Vampire King's Little Killer - 53. Moving on

Docile: well-behaved, quiet, and easy to control.


"I don't understand, why can't I go home?" It has been days maybe even more than a week since they held me against my will. Honestly, I've lost track of time with the days and nights being the other around. Here, the place came to live at night, surely because they were vampires and they checked in on me during their waking hours.

At least my new room was better than the dungeon where they shackled me when they first took me in, still, I had no freedom. Okay, I admit that it was my fault for wanting my half-sister dead because of her money. But still, I'd prefer they decide what they'd do to me rather than not having a clue about the days to come.

"Lowell, you're our new Queen's half-brother. At the moment she's still adjusting to her new role as our queen and she's yet to determine how she's going to proceed with you. Besides you're safer here. Imagined Yubkin's men wanting revenge on you."

"I have a life." I interrupted with a
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