Chapter 2

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"Who the fuck let him take care of the rogue?!" He growled making the room vibrates, he's annoyed because a warrior who couldn't take care of a single rogue, the warrior was a beginner.

"Alpha Blaze, I'm so sorry, please forgive me." The warrior who failed his mission pleads for his forgiveness, his mentor hissed him to bow at the Alpha. After a moment of silence, Blaze hesitated even though they took care of rogue who is now dead, he can't help but to feel shame on his pack, he must train them better.

"Fine, one last chance, dismissed." Blaze shrugged them off, the mentor and his student stumbled their way out of his office.

"Zach let's get ready for Scott's party." Blaze said to his beta and best friend.

"I feel like something good is happening." The beta, Zach yelped with excitement, Blaze chuckled he also felt the same thing and hoped that it's a good thing for him.

"Maybe we will meet our mate." His wolf, Nate said.

"Maybe.." Blaze said to him and sighed softly. He put on a jacket to make it look like casual, he didn't want to put a suit since it's not an Alpha meeting and he wanted to join like other people in his age.

The two of them get out of the pack house with warrior behind them, his pack members bowed whenever he walked their way. He suggested to himself that he should drive his own car, the warriors and the beta should follow him behind to not cause any suspicion.

The Blood Stone pack is famous for being ruthless with rogues, every packs treats them with respect, if they knew that the Alpha is walking around the city without his beta or his warriors, rumours can be spread around which will give him a bad reputation, he must take his beta or his third in the command to walk to the city freely.

He gets in his car and drives off with loud roar, the warriors who were training cheered for him, he's absolutely treated like a king here in his pack, like a hero.

He arrived at the destination, he cringed in disgust at the moment, the house was full of hormonal teenagers, they were having sex with clothes on without any privacy.

"Damn." Zach said beside Blaze.

"I can't believe this." Blaze scoffed and enter the house, the music stopped and everyone stopped dancing, they must notice his appearance.

"Continue on what you were doing." Blaze demanded in his alpha voice and they complied.

"Hey Alpha Blaze." Scott, the man who was a classmate back in high school and threw this party, bowed his head to Blaze, he nodded back and looked at the living room who is completely destroyed and messy.

"Scott." Zach replied curtly and make the way cleared for Blaze to walk, the path is now cleared. Blaze walked to upstairs with dignity. Scott opened a room with his key and gave it to Zach.

"Take it you can show the Alpha where to sit and also your warriors can come and hang around here." Scott left the room, Blake sits in a chair with others Alphas.

"Hey Alpha Blaze." Jake, one of the Alphas that Blaze like said.

"Jake, how are you?" He sat down with Jake and took a glass of beer.

"I'm good even though there was a lot of mild attacks rogues, how many of them are in Southside?" Jake asked sarcastically, it's true that this time of the year, rogues are multiplying and they create a pack between them without the council approbations. Blaze did have rogues in the territory but he never had any packs of rogues which made him relief for his pack members.

"I can understand but I've been getting two lone wolves who are lurking around my territory." He huffed and shrugs his beer down to his throat.

"I have to take this my beta is calling me, can you wait for me?" Jake asked him and he nodded, he went outside of the room with the key.

"This party sucks." Nate frowned and for the first time Blaze approved his statement.

"That's true."

Suddenly, Blaze was hit by a strong smell mixed with vanilla and chocolate, it's delicious, he wanted to search this delightful smell but he was stuck with two girls beside him, flirting with him.

But then, the door opened and the smell was close, he sniffed and close his eyes with relief.

"Mate is here."

"I know Nate, want to meet her."

Zach, his beta comes in with a drunk girl in his arms followed by a girl and a boy.

"Alpha Blaze, let me present you my mate Lydia and her friends, Mia and Noah." The beta said while bowing to Blaze, Mia and Noah bowed too, Mia was too curious on how the alpha looked so she glanced the alpha.

"Mate." She said.


Blaze stood up from his chair, hurting the girl beside him and gazed at his mate who his still locking her eyes to his.

"Mine!" He growled and ran to his mate.

"You're mine, baby girl." He whispered huskily in her ear and bites her ear lightly.

"And I'm never letting you go." He said and put his head on the neck, sniffing her delicious smell.

The next moment, Blaze felt her unconscious, she fainted.

"She fucking fainted." Blaze said.

"Wake her up."

"What the fuck is wrong with my mate?!" Blaze roared and shook her lightly, trying to wake her up, he lifted her up and put her on the bed. He caressed her soft cheeks and shook her shoulder lightly.

"Baby girl, wake up." He gently said to his mate, still no answers.

He turned around the room and locked his eyes to her friend.

"You, bring me a glass of water!" Blaze commanded in his alpha voice and her friend complied with no objections, he ran out of the room. Blaze was also jealous at the fact that his mate has a male friend, he would have to talk with his mate but right now it's not the time to discuss this.

His friend comes in, stumbling the glass almost making it fall, Blaze snatched the glass from his hand harshly making him a nasty bruise on his hand. He walked over to his mate and sprinkled softly some droplets of water on her beautiful face, he hated to do this but it was for her own good.

"Zach get the hell out of here and kick everyone who is in this room."

"Sure Blaze, have fun with your mate."

He rolled his eyes and noticed that she blinked twice, her self-awareness kicked in as she began to piece together what happened, Blaze smiled at his mate and pulled her up to his arms.

"I'm so happy you are awake, I was scared." Blaze confessed to his mate, she widened her eyes and take off his arms from her body.

"You're my mate." She said silently and Blaze frowned in confusion.

"I'm your mate, so you're not going to reject me right?" Blaze said cringing the thought of his mate rejecting him because of his ruthless reputation, his mate knows who was he but on the bad side, he never showed his good side apart from his family. But then he would never let her reject him because she was his as he landed his eyes on hers.

"No, I don't want to reject you, you're my only soulmate." She said making him smiles gently.

"But I need a moment because knowing that your mate is a famous Alpha and also strong is making my head dizzy." She chuckled and he grinned, he loves the way his mate laughed, he could stay for as long as he wants just to see her laugh and hear her sweet voice.

"My name is Mia, nice to meet you." She offered her hand to shake his hand but he didn't shake her hand instead he did something that surprised Mia.

He grabbed her face softly and mashed his lips against hers as if trying to flatten and destroy her mouth. She hungrily pushed back, her mouth open, tongues pushing past his clenched teeth to the moist space within. She gripped his head firmly as if to keep him from escaping, the mate bond is evolving between them. She worked her mouth against his, their tongues battling back and forth like wrestlers, each trying to pin the other.

They get off, catching the oxygen, he put his forehead on hers and breathed loudly.

"And I'm Blaze Vasilis, nice to meet you." He sighed and laughed softly.

"You took away my first kiss." She blushed and he smirked.

"I'm glad I'm your first kisser and your last one."

He felt at the moment proud of his mate being a virgin.

"If she had her first kiss with me then that means she's a virgin." Blaze thoughts and lay on the clean bed with his mate, wrapped their bodies together.

"Where are everyone?" She said breathlessly.

"I mind linked my beta to kick everyone out when I was trying to wake you up."

"Oh alright." She said and closed her eyes.

"She looks so cute." Nate gushed.

"That's right, she's ours." Blaze said possessively.

"Damn right man, don't let her run away."

"Mia is ours and I will kill any bastard who will try to take her away from us." He thoughts as he grinned the way she breathed softly.

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