Vampire King's Little Killer - 54. Harmless Fun

Jealous: feeling or showing envy of someone or their achievements and advantages.


"I'm still not sure about sending him off with Vesper. Remind me why am I doing this again?" Tessa asked me for the third or maybe fourth time already. I know that I should be bored by now. She had told me that she did not expect sudden care for other humans or vampires. Tessa confessed that it came so suddenly that she didn't think it was in her to give a damn in the first place.

"Tessa, you know your half-brother is not going to be safe going back to his place."

"Ugh, I shouldn't even care about these things. This is me giving a damn. I should work more. I think this is what free time does to my brain and I don't think it's pretty."

I was not expecting her to be back working, she still needs to control her urges. I did not need my little killer on steroids. With her new urges for human blood, I need eyes on her all-time making sure she behaved accordingly. Pissing off our human liaison and trigger
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