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Enjoy this last special chapter and thank you again for making this girl over the moon!

"Baby, wake up!" Blaze said, shaking her shoulder lightly.

It was now 6am and Blaze wanted to wake up his mate before her best friend do, he know how loud her friend can be.

"Go away." Mia mumbled as she pushed her mate hands from her, he gasped in horror.

"How dare you say that to your mate?"

"Shut up, I know very well that you aren't hurt by that." She muttered.

"Now that you're awake, can you please open your beautiful eyes?" He asked softly, leaning close to her, he blew her face and pressed his hot lips on her warm cheek.

Mia suddenly opened her eyes and felt her cheek wet from his licking, she rolled over and see Blaze grinning like a 5 year old kid.

"Good morning bambina." He said huskily, still close to her face, she felt his evenly breath on her face and bite her lips.

"Why won't you reply to me a good

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