Chapter 68 - Delilah

I didn’t know why I was nervous when I went to Alexander’s office at the pack house. We’ve made love plenty of times before I gave birth. So, I shouldn’t feel so damn shy about making love now that I’m not pregnant. That’s even if it’s the making love part that worries me. I made up my mind that we should mark and complete our bond.

I thought I’d prepared myself when I walked into his office. I’d had it planned out. We would take the rest of the day off. I’d already talked to Amelia and Gildo, and they were happy to ensure ranked duties were taken care of. From there, we’d take a run. Helia has been itching for me to shift and officially meet Lucius.

We’d be going on a run with a destination in mind. Amelia had told me about a small cottage her family owns deep in the forest. She said it would make a perfect getaway for a newly mated couple who wanted to be undisturbed. So, I had it all planned out. We’d make a weekend of it and enjoy being away from everything.

I hadn’t planned for

Finally! It only took 68 chapters, but Delilah and Alexander are fully mated!

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Caroline Gravel
I wonder, with what you just clarified, of it means that his grandparents weren't gated mates, or if maybe the fire thing happens when the Petridis was conceived on a Blue Moon. Things are never random!
goodnovel comment avatar
Fetia Osborne
Good for them it finally happened
goodnovel comment avatar
Alexander isn't the blue moon wolf.

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