Billionaire's Forced Wife

Billionaire's Forced Wife

By:  A_rebelliousdreamer  Completed
Language: English
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Asher Black ,the future CEO of 'Black Enterprises' was a man with everything power , wealth,fame and a perfect personality . But what is the most important virtue a person must have,the love and mercy,well he didn't include these words in his life. He hated the women specie as his heart was brutally crushed by a merciless girl in his blooming years. Evelyn Collins,a fresh graduate girl ,a shy , beautiful and kind hearted girl wanted a job that could simply support her family . Guess what ? She came across him.He offered her to produce an heir for him in the return of ending her financial crisis. A girl with self pride will compromise with her dignity? Destiny bind them together in the holy knot! How? Read the story to know.

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70 Chapters
"Miss  Evelyn Rose Collins it's your turn."the blonde woman told her in her robotic voice.She cringed whenever she was called by her full name.She really wondered why it always triggered her.She got up clutching her bag tightly.Sweat beads were glistering on her forehead though she tried her guts out to act normal but his name itself enough to bring someone's confidence on his/her knees.She straightened her pencil skirt and moved to the huge glass door in the end of the isolated corridor."May I come in Sir?"she timidly knocked at the door.Her confidence dropped into her stomach."Come in Miss Collins."she heard the manly voice which resulted her body hairs stood at the end .Taking a deep breath ,she entered inside.Her stomach churned when her eyes found the most handsome man alive sitting in front of her.His captivating stormy grey eyes and firm thin l
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【 Chapter 1 】
Evelyn"Honey,Its almost seven thirty you must be out of your bed now."Mom's yelling disturbed my deep slumber.I fluttered my eyes open as my Mom's voice floated continuously into my ears.I lazily stretched my arms to get rid of the last traces of sleep before starting a new day.I took a fresh mild shower and quickly slipped into a grey shirt and black fitted trouser as they are the most comfortable clothes that I have in my closet.I switched on my lap top and checked the mail box.Luckily, two companies accepted my resume and called me for an interview.I mentally prayed the god to support me this time because more than me my family needed the money.Living in a city like London isn't easy for a middle class family like mine.My father settled down here from America  twenty seven ye
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【 Chapter-2 】
Love is the flower of life, and blossoms unexpectedly and without law, and must be plucked where it is found, and enjoyed for the brief hour of its duration."                   ~~ D. H. LawrenceAsher"I love you so much Sharon."I knelt down in front of the most beautiful girl of our school whose one smile could steal the strongest heart in a blink.She was the epitome of beauty."Don't tell me you are serious."She chuckled moving her heels towards where a tall handsome guy was standing with a smirk."No I am not I love you since we were in seventh grade an
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【 Chapter - 3】
"Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."         ~~Alfred Lord TennysonAsherI was sitting in my office and started checking files,meetings,presentations and responding to some important emails to drift off my mind from the displeasuring morning incident but a part of mine didn't stop stumbling over Grandpa's wish."Sir are you okay?"Amy,my personal secretary snapped her fingers in front of my eyes which brought me back in the reality."Umm yeah."I composed my professional gesture in order to maintain my attitude as a billionaire boss .For no reason,I don't like involving my personal life with my business,especially my staff that works under me.I can't give them a chance to cook gossip about my family and
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【 Chapter - 4】
"You never fall in love by yourself, love captures you. Love comes to you when you don't need it really, and it comes to an end when you need it the most."                    ~~Farah MustafaEvelynI flipped the pancake on the plate and pour some hot coffee into two mugs.I usually don't stay at home but today Bobby told me to take a leave from the work since I was not feeling well from last night due to the sudden drop in the temperature.I kept the plates and coffee mugs on the table and waited for my mother to join me.My Dad and siblings were gone in the early morning.So it was only me and Mama.
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【 Chapter - 5 】
EvelynThe woman  raised her eyes at me and observed me for a moment.Her judging gaze made me feel low in the territory I was completely alien."Okay please go on the top floor and wait.Mr. Black will see you after some time."She told me in her well furnished professional tone not to forget with her despiteful glance before she resumed her work.I chipped a small thanks to her and entered in the elevator.The metal door closed,it meant I had no escape.My eyes popped out as the top floor was 68th floor.My confidence was sinking to my stomach with increasing height.Evy there is still time,you should run back on your heels.My soul poked me when I noticed both male and female employees around me in highly sophisticated dresses,all had same plain expressions on their faces.The dead drop silence set a giddy feeling in the pit of my stomach.
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【 Chapter - 6 】
EvelynHe distanced his large frame which was earlier leaning over me and walked back to his chair.His thin lips still had the devilish smirk.I felt my heart lightened when his huge intimidating body retreated yet my heartbeat were pacing manically.My mind was warning me to run away from the lion's den as fast as it could be possible but there was something in his magnetic eyes which made me not to leave the place."What kind of offer?"I asked confidently trying my best to hold back the fear back inside my heart but I must had seemed stupid as his eyes could peirce through my inner self."I want you to be my wife."He spoke unaffectedly.His face was as calm as the sea.As the words slipped from his mouth I felt the hair of my body erupted.What did he just say?He wanted me to be his what?I could feel butterflies in my
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【 Chapter- 7 】
Evelyn"Good move Ms. Collins I am impressed,so it's final we are getting married in a week."He sat back on his chair again with a victorious grin."No umm I mean can we marry today only?"I bit my lips to stop myself from crying in front of him who actually enjoy watching me in pain."Great!You're a smart girl.I am hell impressed now just give me thirty minutes darling you'll be Mrs. Asher Black in the next hour."He picked up his phone and dialled someone's number."Get the marriage papers ready we'll be there in an hour."He ordered and again dialled someone but this time through intercom."Priscellla to my cabin right now."He said in cold icy tone .His eyes never diverted from me all this while.In less than two minutes a very attractive lady in the shortest dress knocked at the glass door.He
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【 Chapter - 8 】
EvelynHe disappeared from the house telling me to be ready to meet his family means my in laws.The only thought dropped my fear into my knees .How they were going to react after seeing their son's secret wife .My appetite died with a tornado of both fear and anxiety.Honestly I wasn't eager to face any of his family.Probably they won't appreciate my presence in their billionaire son's life.Who I am?An ordinary girl coming from those families who has to struggle to keep both ends together.But you have to be prepared,there is no back out.Didn't you see the demon's wrathful eyes.It will be crazy idea to go against his wish.My soul reminded me.I don't remember for how long I sat there ,all the pain and hurt I locked in my heart tried to come out but it wasn't a place where my tears worth to be noticed or valued.It was his territory
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【 Chapter - 9 】
EvelynThe day went by,it was around five I decided to take a shower.Stripping out of my clothes I soothed myself under the warm water.I cleaned off all dry skin and dust from my body to avoid any kind of flaws Lisa's words kept ringing in my mind.In the morning,Asher told me to be ready as we were going to meet his parents in the evening.I tied the towel around my chest and walked out of the bathroom to the room and slipped into the dress .It perfectly fitted to my curves.It was like feather on skin.I already loved it .With my hairs,I decided to open them plainly to one shoulder.I put a very light make up as I don't like to cake my face .I applied mascara on my thick lashes and a light shade of pink lipstick.Putting on the black heels I gave a final look to myself.I was shocked.The woman in the mirror looked different thus I noticed how a little make over
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