【 Chapter- 7 】


"Good move Ms. Collins I am impressed,so it's final we are getting married in a week."He sat back on his chair again with a victorious grin.

"No umm I mean can we marry today only?"I bit my lips to stop myself from crying in front of him who actually enjoy watching me in pain.

"Great!You're a smart girl.I am hell impressed now just give me thirty minutes darling you'll be Mrs. Asher Black in the next hour."He picked up his phone and dialled someone's number.

"Get the marriage papers ready we'll be there in an hour."He ordered and again dialled someone but this time through intercom.

"Priscellla to my cabin right now."He said in cold icy tone .His eyes never diverted from me all this while.

In less than two minutes a very attractive lady in the shortest dress knocked at the glass door.


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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
Debra Oka
she should have stipulated that they can't see anyone else.
goodnovel comment avatar
Linda Parizeau
Another story about a billionnaire jerk and à a poor innocent girl forced into marriage and who will be treated like garbage, more like shit, cheated on, disrespected. Always the same.
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
It feel like hell. The he’s starting to disrespect Evelyn right away. I hope he does lose his company

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