The Billionaire's Abandoned Wife is an Heiress

The Billionaire's Abandoned Wife is an Heiress

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Margaux just had one ultimate dream, it's to marry the man she loved, Hendrix Mondragon. And after successfully achieving that dream, she thought everything was perfect and nothing matters anymore. But three years later, she was forced to sign the divorce paper and left with a broken heart. Little did they know she’s the hidden heiress of a very powerful and affluent family. Thus, when she showed herself again, she made sure that everyone who did her wrong will certainly pay, especially her husband who abandoned her for his mistress.

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Delinda Schumacher
190 chapters 5-28-24
2024-05-29 06:29:52
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Kristina Del mundo
i like the story
2024-05-22 00:39:25
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Good book enjoyed very much
2024-05-14 09:14:00
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There are two more chapters with the number 53, and also the reading is the same, so author you need to delete two chapters and put the two real chapters on instead.
2024-02-24 08:22:49
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Christine Owings
40 chapters 2/11/24
2024-02-12 08:18:31
195 Chapters
Chapter 1: Mistreatment
“How many times do I have to tell you that I need my coffee the moment I step into this villa? You even have the audacity to sleep in!” Wilma roared as she barged in Margaux's room. Meanwhile, Margaux almost had a heart attack. Her eyes instantly snapped open as she was surprised at the loud voice of her mother-in-law!‘Jeez,’ she thought. Pressing her lips tightly, she hastily got out of the bed and greeted Wilma. However, the old woman gave her a disapproving look which made her lower her head and ran to the kitchen as fast as she could. Hurriedly, she made her mother-in-law her desired coffee. She made it precisely, making sure that there was nothing wrong with it just to please her. “Here's your coffee, Mom. I'm. . .sorry, I–” “Cut it off. Go out and clean the pool. My niece will come and wants to swim later,” said Wilma without looking at her. Margaux carefully placed the coffee on the table in front of Wilma and quickly dashed out of the house. She hasn't washed her face n
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Chapter 2: Divorce
Margaux's heart beats wildly upon hearing her husband's voice. It's crazy that they had been married for three years already, yet it's the first time she saw him again face-to-face after their wedding day. It's not that Hendrix doesn't go home. He actually did. However, he only goes home when she's already sleeping and goes out again while she's still sleeping. There were even times that she waited for him only to fall asleep again and wake up; he was already in his room, sleeping soundly. Had she not seen it in her eyes, she would think her husband never comes home at all. “Hendrix!” Margarita quickly ran to Hendrix and pretended like a wounded puppy. “That woman is so mean! She suddenly pushed me for no reason!” She lied.Margaux felt her blood left her face upon seeing Hendrix's expression darkened. “N-no.. I didn't do anything.. I was just going to help–” “Help?! You are so angry and want me to leave, that's why you pushed me!” She shook her head profusely, “No! That's not t
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Chapter 3: Rejected
Margaux gracefully sauntered down the stairs with a big smile plastered on her lips. Opposite from her stinking look from earlier, she looked really pretty in her white lacy dress accentuated with her long wavy hair that naturally cascaded on her shoulder, down on her slender back. “Look who's here!” Margarita suddenly exclaimed. But her attention wasn't on her but at the entrance. “Roxanne!” Wilma chortled. “I was worried you would never come!” All of Margaux's efforts to look presentable in front of everyone went to waste just like. As everyone in the dining area, including her husband, didn't even spare her a brief glance. But aside from Hendrix, everyone's attention was on the newcomer who immediately claimed the spotlight. ‘At least my husband was busy with his phone and not with anyone else!’ she consoled herself. She quickly walked to the dining area whilst her gaze never left Hendrix until she reached the table and sat next to him. “Come, have a seat. Hendrix called the
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Chapter 4: Pregnant
“Wake up!"Margaux immediately woke up from her slumber when a loud slap landed on her face. Her hand covered her cheek as she quickly sat up on her bed and looked at the culprit. “Get your lazy ass off there!” Wilma ordered then walked out of her room as if nothing happened. Her eyes dampened as her cheek stung from the slap she didn't know why she suddenly received. She already cried herself to sleep because of Hendrix, now, it's his mother who's hurting her physically this time. Wilma had always been unreasonable, but at that moment, she thought that she was actually crazy. “What are you waiting for? Come right here quick!” Wilma screamed. She didn't waste anymore time as she didn't want to anger her more. Just like from yesterday, she did not bother washing her face and fixing her hair again, as she scampered out of her room to go to where the old woman was. “Sign that,” Wilma said, throwing the paper and a pen on her face as soon as she stopped in front of her, panting. “
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Chapter 5: Going Back Home
Roxanne's phone rang. It reverberated around the living room, silencing Wilma in an instant while Margaux snapped out from utter shock. “Oh, boyfriend's calling..” chirped Roxanne then quickly accepted the call without removing her eyes on her. “Where are you?” Margaux stared at the woman with a pale face. She knew Roxanne deliberately put on a loudspeaker for her to hear who was calling her.The tears she was trying her best to suppress, finally fell down like a waterfall. Balling her palms into fists, she stared at the woman happily talking to her husband. “I'm sorry, I'm on the way now. I just helped Mom..” Roxanne grinned in satisfaction before she turned away and walked out of the villa.However, she was walking so slowly, enough for her to hear the man's response. “Come here quick. I can't wait to–” Although she didn't hear the rest of his sentence since Roxanne had completely gone out of earshot, what she had heard was more than enough to confirm that the two indeed ha
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Chapter 6: Airport
“Sir..” “Give me a minute,” Hendrix said coldly. His secretary nodded and immediately shut the door of his office. Hendrix's eyes then landed on the phone in his hand after hearing the beep tone. His jaw clenched while he stared sharply at it as if it was the one that did him wrong. It was the first time she ever called him, but it hadn't even lasted a minute and she already hung up on him! His eyes turned dark. He was about to throw the phone in anger when it suddenly rang once again. “Hello?” he answered with an icy voice.There was a pause from the other line, followed by a clearing of the throat, “What's with the tone? Did someone annoy you again? Perhaps your wife?” “Say what you need to say. I don't have time to chat with you,” Hendrix retorted. “Woah! Chill dude! I'm not your enemy!” Giro, his friend, laughed boisterously, “Since you're not in the mood for chitchat, I have something for you..” he said with a hint of grin from his tone. Hendrix narrowed his eyes. Giro
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Chapter 7: Missing
Missing“Are you sure?” Hendrix's voice turned cold as his grip on the phone tightened. “No, because I only had a glimpse of her face,” answered Giro. His jaw hardened as his eyes turned sharp. He wanted to teleport and wring Giro's neck for saying he was not sure. He should be sure! “Follow her. I'm on the way there,” he ordered. He didn't wait for his response and quickly ended the call. Then, he immediately swerved the car going to the airport. His chest suddenly pumping hard as he was reminded of her sudden call earlier. His eyes squinted. “What are you up to now?” he muttered. Anger immediately raised inside him as he thought that Margaux was up to something. He remembered his mother always telling him all her schemes at home. Although he was skeptical about it, he couldn't help thinking bad about his wife at that moment. As he accelerated the engine, he tried calling Margaux's number, but to no avail. It was out of reach. He couldn't help but curse and threw his phone on
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Chapter 8: Picture
Margaux was busy making breakfast when suddenly someone spoke from behind. “Why are you up so early?” She jolted and almost burned herself, if not for a hand that quickly grabbed her wrist and stopped it from flailing.“Careful!” her mother worriedly screamed. Letting out a sigh of relief, she straightened her and apologized to her mother. “I'm sorry, Mom. I was too focused on cooking, I was surprised with your voice,” she explained. Felissa, her mother, gave her gentle smile, “It's fine. You don't have to explain. Just be careful not to hurt yourself next time, okay?” Margaux's heart warmed as it had been a long time since she felt loved and cared for. She was glad that she came back to them without hesitation. “Why are you even cooking for yourself? Did you forget that we have chefs here?” asked her mother. Margaux almost tells her mother that it was her body clock that subconsciously moved. Her body was so used to waking up at dawn to prepare breakfast for Wilma. Fortunately
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Chapter 9: Daughter
Margaux furiously snatched Daisy's phone and scanned all the pictures there. Her hands trembled when she found one photo where Hendrix's hand was resting on Roxanne's waist, while the latter was whispering something to his ears. Her eyes watered as it looked so intimate in every aspect. And it was shattering her heart into pieces over and over again. “Margaux..” Daisy suddenly reached out for her hand. “We're here for you. We won't leave you..” she muttered then gently wiped her tears that were falling nonstop. Those words warmed Margaux's heart a little. Daisy always knew the right words to say that's why she was glad she's there for her at that moment. “I'm sorry for unveiling this to you. I know you love him. You wouldn't abandon your freedom and comfortable life if your feelings towards that man aren't that deep,” her hold against her hand tightened, “But I don't want to keep you in the dark, babe. You deserve to know what is happening so you can completely move on..” After sa
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Chapter 10: Invitation
Hendrix was exhausted. He's never been fond of going to events and banquets ever since he was young. However, as a businessman who runs a huge company, he had no choice but to show up with those events, especially the one with Dr Santiago since he needed his connection to enter the international market. “Sir, you've got another invitation from Dr. Santiago. Should I confirm the RSVP?” asked his secretary. Hendrix looked at Roxanne with a blank expression and frowned. It had been just two days ago after he attended the banquet for the renowned Doctor. It was one of those that he hated the most since it was an event to show off. Not to mention that he had to bring someone as he promised. “Does he require a plus one again?” he queried. Initially, he only agreed with bringing someone because he thought he could persuade his wife to go with him to the event. But he didn't expect not her to leave the villa without a word and only left a signed divorce paper and her wedding ring on his
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