Mystic Awakening of The Omega

Mystic Awakening of The Omega

By:  Treasure   Ongoing
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“You were just a pawn in our games, Alice” kira said, her smile dripping with venom. ~~~~~~ Rejected by her mate who chose her cousin and making a mistake of falling pregnant after a one night stand. She falls into the hand of a beastly Beta who is the father of her pup not knowing what his true colors are. However a prophecy says she is the only person that can save her land from the dangerous plague that attacks the pack. Will she fulfill the prophecy given to her by the Moongoddess? Betrayed and deceived by everyone around her, will alice accept her fate? What will happen to Alice when she finds her second chance mate while married to her Beta?

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Deborah Benjamin
Alice is going through hell all in the name of fate. He is blind to her worth just because she is omega. A short-sighted man is the worst nightmare to happen to anyone. Loving this story so far...
2024-06-22 16:28:08
6 Chapters
Alice pov“The mating ceremony is this weekend and I can't wait to see who my mate is.” The first girl said and then it hit me that the mating ceremony is coming soon. The mating ceremony takes place every 2 years and the Shadowclan pack is hosting it this year. Maybe I can finally get a mate and be free from this slavery i hope he could be my ticket out of this hell of a house once and for all. Who would even want a weak omega like me in the first place?A sigh escaped my lips as I did my chores. I returned to my room and started looking for what to wear for the mating ceremony. “Alice!” I heard a loud shriek from downstairs and I immediately knew it was my cousin, stacey. I rushed down to her room and she was standing with a pile of clothes with her face red with rage. Stacey is my cousin, my very spoiled cousin at that. She is the only child of my uncle Alpha Lucas and his Luna, Elizabeh Lockheart.Stacey is rude and bad mannered, especially to me but her parents see nothing wr
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I could feel the heart shattering pain i was feeling from the broken mate bond intensify and my head started spinning.Alpha adrian stepped on the stage with a smug look on his face. Tears kept on rolling down my eyes as i stared at him. I didn’t know why but the thought of him choosing another person apart from me- his fated mate made me sick in my stomach.“I would specifically like to thank alpha lucas for this incredible opportunity to be here and honor our pact.” His cold voice sent chills down my spine. “And I promise to take good care of your daughter, Stacey Grey,” he said smiling.“I’m glad you made a great choice Alpha Adrian, the union of our packs won't only bring harmony but will bring a lot of benefits to us. You will never regret your choice.” My uncle Alpha Lucas said, beaming with smiles.As he said that everything seemed to stop. He chose stacey over me. Of course he would choose her over me because she was an alpha not a weak omega like me.Is this why my uncle agre
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LUCIEN POVI returned to my pack and the girl from that night at the bar was still fresh in my mind. I can remember her black dress that hugged her curves like a second skin, her long brown hair, and her pink lips.But I couldn’t help but remember her eyes, they lacked the usual spark. I could detect from a mile that she was troubled. I wanted to reject her advances, the way I usually reject whores that walk up to me. But at the look of her eyes, I couldn’t help but accept. To give her what she wanted. After my mate was taken away from me, I couldn’t help but hate love. I’m not a man of love, most people call me the most feared Beta because of how ruthless I am. I’m seated in my study, waiting for the only news that could brighten my day. I heard a small knock on my door before I saw a grey-haired man peek into the room.“Did I let you in?” I said in a gruff voice which made me shiver.“N-No Sir, I thought I-““Shut up. next time you do that, your head will be delivered to your fami
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ALICE POVI woke up to the sound of beeping machines and a piercing pain in my head. I slowly sat up on the bed and realized I was at a hospital. The first person I laid my eyes on was alpha Adrian, he stood at the door with his arms crossed and staring at me with disgust on his face. “What…What happened to me?” I said in a weak voice.“I’m very disappointed in you, Alice,” he said and I looked at him in confusion.“I don’t understand, what did I do?” I stared at him with my brows furrowed.“It's been just 3 weeks since I rejected you and you’ve been going around with another man huh?” He walked over to me and grabbed my chin harshly.“What are you talking about? Get your hands off me.” I hit his hand very hard and he pulled back. He raked his hair with his fingers and looked at me with disgust. “Your mate hit me with a bowl of hot soup and that is what landed me in this hospital in the first place, and you are here telling me this nonsense. Thank goodness I don’t have any scratche
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ALICE POVHe glanced over to me. I couldn’t help but notice how his blue eyes seemed to pierce into my soul. He was my one-night stand! As if he could hear my thoughts, his eyes glazed over me all of a sudden and I scurried away from him. Thud! Thud! Thud! I could hear my heart beating fast.He grabbed my arm, turning me around to look at me. He stared at me intensely and said “I remember you, you are the girl from the bar. I know you remember me so don’t try denying” he said in a stern voice. Alpha Lucas stared at him in bewilderment. “You must be mistaken Beta Lucien, she’s an omega” he laughed dryly.Beta lucien? I’ve heard that name before somewhere in the pack and it's rumored that he’s the most ruthless beta in all of North, he’s even more ruthless than the alpha of the pack.What mess did I get myself into?“I’m not mistaken, Alpha Lucas,” he said sharply looking at Alpha Lucas. Alpha Lucas was short of words, that was the first time I saw him quiet. “You are pregnant, I kn
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Alice povThe maid, Stella, led me up to the room and it was beautiful. The bedroom was painted all white with floral wallpaper in one corner of the wall. The bed was situated in the middle, a dresser stood on one side of the wall, and a plush armchair near the window.A few moments later my door jolted open and I jumped to my feet out of fear. Beta Lucien walked into the room followed by an older man with a kind face. The man looks to be in his 60s. He had a lot of gray hair surrounding his hair and face, but he had such kind eyes.“Sit!” Lucien ordered.I hesitated but I sat down quickly. I glanced and Lucien and his gaze was unwavering, staring at me like a predator watching his prey. There is something about him that makes the hairs on my neck stand.“This is Dr hale, he will check on you and the baby. Don’t give him trouble,” he gestured to the old man.All my life I’ve always wanted to escape from my uncle but now, I want to go back. I thought there would be an escape, from my y
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