Billionaire's Mad Love

Billionaire's Mad Love

By:  Babyofsun  Completed
Language: English
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Think you love someone from your heart. You can do anything to for the person you love. But she or he is not ready to accept u and your love.. What will happen then?Meet Aadhya sengupta... A girl not beautiful at all by looks but has heart of gold, she is introvert, has no sense of make up or dressing. She is 19 years old but she is different from the girls in her age.. She has a passion for writing... She write stories or I say write her dreams.. Yes you hear it right.. But what will happen when this not so beautiful girl slapped a Millionaire who will not let her go in any cost for taking his revenge by marry her? Meet... Veer Roy who is a millionaire. He can get any girl he want but what happens when he marry the girl who slapped him for taking his revenge? Is this the only reason behind his marriage with Aadhya or here is something he is hiding? So join the journey of love, hate, misunderstanding and secrets.Let's join the journey of Aadhya and her husband veer to know more read the story.....

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Sriju writes
One of my favourite books till date...enjoy reading it again and again❤
2021-06-27 21:30:34
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Srivalli Vellala
I completed your series. nice books
2021-01-30 18:32:45
user avatar
Shruti Gajendra
awesome plot awesome book very very interesting story I love this book
2021-01-06 09:35:54
user avatar
Ksema Laxmi
A very interesting story. Full of mystery, suspense. Very beautiful 😍
2021-01-03 03:34:38
user avatar
Srivalli Vellala
next chapters pls
2021-01-10 13:24:34
54 Chapters
"Stay away from me” I panicked “Don't you dare come near me" I stuttered while taking steps away from him.I tried to sound brave but my voice broke at end giving away my fear. No matter how much I try to deny and look unaffected but I am extremely terrified of this beast of a man in front of me. I am shaking like a leaf by just thinking what he is going to do to me.  "And why would I do that?” he chuckled lazily, pleased from the fear in my eyes for him.“I'm your husband and darling...” he paused and grabbed by waist. I squealed by sudden contact with my heart thumping loudly in my ears. He lowered his head and nibbled my earlobe lightly “husbands can do anything they want to, to their wife.” I gulped and panicked being in his arms afraid he might sense my uneasiness. He then looked up and locked his thrilled black orbs to my terrified brown ones. Licking his lower lip
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Chapter 1 Meet Aadhya Sengupta
Author's POV:A girl is crying hysterically while running. Terrified from the one chasing her. Reaching an isolated place she tripped on her steps when the person caught her and said while hugging her from behind securely so she can’t see his face "jaan where do you think you're going huh? You can't leave me. I have waited years for you. Now that I have captured you, I will get you whether you want or not" "leave me" she yelled panicking. But the boy turned her and claimed her lips before she could see his face to stop her from screaming... "Get up Aadhya. Get up or you will be late for college." Aadhya's mom called her. Aadhya got startled up and her dream broke as she woke up "I'm up mom" she answered wiping the sweat from her forehead. Taking a deep breath "It was just a dream" she chanted trying to calm herself. Aadhya's POV Ughh again the same dream... Why have I been getting the s
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Chapter 2 the first meeting
Chapter 2Aadhya's povIt’s my first day in college. After meeting my friends I went to attend my first class. The day passed pretty normal with nothing adventurous. In the evening I came back home.Seeing a message from kshitija I replied to her. But she is not online.Kshitija is the only person who can understand me. I remember the day when I first shared my story with readers.She was one of them. I don't know why I asked her to help in editing it but to my surprise she agreed to help. Our frequent communication followed and finally the day arrived when I shared the most disturbing part of my life. My dreams. I don't know why I shared it with her but I just did.Then when I heard her confess about the dreams she has been getting since childhood I was beyond shocked. We discussed it for God knows how long and we both became good friends thereafter.She is the one
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Chapter 3 meet veer Roy
Chapter 3Aadhya's povWhy the hell is this man here? I asked myself many times.. Then Akshar introduced him to us.. "he is my friend and business partner the great businessman veer Roy.""what??" I wanted to whisper but it came out loud "What happened Aadhya? Are you alright?" ask Asmita "yes I'm absolutely fine.. Actually I'm just surprised that Akshar's friend and business partner has come here..." I said"yes he is my best friend though he is 4 years older than me.. He is like my brother and his sister Ragini is like my sister..." Akshar said The picture above is Ragini's... How the hell can this man be Akshar's friend? I think he doesn't know about his"BEST FRIEND'S" character&n
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Chapter 4 past and revelations
Chapter 4Aadhya's poV"Aadhya you're looking so beautiful today. And why not? You should be…” Asmita said dreamily as if she’s on cloud nine and finished “after all it’s your wedding day." Yes it's my wedding today with Mr. Veer Roy....I don't know whether I should be happy that my parents are happy about this marriage thing or cry over my cruel fate?One slap can make a person's life hell. If one month ago someone had told me that I would marry, I would have laughed until my stomach hurt. But here I'm marrying the devil of my life."Aadhya, where are you lost? In veer's dreams?" Asmita elbowed me teasingly.Oh yeah in the dreams that are far worse than nightmares. My heart spat venomously at the thought and I badly wanted to wipe that irritating smile on her face but I m
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Chapter 5 her reasons for wedding part 1
Chapter 5Aadhya's pov"Aadhya you're going to marry veer and that's final.. You will not create any scene in front of him or his sister. After 1 week it's your engagement and after 1 month it's your marriage with him" my mom said like she is saying about today's food menu not my life"yes Aadhya you're 19 now and you know with your looks no one is going to marry you easily. And Veer eagerly wants to marry you.. So we fixed your wedding with him.." my dad saidI was feeling numb.. Void of any emotions.. They're talking about my marriage like it's a normal thing to discuss without my permission or knowledge.." Mom, dad, what am I to both of you? a daughter? Or a burden? Or a mistake? "I asked tears are threatening to pour out" you know what you're a burden on me from birth.. You're a mistake that I made 20
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Chapter 6 her reasons for her wedding part 2
Chapter 6Author's povAadhya cut her wrist and then she fell on the floor with a loud thud..Her mom came to check on her after 30 minutes of their argument..But her mother's eyes widened in shock by watching her daughter in this state.. It's not like she cares for her but she is the most important person now in their life..They need her alive and safe.. She screamed for her husband and other members..They all came and got shocked by seeing Aadhya in that condition..Akshar sees the note she left and reads it aloud.. They all get shocked by hearing that she loves someone else..They take her to hospital ASAPThe doctor denied to treat her because its a suicide case but Akshar make him talk with someone.. Then the doctor was ready to treat her
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Chapter 7 the wedding
Chapter 7Aadhya's povI'm waiting for the time that will come and make my life hell..Suddenly someone came to my room.. And I see my friend Rai has come to meet me.." Aadhya you know you can still elope from here. I will help you" she said..."and I told you I'm marrying him with my consent.. I don't want to elope." I said."cut the crap Aadhya were childhood friends what you think I don't know that you love Akshar vai and that's why you never call him vai.." she said make me shocked "please shut up you know na today Is his wedding also so don't make a fuss about it.." I said "OK do whatever you want to do but believe me you will regret your decision" she said "I know I will regret my decision" I thought in my mind
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Chapter 8 wedding night or nightmare 18+
Chapter 8Aadhya's povMature content *******************"What do you mean by giving my virginity? I'm not going to do anything with you..."I said" wifey doesn't make it difficult for you.. Come here..."he saidWhen he saw I'm not going towards him he started to come near me"stay away from me don't you dare to come near to me" I said in fear"and why will I do that? You know that I'm your husband so I can do anything I want to do.. So be a perfect wife and serve me in my bed" he said coldly"you can't force me.. don't forget that it's you who force me to marry you... I don't love you or nor do you love me. Then why the hell did you marry me? You know very well that I love your friend Akshar " I said try to not cry 
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Chapter 9 her punishment 18+
Chapter 9Little bit of intimacy in the chap Aadhya's povNext morning when I woke up I was alone in bed.. He was gone to god knows where..But it's good that he is not here.. I don't know how to face him after yesterday night.. I lost my virginity to him.. It will be awkward to face him now but I need to do it anyway.. I try to get up but I fall down because of the pain I'm feeling..Ouch! It hurt so much.. He took me for 6 times.. God from when he got this stamina?I need to get up and do my morning business.. I get up with so much difficulty.. I entered the washroom and saw myself in the mirror.. Is this the girl who is watching me through the mirror is me? I can't recognise myself anymore.. 
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