Vampire King's Little Killer - 56. Wanted

Loss: the state or feeling of grief when deprived of someone or something of value.


I did not expect help from a stranger. Mom and I had been surviving without anyone's help since the day Dad passed away. We use to be a small happy family until we were not. Losing Dad had taken a great toll on Mom's health until she too passed away and I was alone in the world.

I didn't know how I'd cope if it wasn't for Tessa who took pity on me. She adopted my grown ass and moved me to their castle. I was ashamed for a few moments before I told myself what the hell and let them take me in. I was nineteen, I should be able to defend myself, be independent, and But I was so damn tired, it felt good for once to have someone taking care of me.

When the third day came, I was wondering why haven't I ever seen them in the daylight. Yesterday I thought that they were working, but when I asked the cook who was preparing breakfast for me, she basically said to ask Nero and Tessa myself w
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