Epilogue 2

"Let's go to the bar Mia! Please!" Lydia begged to Mia who looked reluctant, she didn't want to go to the bar, she was a married mom.

"I don't know Lydia." She sighed.

"Nobody will know about this!" Lydia scowled.

They both got pregnant at the same time got two kids, Lydia named her son Jake and Mia names her son Mattia, both of them get along, they are best friends since diapers.

"You know that our kids are staying with Ana, right?" Lydia stated, she got a point, nobody will know about this since Ana is babysitting their kids and their mates went on a business trip.

"Alright you got me, let's have fun." Lydia squealed as soon as she reluctantly agreed to have fun without her mate.

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