Bitten by the Billionaire

Bitten by the Billionaire

By:  thePinkBanana  Ongoing
Language: English
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Adrasteia Meranza has always been fascinated to blood sucking vampires. Her fantasy is to be love by one of it. She found out that his long time schoolmate, Asmodeus Vointeroz, the majestic, serious, stout and masculine guy is one of them. It's her chance to finally lost in love and fulfill her fantasy, will the billionaire vampire, Asmodeus agree on what she wants?

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His length filled me fully. I can feel the hardness of it inside. I move my hips so I can feel him more. His sweat is dripping down his ripped chest into his toned abs. He throws his head back while thrusting inside me. I can see his piercing red eyes darted at me. His fang is so sharp and so hot. I watch him as he ravish my body. I am his human prey and my vampire predator. All I can do is moan and scream his name while gripping tightly on the bed sheet. I can feel my womanhood clenching, ready to burst in any minute now. “Adra!” “Adrasteia!” Fuck! I turned to the woman next to me. “Oh ?!” I forgot that I’m in the park of the school where students are studying, playing and chatting. I’m here because I waited for my best friend. We used to wait two at school so we could be together in the first class. It turns out that our first class is always the same. We have four more people in college, we will soon graduate. “You’re spacing out again!” Now he has come when it is near. Fuc
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“According to vampire folklore the physical signs of a vampire is by their pale skin, an absence of a reflection in mirrors, fangs and red glowing eyes. Vampire, also spelled vampyre, in popular legend, a creature, often fanged, that preys upon humans, generally by consuming their blood.” “They are believe to get out from the coffin at midnight to prey on humans and suck their blood. They are also believe to be the” undead “saying the crawl up from the ground. In ancient times they are believe to be ugly, grotesque monsters but in twentieth century, they are now the center of the fiction world where they are hot and handsome far from the dead nasty corpse body. Who wouldn’t want a fucking fucky hot and handsome vampire right? “ “Ms. Meranza, language.” My professor stopped me from speaking. I ignored him and continued. “I mean… Everyone loves it. The best example is twilight, the most famous fiction story about a human falling in love with a fucking fucky handsome vampire.” “Ms. M
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I slammed my hands on the table as I sat down. People didn’t bother to look at me for sure, they’re busy in their own lives. We’re at the cafeteria, it’s lunch break. I always love the bell for saving me from anything in class but now I want to kiss it to save me from shame. Alta glanced at me. “Oh what happened?” I sighed heavily then threw my head back while closing my eyes. I will fucking fucky kiss the bell later after this! “Hey! Steia! You left me!” she screamed. Why does he have to shout when we’re just side by side? I open my right eye to gaze at her. “That came right away! You didn’t wait for me anymore!” she said then sigh. I closed my eyes again and remained silent. I need to calm down and think for a minute. What happened in the room went so fast. “Hey, what happened? You look gloomy.” Her voice is more calm now. I sighed heavily before lifting my head. “I was laughed at in the room earlier.” Her eyes furrowed. “Huh why?” She opened the bag of chips on her hands
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I hissed as I felt a slight pang in my right shoulder. I was just walking out of the park of the school. Fucky! What was that? I adjusted the sling of my bag that slipped over my shoulder then returned it. “S-sorry!” My eyes narrowed at the girl who bumped at me. She’s currently getting her books that fell down on the floor. Even though she was on her knees and I couldn’t see her face she seemed familiar to me. Where did I see her? I remained standing by her side as she arranged the books. Get it up from its knees. “S-sorry … I really don’t mean to bump into you … I was just not looking in my direction.” She put a few strands of hair behind her ear that blocked her face so I could see her whole face. As far as I’m concerned, this is really a woman. I glanced at her. Is this woman really thin? Very thin, like Bella Swan. I don’t know if I’ll be irritated with him because it looks like he didn’t really mean to hit me. “I-I’m really sorry… Did I hurt you? Why aren’t you talking
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“Are we there yet?” he asked. I glanced around. All I can see are tall trees. We’re not there yet. I left a sign when I left that place. I’m just not sure if we are near there or not. I shake my head at him. He continues walking. My flashlight suddenly went off. Fucky! The two of us met eye to eye. Even his flashlight suddenly lost its light. “The battery is low,” I said. As before, he still did not speak. We only use the light of the moon. We continued walking. I’m not sure what time it is because my cellphone is already low. My wrist watch apparently fell when Vlad pulled my wrist. I hope mama doesn’t feel bad at home without me because I couldn’t say goodbye to her. Hopefully we can get back soon and hopefully I can really prove that what I saw is true. Because he is taller than me, he walks ahead of me even though I really know the way. I don’t know how he found out the way here, he was just in Colmillos. The whole forest is vast, because the end of this town is a vast for
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