Chapter 10


My entire body shivered as I walked in along with Clara. I felt uncomfortable, and I could feel the heavy, hard stare people gave me as I walked past them most especially the men around.

Their looks only made me wonder if I went too far with my dressing.

I was on a crop top, with a pink tight mini skirt, long black heels with heavy makeup. My eyes went round the bar to watch out for Hayden, but no matter how much I looked, there was not even a sight of him anywhere.

"Let's go order Sarah." I heard Clara's voice, as my eyes kept searching for Hayden.


"Sarah, are you alright? You're literally shaking right now." Clara said, sounding so worried.

Her words made me take in deep breaths, that would keep me calm, but nothing was working. Never have I been to a bar before, and it creeps me out especially with the gazes of countless people on me.

"I'm fine Clara. Over there!"

"There's a spare seat over there, let's go."

I said to Clara, although my eyes were still desperately s
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Eww really? So weak
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Linda Parizeau
Another asshole.

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