Billionaire Playboy wants the Mafia Don's Ex-Wife

Billionaire Playboy wants the Mafia Don's Ex-Wife

By:  Lucia Love  Completed
Language: English
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Romeo is a hardcore play boy who has never been turned down by any girl. He has a collection of girls he has slept with, who he calls “fans”. During his usual day at the pub, he sees the blonde, beautiful and slender Maria Pores, a young and beautiful lady who has come out of a nasty divorce but eventually inheriting billions of dollars from James Pores, her ex-husband. He is thrilled to have found a new “fun” to be but this time around, the game turns against him. He is determined at all cost, to make her his, completely forgetting about her mission of making her a “FUN”. He investigates about her and looks for her on facebook. Excited of getting any valuable information about her, he gets disappointed when he sees what is written on her facebook status….”SINGLE & UNAVAILABLE”. What the hell is that supposed to mean? Lets explore the content of this story to find out….

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44 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Find her
Romeo did not only did he take over his father's clubs and pubs but also his domineering, arrogant, and rude attitude. He doesn't even attempt to ask a girl for the night. They beg him to be his toy for the night. Well, he pays them sooo damn well so aside from his irresistible looks, he is also generous.He takes his shower and dresses up in his usual style of rag jeans with a body con shirt and jacket, never leaving his sunglasses behind. He has a collection of them because it's part of his daily outfit."Acid," he calls to his most trusted Assistant and leader of his bodyguards."Yes, boss." He responds."What do we have to do today"?"Meeting with the Rogers at 10 am and a search for a new location afterward." He said.His meeting with Rogers was great. They were able to supply all the expensive wines he ordered and even had new ones that captured his attention. After his long day search for a new location for his new club, he finally decides
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Chapter 2 - Single & Unavailable
So Romeo searches and searches for this blonde girl everywhere he knows but he can't find her. They have searched the pubs, restaurants, clubs, hotels, and even airports. He feels that if he has known her name, the search would have been easier. He curses himself over and over again for not being able to achieve this target. He has never failed at anything but this time, he feels like a failure.A month has gone by very fast and yet no sign of her. Gradually he seems to be losing all hope in finding her. He thinks to himself that perhaps she was a ghost or maybe, it was just a bad dream. He thinks of putting his life back into the way it was and pick up from where he stopped with his 'fans'.The thing is, after the unfortunate incident between Romeo and this blonde, Romeo has never been in his right mind. His contacts have combed the entire city in search of the girl fitting his description. They had nowhere to search anymore. Convincing themselves that she might have le
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Chapter 3 - I want you back
Now knowing her name, the search is easier. They know who they are looking for. Their contacts have been checking hotels, restaurants, clubs, and even airports. But Maria is too fast. Whenever they get a hint of her whereabouts, she leaves before they get there. It is almost as if someone is tipping her off. Romeo gets more and more frustrated as the days go by. He can't believe how one girl can turn his life upside down. He doesn't even know who he is anymore. The only thing he talks or thinks about is Maria.His 'fans' think that he is pretending so they don't tease him with that incident but anytime they get close, he shoves them away. Finally, he receives a tip-off from one of his contacts as to the hotel Maria is lodging. This time, he didn't want any mistakes. He decides to go without any bodyguard to not create suspicion. He is given the room number but before he gets there, she is gone."Tell me, where is she?" He yells at the hotel manager. They fear him because he patronize
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Chapter 4 - My Lost Diamond
Tracing the direction of the voice, James together with his bodyguards turns around to see who dares to interfere in their affairs. They are surprised to see Romeo looking at them like a lion ready to devour its prey. James quickly drops his hold on Maria and she steps back nervously.Romeo is very popular, being the sole owner of the best pubs and clubs in New York. It is obvious with the look on the faces of James bodyguards, that even they, either know or have heard of him. Most days when they were off duty, they spent the night in Romeo's club. They also had a lot of respect and admiration for Romeo because he was very generous and fearless. They stepped back knowing that not only was Romeo wealthy and generous, but also very tough. With the nature of his job, he had trained himself with Martial Arts and kickboxing so he could well defend himself and others. Romeo is dressed in his usual Denin Jeans with a T-shirt an
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Chapter 5 - My terms
Romeo can not believe what he sees on his phone as a text message. He merely left her a while ago and James had the guts to let his bodyguards attack her in no time. But what about his contacts who he had paid to protect her? He was very angry. He knew that James will do something but he didn't know it will be this soon. He calls his lead contact who answers on the first ring."You were supposed to protect her. He said as soon as the voice answered on the other line. Why the hell did you allow her to get hurt? He asked furiously."We tried our best Boss, but she was too stubborn. She even thought us to be her assailants and started throwing things at us until they hurt her before we could rescue her," he said"Who are they?" Romeo asked "James bodyguards boss, we caught two of them but four escaped. We have them tied up in a secret place". He says assuredly."We took Maria to St. Luke's hospit
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Chapter 6 - My terms II
Romeo wants nothing better than keeping Maria safe. She was adamant but could he blame her? She can't just trust another stranger with her life after what her husband did to her and besides, they met on a wrong note. But he was happy to gain her confidence. He was wondering what terms she will give. It couldn't be bad right?"So, what are those terms?" He asks with raised brows."First, I get to choose my own room, Second, I pay my own bills, and third, I get to follow you everywhere you go. She says looking away".Romeo was taken aback by those conditions. With the way, his 'fans' kept running to him at every given time? She must be kidding, he thought."Why will you have to follow me around?" He asks.Well, since you vowed to keep me safe, I figured the only way I'd be completely safe was being with you since no one will dare try to harm me when you are around right?She has a good point, but following him everywhere is not the best idea, he thi
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Chapter 7 - My little girl
"Going somewhere?""Yes. I thought of going for a run". She says exuberantly."Then you should use the treadmill," Romeo says with concern.No, I don't want to feel imprisoned in a room running at the same spot. After all, there is a very beautiful view here and I'd love to see more. She says pouting.Romeo finds her pouting cute. It was the first time he saw her with such girliness and besides she was right. The mountainous view was amazing. It's one of the reasons why he liked this mansion."Give me 5 minutes. I Will go with you." He said with a grin."You don't have to. I'll be fine." She said assuredly. No, it's not safe for you to go anywhere alone remember? I don't want to have another emergency call of you being in the hospital or being kidnapped somewhere. You said you will follow me everywhere so I also get to escort you everywhere. He Smirked."I have not forgotten our agreement but this is a safe area. Look at the secu
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Chapter 8 - Deal
Maria signals and Romeo, Acid, and Pluto walk in. She explains everything to them, including the life of Ken's daughter. They are silent as if in deep thought. Romeo is speechless. He can't believe an assassin will confess with just a bit of kindness from his victim. He finally breaks the awkward silence and speaks to Ken."Maria has already made a promise to you so we will keep it as such. You will tell us everything you know about your contractor and We will find them and rescue your daughter but whatever we do with your contractor Is none of your business. Do we have a deal?" He asks disdainfully." Deal" Ken responds."But wait, how could you trust him. What if he turns against us?" Pluto asks with concern."I don't think we have much choice. I know that it's risky trusting blindly but everything in life is a risk," Romeo concludes."I know it's difficult for you to trust me but for the life of my daughter, I will never betray you", Ken swears."Good. Because if you do, both you an
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Chapter 9 - Where is Romeo?
"A day to our wedding, Charlotte realized her wedding gown was shredded to pieces. She called to inform me that she was on her way to pick a new gown. I told her to wait for me to join her because it was strange for someone to do that. Besides, her house was well secured because she was from a wealthy home. Since the wedding was just the next day, we didn't have time to investigate. I smelled foul play so I didn't want her to go alone but she insisted she
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Chapter 10 - Who are you?
"Where is Romeo"? Acid asks Pluto with panic.
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