Chapter 10 - I only want you

Lilly's POV

Twenty minutes.

I've been awake for almost twenty minutes, yet, I still didn't move a muscle. I didn't dare to make a single sound. If I can silence the sound of my breathing, I really would.

Because if you see what I am looking at this moment, you wouldn't want it to end either.

A very low sigh parted my lips before a smile etched my face as I kept staring at him, peacefully sleeping, memorizing every detail there is on his beautiful face. Every freckle, every little scar. Every flaw and every perfection. His ash brown hair tousled over the pillow, thick and lustrous and so damn soft. His face now so relaxed, like a little baby, a very hot little baby. Yet still, his features so strong and defined. A stubble coating his perfect jawline, and then there is those lips, a perfect ripe for kissing.

Would it be considered as a sexual assault if I kissed him while he's sleeping?

Probably is. Control, Lilly. Damn it girl, control. He is a guy and still not as hormonal as you.

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