Billionaire's Hijabi

Billionaire's Hijabi

By:  Butterfly-Queen  Completed
Language: English
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Hasan Khan is a 25 years billionaire, he is an arrogant, heartless, rude, and also good looking man.He only love and care for his family but to the world he is a beast. He always gets what he wants and now he wants revenge from Khushi...Khushi Ali is a 23 years beautiful,caring and very innocent girl.She lost her parents when she was 5 years now, she is living with her uncle's family but they make her maid in her own house. They hate her from their heart...

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I love it. Very interesting
2021-09-17 03:38:42
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mercy jepkoech
2021-02-11 05:27:18
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Qurrat Ul Ain
I like it👌
2021-02-08 00:18:09
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Amazing story
2021-05-18 18:43:51
40 Chapters
"Please Hasan, leave me please with crying... . Don't beat me please", begged Khushi "Shut up, you bitch. You deserve the pain. I will make your life hell. I will break you and make you suffer until you are shattered and regret to born I promise. Just wait for it", said Hasan and slapped Khushi for the last time making her fall on bed and went away.But little had he known that he was hurting himself.... !!!Author Note:Copyright belongs to me and only me. So please don't bother yourself to copy or to take screenshots of this book and paste or post on other social networking. Me along with my readers will report you which may cause to mute your account. And my humble request to my readers, if any of you find this story in other place plea se inform me so that I can have a Dear readers, sweet conversation with them...******---------*******---------*******Assalamualaikum readers,H
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Cast And Character Information
Khushi AliMain female lead of this book. Her parents died in an accident in her childhood. Now she living with her Adopted uncle's home...Hasan KhanMain male lead of this book. His life was full oh happiness but he had  face the bitterness of reality. Situation made him rude and blind for revenge...Murat AliBrother of Khushi. He is Khushi's adopted uncle's son. Murat loves Khushi more than anything else and hate his family for their rude behavior towards Khushi...Arman MalikFriend of Murat. He also loves Khushi like his sister. He also victim of nature. Now he is searching for some questions answer...Jahan AliUncle of Khushi. For some reason he hates Khushi and father of Murat and Maya...Mira AliWife of  Jahan Ali. Aunty of
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Chapter 1
Khushi  P.O.V.Hearing  the  Azan,  I  woke  up  and  entered  the  washroom. After  finishing my  business,  I  made  wudhu ( ablution) and  put  my  scarf  properly  on  my  head  and star After  my  Namaj, I started  reciting  Quran.  After  2  hours, I  went  to  kitchen to make  breakfast  for  my  aunty,  uncle and  their  daughter  Maya...While  making  breakfast,  I  was  thinking  about  my  life  how  everything had  changed.  It  has  been  18  years since  I  lost  my  parents,  my  happiness, my  only  family... Uncle  found  me  near  a  road  an
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Chapter 2
Mr.Jahan Ali P.O.VAt last, the company and the hotel is mine now... I have been waiting for this day since 18 years...The big brother of mine, that bastard didn't gave me anything..That's why I killed him with his wife but his ugly bitch, daughter Khushi was escaped... I wanted to kill her that time but my lawyer said that my brother's all wealth was under his daughter Khushi's name....That's why I let her be alive but made it look like she also died with them that time and make her my child to show the world.So that I can take over the company and other properties...Only my family and my lawyer  know that Khushi isn't
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Chapter 3
Khushi P.O.VAfter finishing my prayer, I folded the prayer mat and kept it in its own place..It's 4.00 pm now.. I have 30 minutes to get ready...I took out a simple long dress and wore this..The dress covered me fully...     I have always liked this type of dress but Maya is opposite of me. She has always liked short dresses which hardly cover her..After that I took my hijab and put this properly on my head and put my dupatta and went downstairs...Already aunty and Maya were sitting there. Seeing me, they stood up and made their way towards door. I was silently following them..As expected, Maya wore a short dress but I have no right to say in this matter.. Once I said her but she insulted me and aunty slapped me saying, I have no sense about fashion...They suddenly stopped in
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Chapter 4
Hasan P.O.VI was working in my laptop when my phone rang..When I saw the id, it's my best friend though he is two years older than me and also my sister's husband, Jubayer. Happily I took the call..."Assalamu Alaikum Hasan" said Jubayer.."Assalamu Alaikum Jubayer" I said..."How are you, buddy??" asked Jubayer.."I am fine. What about you??""I am feeling fine now as I will be there in 22 hours...""That's great..""Listen Hasan.. Finally I collected all information about Mr. Ali..Now you have to bought share in his company. Thus we can get the information about his all investors" said jubayer..."I know buddy. Don't worry as I will...""And listen...we will not only destroy his company but also his life", said Jubayer..."I know but not only his life. His family too..."
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Chapter 5
Hasan P.O.V. While passing by my Ammi(mother's) room, I heard her crying. When I slowly opened my parents’ bedroom, I found ammi looking at my Abbu (father's) photograph and crying. I placed my hands softly on her shoulder. When she turned back to me, immediately I hugged her...  Ammi (mother) started sobbing and crying hard in my arms..."Why did he leave us Hasan?? Why he didn’t come back?? He promised me Hasan that he will always stay beside me. Then why he broke his promise?? Why he left me alone? Why Hasan why?? Tell me Hasan, please tell me...” Come down ammi please... Abbu will be very hurt seeing you in this condition. Abbu is always with us in our heart. Please ammi stop crying...  After some time ammi became silent. When I looked down, I found her sleeping. Carefully I placed ammi in her bed an
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Chapter 6
Khushi P.O.V.  " How dare you bitch??? You spend my all money for that poor lady" saying this Maya slapped me...." I am so sorry but the patient’s condition was very bad. If I didn’t admit her in hospital, she would have died "  " So after spending my money, you are lecturing me now. You, ugly poor nerd, don't forget your position in our house " saying this when she was again about to slap me, someone held her hand and pushed her." Don't even dare to think about hurting my sister, otherwise I don't spare you " said my brother....    " But vaia ( brother), you are my real brother when she is adopted " said Maya.... " I don't care about this and she is my sister. So don't you dare " said my brother Mr. Murat Ali...." Don't you think she
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Chapter 7
Khushi P.O.V.   "Shut up Hayat. You are laughing at me. You should be in my side" I said Hayat over phone...  "But, Khushi why you are thinking about him so much? and I am sorry to say this but the man was very clever. He technically forced you to say your name. He made you fool, Khushi" Hayat said and started laughing again....  "Oh, so you are telling me, I am fool??? " I asked her angrily...  "Oh, yes.. I mean may be" She said, and before she could say anything more, I cut the call....  Fool, liar, cheater…..she should be in my side  but she
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Chapter 8
Khushi P.O.V.  Sitting on my bed, I was thinking about the man...Why he looked at me like that???  His eyes and face expression was covered with pain, it's like I hurt or betrayed him....Why he teased me at market???  And, Why he said that I am like my sister???What did he mean??? Just then Maya entered my room without knocking and looked at me angrily as if she wanted to kill me...  " You bitch, how dare you you???" saying she slapped me hard...  "What happened, Maya???" I asked painfully...  "Don't try to act innocent, you bitch. How dare you try to snatch him from me???" saying this she again slapped me....  "Please, trust me Maya. I didn’t snatch anything or anyone from you. I don't understand what are you talking about" I told her...  "Oh, you do
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