Chapter 11 - I will never stop liking you

Lilly's POV

There is seriously something wrong with me.

I am sure.

A couple of months ago, on my birthday, I kissed Chase. I was drunk and reckless. I just did it for the heck of it.

Never did it cross my mind that it will take me here. I kissed him and everything in my life turned upside down. I kissed him and caught feelings. Feelings so good and so very bad at the same time. Since that night, I've been going through the biggest longest hangover ever.

The thought of him doesn't leave me be. He is everything I can think about. He is everywhere. It's weird. It's exciting. It's annoying. I mean, I have homework, exams, and friends that I need to give some of my time and attention to. Instead, with every passing second, I just find myself ignoring everything and filling my head with him and only him. His smile, his lips, and his beautiful, panty-dropping eyes.

I am not eating. I am not sleeping. I can't concentrate on the simplest of tasks. I don't want to do anything. I just want to fi
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