Vampire King's Little Killer - 50. Vampire Bride

Bride: a woman on her wedding day or just before and after the event.


My body felt like it's been hit by a ton of bricks. Every part of me ached and my mind kept on repeating back to the day when Yubkin managed to hurt me at the restaurant. I know I needed to heal first before I take my revenge.

Having a personal healer on my side was even more helpful. But it didn't take long before my mind started piecing stuff together. I drank Nero's blood. Marshall drank his blood too. Would that make me his daughter? Ew... Would that mean that I couldn't have sex again with him since that'll be incest? Ugh... The vampire thing was getting more and more complicated. Especially when my mind was working on other things.

I still need to find out how Yubkin had gotten to me. It was my informant for sure. Yubkin might have something on him. I also need to know if Chad was in on it, or worse if the Albanian mob boss was too. Maybe he wanted to branch out his business and he knows that Yubkin want
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