away from her, even as he finds himself changing to please her. Can he really be falling in love with her? Is she the one that can break his curse and end his misery?

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Bella Jersey
Telling somebody to take a flying leap
2023-07-21 09:34:55
user avatar
Bella Jersey
Okay making me ugly cry
2023-07-20 04:07:20
user avatar
Bella Jersey
Okay I want to see your vision or take on this tale
2023-07-15 16:00:17
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Ryan Kim
beauty and the beast vibe
2023-05-10 03:28:26
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Casey Murdock Beck
Such a beautiful story. Beauty and the beast has always been my favorite fairytale and this retelling of sorts did not disappoint ...
2023-03-09 14:54:35
user avatar
Charlene Hughes
one of my top ten stories!
2023-05-04 06:43:05
123 Chapters
  Bella French turned the page of her book, completely and utterly riveted by the story unfolding on the pages before her. As she let the printed words paint a vivid picture in her mind, she finds herself in a 14th-century castle in Ireland. She is being courted by a marquess, dressed in a fancy gown as she twirls around a big ballroom.. Bella could almost imagine it. A big, strong man in his dressy clothes. He is so breathtakingly handsome with his perfect face and his flawless manners. She is almost falling in love with him.
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Bella looks in the mirror and sighs, her reflection mimicking the action. The girl staring back at her looks like a stranger. Bella curled her hair, pulling back the top of her hair into a loose knot at the back of her head, creating a casual half-updo. With a light layer of makeup, her reflection looks pretty but unhappy. Bella can not muster up a smile for even herself, she is so dreading this evening. But her father is happy. He has been worried about her since they moved her because he was afraid that she wouldn't know anyone and would retreat further into herself. His wish was that she make friends and he sees this as that coming true. She does not want to disappoint him by te
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  “Spook!” Bella shouts, looking around although she can barely see anything. Suddenly a hand grabs her and she lets out a startled shout. “Agh!” “It's just me, Bella. Come on, we have to get back! I have to put out the fire.” Maury tells her, pulling on her hand. He tries to drag her back with him but she fights his hold, drawing him to a standstill. “No, Daddy, I can't. I have to get Spook!” She looks around frantically, hoping for a sight of the dog. “He is all I have left!”
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    Bella opens her eyes, but she can barely see through the darkness. Since the moment that she traded her life for her father's freedom, she has feared the worst. She has expected it at any moment. Death. When the large figure came towards her, she thought that was the moment when she would meet her demise. But he simply ran towards her and she fainted. When she came to moments later, she was being carried like a sack of flour over what she assumed was a shoulder. The man marched through the trees and bushes, without regard for himself or her. Her skin was covered in bloody scrapes and stinging scratc
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    Bella wakes up a while later to a room full of blue light. Morning is dawning and she has no idea how long she was asleep, but it does not feel like very long. Her head aches and her eyes burn. It could be because of her crying jag, which left her with a stuffy nose and a tear-streaked face. Making her way slowly to the bathroom, she takes care of nature's business. Looking at herself in the mirror, she is taken aback by how hideous she looks. Not that she is a vain person who cares about how she looks. She is not worried that she doesn't look model quality beautiful first thing in the morning. What worries her is
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  Bella watches Adam warily as he stands there across the room, looking at her evenly. He seems to be sizing her up and Bella gets the distinct impression that he finds her to be lacking in some way. He seems like he is considering saying something, but thinks better of it, which is why Bella is shocked when he speaks. But she is most shocked by his words. “You and Lumi seem really comfortable together. I almost thought that I had interrupted a moment between the two of you.” “Um, you did,” Bella tells him, lifting
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  Why am I still standing here? Adam Prince wonders as he stands inside the door watching the girl before him. Isabella Janette French. Bella. The idiot girl who gave up her life in exchange for her father's life. She is his prisoner, his captive. She belongs to Adam now. Her life is meant to be one of punishment and torment. He wanted to cause her pain and make her life a living hell for daring to trespass on his land. For defying his wishes and bothering him.
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  Bella refused to eat the lunch that was sent up to her for two reasons. First, she was not sure about it after the threats that Adam had made earlier. For the second reason, her stomach was still cramping from the breakfast she had eaten. Where she had not eaten for what could possibly have been days, her stomach had not handled the heavy breakfast that she had gobbled down. Adam had left just in time because mere seconds after the door had slammed in his wake, her stomach had knotted up and she had rushed to the bathroom, where she had spent most of the morning with the agonizing pains. She had a coughing spell that had left h
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    Bella wakes up the next morning to the sun streaming in through the partially parted curtains to fall on her face and warm her skin. She lies there for a moment just enjoying the feel of it and loving the feeling on her face. It is like the sun is caressing her face. This is her favorite time of the morning usually, when the warmth hits her. Since she has been in this room, she stays so cold. The room is nice, but the window is old and allows in just the smallest draft that freezes her. The thin old wool blanket spread across the full bed just is not enough to keep her warm. But this morning she fin
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  Throughout the rest of the day, Adam and Lumi bring things into the room, such as a mini-fridge full of juices and sodas, a small love seat that is a pretty shade of pink that matches her bedspread, and some other things that she has not gotten to look at yet. Bella unpacks her bags of clothes as Lumi hangs mint green curtains from the windows. Adam sits on the floor, hooking up her Xbox one to her tv. Chad had been in the room talking a mile a minute for a while but his mother kept calling for him and finally, Adam made him go. Not without grumbles though. “Okay, the curtains are up,” Lumi announces.
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