All Chapters of Beta's Innocent Mate: Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
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Chapter 1 - Alexander
Two Years Ago “I think it’s time you give me a commitment.” Lia pouted as she shut my office door. “Lia, we’ve been over this. We are casual. This is casual sex. I will only commit to my mate.” I reminded her as I shook my head. “I know, but it’s different now. I’m not like those other girls. And we may not be mates, but I love you, and sometimes taking a chosen mate makes sense.” Lia smiled softly as she moved around my desk and pushed my chair back. “What makes you think you are any different? And while I was born at night, it wasn’t last night. You don’t love me. You love sex and that I’m a Beta.” I scoffed. Lia’s smile faltered for a moment, but she remained undeterred. She hopped onto my desk, tight-ass drinking by paperwork. Not the first time she’s been on my desk. Not the first time she has spread her legs either. Her little black dress rode up to show toned thighs and no panties. She came here with a plan to seduce me as if that would change my mind. “There isn’t any r
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Chapter 2 - Delilah
My heart raced as I heard the bone-chilling cries of a baby. I threw back the covers and rushed out of my room. Where’s the crying coming from? I felt like I was in a haunted house or horror movie as I opened door after door in this endless hallway, only to find a dead end. There was only one door left. I ran as fast as my feet could carry me and threw the door open. I finally reached the crib, but it was a pool of blood as I pulled back the blanket. I sat up with a scream, my hands immediately reaching protectively to my abdomen. What did that dream mean? Are the babies okay? I moved my shirt higher and slowly ran my hands over my stomach, trying to feel each of them. I felt the faint kicks of babies A, B, and C. My heart was in my throat when I couldn’t feel Baby D. ‘Don’t start to panic. The doctor already said we have high blood pressure. Just remember what they said about being patient and doing something that usually stimulates movement.’ Helia reminded me. I nodded and tr
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Chapter 3 - Alexander
I knew that André and Darren had found a surrogate that met all their requirements in November. By December, she had successfully undergone IVF with an embryo fertilized by André and another by Darren. To the surprise of some, except medical professionals that understand how genetics can behave, both embryos divided, and the surrogate went from carrying two babies to two sets of identical twins. I haven’t kept tabs on the progress beyond what I’ve heard from conversations with André. I trust Annamaria to handle things. She’s an excellent obstetrician. I’d considered telling André to trust Annamaria regarding the surrogate’s care. However, the words died on my tongue when he told me the surrogate had suffered a placental abruption. Medically speaking, there isn’t anything Annamaria could do about it. She could only put the surrogate on bed rest, monitor the babies, and prescribe medicines to help the development of the babies to increase survival chances if it was to get worse and
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Chapter 4 - Delilah
Why did André call Alexander? Okay, I know why. With Alexander’s gift, there is a high chance he would be able to repair the placenta issue that caused the bleeding and put Baby D in danger. And I wouldn’t dare try to put my comfort over the health and safety of these babies. It’s just, why did it have to be Alexander? It would have been easier on me if he’d asked Alec to recall Damon. It’s been over two years since I’ve seen him. I thought I’d changed. I thought that I’d overcome this crush. Yet the butterflies were back when André called him. And I know these aren’t the butterfly feelings I get when the babies move. Nope, this feeling is reserved only for Alexander Petridis. I both love and hate it. How can he still have such power over me? I may have taken the suggestions of my Bloodmoon friends and gotten Alexander out of my system by dating. It isn’t like there was a lack of cute males between Bloodmoon and Silverclaw. However, many were apprehensive about flirting with me. I
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Chapter 5 - Alexander
‘Get it the FUCK together, Alexander!’ Lucius growled. ‘Don’t you think I would if it were that easy?’ I growled back as I held the side of the garage for support. I know he’s pissed at me. I’m pissed at myself. But this isn’t something I have control over. It’s not like I wanted to have this reaction to Delilah, let alone to her being my mate. Why didn’t anyone tell me she was the surrogate? It would have been nice to have some warning before finding her like this. Pregnant with my cousin’s babies. I choked back the vomit as I tried to control my reaction. Seriously, why do the actions of that damn bitch still mess with me? Wasn’t it bad enough that I haven’t been able to touch a woman since I lost all trust in their gender? Now the ripple effect of what she did has me throwing up after meeting my mate. I don’t think anything in my past made me deserve this. I closed my eyes and let myself slide down the garage wall to sit on the ground. I groaned as I pulled my legs up and pl
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Chapter 6 - Delilah
What is this strange feeling? It feels familiar but foreign, like lounging in a field of flowers on a sunny day. I feel so safe and warm. That’s why it feels familiar. This feels like every time Alexander held me or at the least hugged me. But there’s something else that makes it feel foreign. This electricity makes every cell in my body buzz in response. And nothing responded quite as much as my nipples and vagina. ‘Mmmm… mate.’ Helia practically purred. That was enough to make my eyes fly open. All the feelings of exhaustion and heartbreak from when I went to bed were gone. I felt energized, hopeful, and, I’m embarrassed to admit it, horny. I’m not unfamiliar with that last feeling, especially when associated with Alexander. I won’t ever admit it aloud, but he was the first man I fantasized about. So opening my eyes to see Alexander sitting on the edge of my bed with his hand under my dress felt like a scene from one of those fantasies. Maybe I am dreaming. That would be my luck.
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Chapter 7 - Alexander
I usually don’t mind when I’m wrong, and Lucius is right. But I hated that he was right about having to touch Delilah to heal her. Mostly I hated that he was right about how it would affect me. I don’t know why I thought I could fool myself. I’m not above the mate bond and its magnetic pull. Even if she weren’t my mate, I’d still have rushed to help her. It doesn’t matter that she cut me out of her life. It doesn’t matter how bad she hurt me. There was no way I could stand by and do nothing to protect her or keep her safe. And that included having to touch her to heal her. I thought I was prepared for what would happen when I touched her. I thought it would be minor as I was only checking her pulse on her wrist. I’ve touched her wrist and her hand in the past. It shouldn’t have been a big deal. Yeah, I was wrong. No amount of being told about the mate bond can prepare anyone for the intense feeling when you touch your mate, especially for the first time. I had to close my eyes and b
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Chapter 8 - Delilah
A part of me felt like I deserved this. I deserved Alexander to treat me as just another patient. I am the one that went no contact. I’m the one that ended our friendship. So why should I expect his feelings to change suddenly? The mate bond can do much but can’t erase the past. He was hurt by my pulling away from our friendship. He wouldn’t be acting like this if he wasn’t unless he’s like this because I’m a surrogate for André and Darren. And if that’s the case, well, too bad. André is his cousin, maybe not by blood, but still. They are family, and more than that, André is his Alpha. He should be supportive of anyone offering to carry the heirs for Madonie. Then a part of me says Alexander can go to hell. I don’t deserve to be treated so coldly. He knew why I stopped talking to him. I couldn’t stand around while Liar played him like a fiddle. I couldn’t stand by and watch the train wreck. Plus, she was pretty clear that night I needed to stay away and went so far as to point out th
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Chapter 9 - Alexander
The run from André’s villa to the pack hospital didn’t help clear my mind. It felt good to be home, however. Spending nine months away had been hard. There’s a reason that rogues tend to be more aggressive and unstable. They have no connection to a pack and a territory. They can’t ever feel ‘home.’ It’s similar, but to a lesser extent, when a wolf spends extended periods away from their pack and territory. It explained why the three of us had grown increasingly agitated the longer we were gone. I’m amazed Papa hadn’t cracked being so far from Incubi and Mama. Then again, maybe that’s why he’d been the more level-headed of us. He may have been far from her, but the bond remained. Meanwhile, Zoe and I didn’t have that. I feel bad for the packs they still had to visit, mostly Ironfur, as it was next after Silvermane left a bad impression on all of us. I can only hope the males of Ironfur aren’t sexist Neanderthals that try to talk down to her. If they are well, I hope Alpha Finn is cool
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Chapter 10 - Delilah
I wasn’t sure how I would get through this with Alexander acting this way. How am I supposed to handle him touching me, but only in a professional manner? How is he able to separate the feelings of the bond like that? I’m struggling to separate the effects of the bond from my feelings. I admit there is still part of me that cares very much for him, not a result of the bond. There is still hurt in my heart from how he’s been acting. ‘You love him, and you know it.’ Helia commented. ‘That’s why this is so hard for you. And we don’t know why Alexander is acting like this. We can find out more when we talk to him alone.’ She assured me. I’m not sure how much of a silver lining that is. Goddess knows when or if I’ll get to speak with him alone. After I’ve been medically clear, there isn’t any guarantee he won’t try to run off and avoid me. I’ll have to show him I’m not the same old Delilah that will let him sit me on the sidelines of his life. I’m a strong independent woman who can and w
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