Blood Moon Betrayal

Blood Moon Betrayal

By:  Leemah  Ongoing
Language: English
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In the savage world of the Blackwood werewolves, the cruel Alpha Damien rules with an iron fist. By ancient decree, he is bound to take a new Luna every Blood Moon to solidify his dominance. His latest prize is Kiera, the fierce beauty from the Rivermist pack. Forced into the mating ritual against her will, Kiera becomes a possession to the brutal Alpha, yearning for escape. Her unlikely ally emerges as Ryker, an alluring omega outcast harboring his own mysterious secrets. But Kiera soon learns that Damien conceals an even darker secret . When Kiera and Ryker's forbidden attraction ignites, they risk it all to break the sacred bond in a dangerous rite. Damien's wrath rains down, sparking all-out war among the packs. With a shocking betrayal tying Ryker's past to the conflict, can the star-crossed lovers survive long enough to burn the tyrannical Blackwood legacy to the ground?

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4 Chapters
Chapter 1
The ancient ceremonial dagger gleamed crimson in the pale moonlight as the high priestess raised it high. Kiera's breath caught in her throat, her heart pounding like the drums echoing through the stone hollows. This was really happening. Against her will, she was being subjugated to the cruelest tradition of the Blackwood Pack - the Blood Moon mating ritual that would bind her for life to Damien, the most ruthless and detested Alpha wolf in the entire ancient lineage.She risked a defiant glance at the hulking figure awaiting her at the altar. Damien's piercing amber eyes locked on her, a menacing snarl twisting his lupine features as if he could sense her reticence. A shudder ran through Kiera's slender frame. She averted her gaze, wishing she could somehow escape this inescapable fate.The priestess's chanting rose to a feverish climax as the assembled pack members howled in ceremonial union. With a sudden slice, the blade opened a deep gash across Damien's calloused palm. His t
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Chapter 2
Kiera's heart pounded in her constricted chest as the massive Rager continued its steady advance. The putrid reek of its feral musk overwhelmed her heightened senses, making her want to retch. She steeled herself, falling into a defensive crouch as it neared with those savage, slobbering jaws agape.Suddenly, a resounding crash echoed through the trees to her left. Kiera barely had a chance to turn before a blur of fur and muscle slammed into the Rager's broad flank, bowling it over with a bone-jarring impact. Snarls and gnashing fangs erupted in a frenzy as the two beasts grappled, tearing viciously at one another's hides and musculature. Kiera scrambled back, wide-eyed, as their battle played out in a whirlwind of tooth, nail, and spraying arterial vitae.At last, the Rager's challenger emerged victorious - a powerfully-built werewolf male in his prime looming over the eviscerated remains of his foe. As his chest heaved with exertion, he turned to face Kiera, his features still t
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Chapter 3
Ryker's rough lips moved over Kiera's in a hungry, demanding kiss. She tensed at first, but then felt herself melting into his powerful embrace. Something primal awoke deep inside her. A fierce, wild energy she didn't know existed. It raged through her veins like a raging wildfire, consuming her from the inside out.Kiera gripped Ryker's broad shoulders as the kiss deepened. She nipped at his full lower lip with her newborn fangs, drawing a droplet of blood. He growled low in his throat, the vibrations sending a shockwave of desire through her body. When they finally broke apart, Kiera was panting hard. Ryker's hazel eyes blazed with undisguised hunger as he looked her over. "That's it, luna," he rumbled in a gravelly tone. "Let that primal side take over. It's the only way to unleash your true power.""I...I've never felt anything like that before," Kiera admitted, still tingling from their explosive liplock. "It was like something animalistic just took control of me."Ryker nod
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Chapter 4
Kiera slowly regained awareness of her physical form, lying spent on the hard-packed earth of the cave floor. She felt utterly drained yet somehow more vitally alive than she had ever beenThe merging with Ryker's primal spiritual force still had her reeling. She'd experienced raptures and revelations far beyond the reaches of any mortal mind to comprehend. For a transcendent, infinite moment, she had been more than just Kiera - she'd been the very embodiment of the luna renigitio itself."Breathe deep, little Luna," came Ryker's gruff baritone beside her. "The first immersion is always head-spinningly intense." She turned her head toward him, blinking to clear her vision. He looked as ruggedly corporeal as ever, yet there was an undeniable aura of power emanating from him now. His entire being seemed to thrum with preternatural dominance and ancient glory."That was...I've never felt anything like that in my life," Kiera managed, her voice trembling. "It was like being reborn in
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