Blood Bank

Blood Bank

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Aria Mendez is an eighteen years old freshman in Appleland University, after the death of her parents when she was twelve, she lived in an orphanage and got sponsored to school. Everything changed when she met him, a reaper, the devil himself, blood is his weakness, not just any blood, her blood. Ocean Muse, twenty three years old vampire, his desire for blood was undescribable. But, that night he saw her on the streets and he saw , he wants her for pleasure. I slowly stepped backwards as he came closer, the old my was lying on the ground cold blooded, who is this man in front of me. I couldn't see him clearly because of the darkness in the night. "Wh-what d-did you do to him. How did you do that?" I managed to asked. His lips covered with the old man's blood, he smirked at me. "What an interesting little girl, you wanna know what I did to him?" he said, and as if my legs work on their own, I turn around and tried to run away, but surprisingly, he was right in front of me. I yelp and tried to run away again but he grabbed my hair and pulled me back. My back was against his chest, I squirm in fear. "Since you're curious, let me show you" he whispered and that's when I felt his teeth on my neck.

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18 Chapters
Chapter One
2005Repeating years of age wasn't something new to some people. Situation were there's unbelievable creatures living around you.With money.With power.Most importantly, blood.Blood suckers you say, when a war happened between hunters, wear wolves and mostly, does blood sucking monsters, Vampires.It was war.Bloodshed.Death.Most importantly, the fact that they grew to love was killing, that feeling of killing a different creature as them, the killing that gives them more thirst.The sweet taste of blood, nothing in a world filled with human, human used as slaves, puppets, water, red bloody water. In this life, human are like water bottles to vampires and inside that water bottle is what they crave the most.The time when police, soldiers had to take matters into their own hands and getting their self killed. The president had to make an alliance with the vampire council, Muse, Edwin, Martin, Hart, Decker. The four council who are the biggest elite along with the witches, Andrew
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Chapter Two
OCEANIt's so good, she taste so fucking good, I couldn't resist myself, I know that she's the newbie, Maxine is probably gonna hate me for this but I found myself thirsty for her blood, I want her, and I'm gonna keep her.I instantly pulled away and switch from reaper mode before I kill her. I held her as she limp to the ground, I place her head on my lap, biting my wrist and making her drink my blood so she could heal.She slowly moan as she woke up, she stood up and process what just happened, she takes a step away, walking over to her, I grabbed her face and possess her, looking into her eyes, my pupils dilate and so did hers."You'll forget everything that happened in the past twenty minutes, you were walking and you heard noises and you found out it was a raccoon then now you're gonna run to school and head to the dorm, then go to sleep" I possess. She slowly look away and started walking away.I started strolling to Eric's house. I couldn't even see her face but I know if I mee
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Chapter Three
ARIACafeteria was busy though, everyone rushing the line. When are we gonna get our food? "C'mon girls" Eric said as he, Ocean and Jack walks towards the front line, Max pulled my hand and Anna follows behind. We all stood beside the front line and one look at Ocean, the students at the front cut out and Ocean faces us. "Ladies first" he smirks, we walk in but that was wrong."Why did you guys do that?" I asked. They all look at me. "She's right though......" Anna tell them."I mean, they were hungry too and I'm sure they were excited to get their meal" I tell them, Ocean's blue eyes eye me up and down with a smirk."Cute" he mumbles. I leave the line."Aria, c'mon, you need to eat, you know?" Max said."Yeah, you really need to eat" Anna said while looking at Ocean who was looking at her. "I don't have class, I think I'll go back to the dorm to sleep" I tell them, I was feeling light headed and I don't know why, maybe it's because it's my first day. I left the college and got a c
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Chapter Four
Ocean's POVI couldn't take it, I need blood but how can I suck her when those annoying girls are with her, especially that witch bitch.I sigh as I look at my empty room. Yeah, I have my own dorm room, more like a house. My dad owns this school and he wants me to get enough. For the first time,The first time in my life I felt scared.Maybe it's because I want to know this girl. When Maxine ran to my room when I was making a sandwich.I opened the door. "Well, hello" I smirk. If she wants to cheat on Eric, I'm in for sure, I won't mind fuckin' her brains out. "What brings you here, darling?" I asked.She came in. Wow. "I need......" She too a deep breath, my smirk grew wider. "I need food for Aria" she tells me. I frown immediately. But I heard her name, I was intrigued.I sigh. "I'm not her husband, go and find food" I disregard her. I walked in. But I was so curious."Please, I went to the cafeteria and it was closed" she tells me.Fûck."Why does she need food at this time of the
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Chapter Five
ARIAMy eyes slowly starts to flutter open, my head hurts a lot, but more importantly, how did I fall asleep when I had afternoon class. Last thing I remember is Anna walking me towards the bed and I don't think I was sleepy.I look around when I noticed Anna backing me on her bed, she was only on her bra and undies. But that's not what caught my eyes, the bites marks on her neck and shoulder made me gasp which made her turn and look at me. Those looks like the one that is on my neck.She instantly covers herself with her blanket. I stood up and walk over to her. "Hey" I said, she looks so..... insecure. She looks up at me with doe-eyes. "Are you okay?" I asked her. But I know something is giving her doubt and that's a bad thing...... I learned this back at the orphanage, many of them had hurt me and I used it as an insecurity. But Anna has more to tell. I don't know, I feel connected to her, like I know her. But what she said next made my heart ache in a way, can't explain."Have yo
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Chapter Six
2005Matteo Andres, the greatest male witches back in the days. Everyone fears him, cherish him like he was some kind of god. Hunters took him as their greatest threat, especially, Wayne Cruse. Just after seeing his previous baby girl that a war begin and he knew his duty. Patricia held him back but he was not going to give up. He entrust her with the one person he knew. Philip Collins. Leaving his child and wife in the hands of someone he should never had trust, especially when he knew that vampires hates witches, despise more over. But what could he do? At least he trusted someone.They won, they won against the hunters but Wayne wasn't gonna give till Matteo suffers. That knife, the Cruse knife with the phoenix stone. That was the last feeling before Matteo was lost in another world, the world of death for the dead.*******ANNAI place a firm knock on Jack's door, I heard a firm com in so I entered, I assume that Eric isn't in because Jack would have answered the door. But when
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Chapter Seven
Hybrid; Vampire and werewolve power aren't just gifted from parents. Vampires are hated by werewolf making it hard for them to get along, so how did hybrid came about?Many years ago the Derek family, one of the most powerful elite know. After Jane running away from her pack, she was caught in the woods by Kelvin, the vampire, werewolve blood aren't special to them, they see them more closer to mundane. Kelvin fell in love with Jane, Vampire were against it but the werewolves thought it was okay since they were seen to be soulmate.Jane had a baby boy, his name is Ian.******ARIASlowly fluttering my eyes open to see I was in a hotel looking room on a bed. "Ariana" I heard a voice beside me, it was the lady I met in my vision, my real mother, I could see the resemblance. "Hi, again" she smiles."Why am I here?" I ask her. She smiles down at me."Who's the young man?" She asked, it was then I realize she was talking about Ocean. "The vampire that was feeding on my daughter" she asked
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Chapter Eight
ARIAMy eyes slowly starts to flutter open to see that it's still night and Anna and Maxine are asleep, I decided to take a small walk. Ever since I was little, I've always preferred night to day and it's still the same up till now. When I can't sleep, I go outside to get fresh air.I got off the bed and slowly walk towards the door and open it, walking out of the room without any sound, I sigh in relief. Walking down the hall towards the elevator, I push the button and it opens, stepping inside it.I was only on my short and crop and a pair of flip flop. When I reached the lobby, I walk out and saw a bench at the far corner. I rush and sat on it. I took a deep breath as the wind fan my tense body, so reliving.So.......I am a witch. Things like this happens only in fairytale or stories, some may say it's a legend, myth, something only few believes in. But here I am, being one of them, supernatural. My eyes wonder to the new building by the end side of the hostel rooms.I wonder what
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Chapter Nine
ARIAI moan at the softness of the bed, moving to the side as I toss around. Wait....... where am I? I quickly open my eyes and take in my environment. I gasp....I'm in Ocean's room, I spent a night.I try to remember what happened last night. I gave myself to him, willingly..... I took a deep breath and release. I heard the shower rushing. I gasp. "He's here" I whispered.Few minutes went by before the water turn off, seconds later, the door open and walk in a towel claded Ocean. I look from his legs, strong legs, trailing up to the towel around his waist, I kept looking up, the water dripping down to his abs, his neck....oh my goodness, the trail of water or his Adam apple was making heat gather up between my legs."You really like staring, I wonder what's going on in that little head of your" he tells me, walking towards me, I didn't dare look at him. But then again, he roughly grabs my chin, it was so harsh, forcing me to look at him. "Hmmm?" he hum. I didn't say anything as I was
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Chapter Ten
ARIA"I think you should tell him" I tell her. She looks at me. "If he finds out from Ocean, it's gonna be worst, it's best he find it out from you" I added.She looks away as she wears her backpack. I grab mine and we walk out together. "Trust me I want to but I don't want him to get hurt" she tells me."But how do you think he would feel if Ocean tells him" I reminded her. One thing I learn in life is that, things can backfire.We reached college and got in, I don't know, tonight, I'm moving in with Ocean. "Ocean's dad wants to see all of us at the assembly hall" Anna tells me. I noticed no one was here. "Why?" I asked."Well, he has an announcement for us elite, including you" she tells me. "He knows about you?" I asked her. "They are the Elite family, every elites family knows about you except for the children" she tells me. I nod. We entered the assembly hall, every student of this college was here. Mic ring in our ears, catching our attention, we look ahead to see a tall bui
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