All Chapters of Blaze: Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
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"Make sure that there aren't any rogues lurking around my territory, understand?!" The alpha of the Blood Stone packs ordered to his beta."Yes, Alpha." The beta went out of the room leaving the alpha alone in his office.He sighed and took out a cigarette to calm his anger down, as he inhaled the nicotine and take the smoke in his lungs, he smirked and stepped his cigarette tightly on the ground.
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Chapter 1
"Mia come here for a minute please?" Her dad yelled from downstairs."Sure daddy." Mia answered back and stopped working on her medical homework to go downstairs.
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Chapter 2
mind linking: bold.conversation with their wolfs: italics.————————"Who the fuck let him take care of the rogue?!" He growled making the room vibrates, he's annoyed because a warrior who couldn't take care of a single rogue, the warrior was a beginner.
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Chapter 3
"Mate, I need to talk with her."  Nate grumbled and Blaze green eyes was replaced by dark blue eyes."Hello, angel." Nate said as he rolled over to her side and put an arm to support his weight on the bed.Mia noticed his eyes and the different tone in the voice, it was unfamiliar, deep and rough making her panty wet in shame. She thought that he must definitely smell the arousal on
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Chapter 4
"Blaze, I don't think it's the right time to meet my father, shall we do it next time?" Mia asked hesitantly, she didn't want her father to be stressed about meeting her mate, he's not like other alpha which will make him anxious."Mia bella, you don't understand do you?" He asked lowly."I want to meet your father and your alpha right now so that I can take you to our home!" He said making her blushed but right now it's not th
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Chapter 5
"We're here neonata, fuck I'm so excited for you to meet my parents and sister, don't worry they are kind well except my father." Blaze insured making her more anxious about his father."Are you sure?" She asked shyly."Babygirl, if my dad doesn't like you, I won't leave you alone as I swore to myself." He said taking her both hands and rubbed them softly.
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Chapter 6
Mia finished her shower and took out some Blaze shirt and short which will make of her big, she didn't know if she could wear her pants or his because she was so insecure of showing off her big thighs.Back in primary school, in 5 grade, she was bullied because she already had boobs and her dad had to learn her how to put it a bra on which was embarrassing for her, girls in her school were jealous of her body, she already had big thighs and boobs which made her insecure, Mia always wanted to be a skinny girl, she was basically
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Chapter 7
 Mia felt herself sweating through her mate baggy clothes, she wore a shirt that was a long-sleeved shirt."Mia rolls up your sleeves, you're getting hot." Blaze suggested, he noticed her forehead who is wet because of the sweat.
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Chapter 8
 Mia and Blaze went back to the pack house, he took off his jumper and started on cooking for both of them, Mia sat down on a stool and watched her mate cooked since she can't cook and she was a loser."Are you Italian?" Mia asked when she saw that Blaze made their past
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Chapter 9
 The next dayMia woke up with a sudden thirst for water, she gets up not bothering about her appearance but still get a jumper to cover up her marks on her arms (ev
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