All Chapters of Blue Ribbon: Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
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PrologueLilly's POVToday is the day.You know, the day.The one I was waiting for since I accidentally opened an - ahem - a very restricted webpage. It was an accident. I swear. It's not like I was seven years old, searching on my iPad, "Where do babies come from?" after my dad told me that he picked me up from Walmart and is planning on returning me back.It's not like my mother told me that babies come after you hug someone and I went around my school hugging every boy in sight but never got pregnant. It's not like that at all.Okay. Maybe it was exactly like that.What can I say, I was a curious kid. When I wanted answers, I went around searching everywhere till I found them.My first thought was that babies came from amazon. I remember asking Alexa to order me a baby. I think my question confused her because right the next day, she broke down. I try to think of it as an accident, last thing I want is a machine-killing guilt on my conscious. Anyway, I knew I had to depend on myse
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Chapter 1 - Black Ribbon
Lilly's POVThe aching in my skull ebbs and flows like a cold tide. Pain pulses through every nerve in my body and I moan as I feel both hot and cold. I've been laying in my bed for the last two hours, wide awake, eyes closed and totally dehydrated.Now, I understand why they call it a hangover, for it feels as if the blackest of clouds are over my head with no intention of clearing until late afternoon.I groan and wrap myself in the duvet, waves of nausea adding to my misery. My phone pings with a message after another, but I care less to check it.My brain feels like it would swell beyond the capacity of my skull and now my dehydration is too obvious to ignore.Perhaps some painkillers would help.I raise my heavy eyelids half way only for them to fall shut. I groan as I raise them again and swing my bare feet to the cold floor.I yawn and brush the hair covering my face away. My first instinct kicks me to check my phone but once my hand reach out for it, I notice the small box lay
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Chapter 2 - Mr. Therapist
Lilly's POV"What are you talking about?" He asked, his tone steady, and his words measured. The disoriented emotions that swirled his eyes seconds ago suddenly faded into nothing.Anger clenched my jaw and I grated out, "I heard everything," My eyebrow arched in accusation, "Zack wanted to ask me out before but you," I pointed at him, "You stopped him, why is that?"I thought my question would clear out that blank look but instead, he shrugged...he simply shrugged.I groaned in annoyance at his lack of reaction and my hand reached to the neck of his shirt, grabbing it, I pulled him down. His eyes grew wide a bit, shocked at the gesture, "Why do you always interfere in my life like that?" I hissed in his face.His hand came to mine and gently untangled my fingers from over the fabric. He pulled it away but didn't let it go, "We are not kids anymore, okay?" I snapped while he kept silent, "You can't just steal my things when I break your toys," I sarcastically remarked, "That's not how
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Chapter 3 - Bad-Boy Fetish
One week later...Lilly's POV"Is that a hickey?"My eyes widened and my heart dropped ten feet under the ground at the sudden question -- that most probably is directed at me.Swallowing hard, I rested my pen over the notebook and lifted my head up. Pulling the most casual look I could master, I looked Aylin in the eye and shook my head, "Oh no, Max and I were fighting as usual," I mumbled as I nervously rubbed at my neck.It's been a week since - ahem - my make-out session with that specific someone. The stupid hickey is fading, but still, it left a small mark, and the concealer probably wore off. Damn it.Aylin's eyebrow raised in question, not satisfied at my answer. My eyes drifted to Chase sitting across me, his eyes supposedly focused on the book ahead of him, a smile threatening to break through his features. He ran his thumb over his lower lip, hiding it.My jaw tightened and I kicked him in the shin from under the table. It's all his freaking fault. He lifted his head up, hi
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Chapter 4 - I love Lucy and she loves me
"Dear heart,Don't fear what makes you feel."****************Lilly's POVI peeked from over the book in my hands to sneak a look at the guy sitting across of me. He had his elbow pressed over the armrest of the chair, the side of his face pressed against his palm, his eyes focused on the book placed over his lap.I took into a shaky breath and let my eyes drift back to the book in my hands. One advantage of being stuck in a library; the endless supply of books.Without thinking, my eyes lifted up again and fell on him, still way too engrossed in his book. One of the disadvantages of being stuck in a library; Me shamelessly checking out Chase with every passing second.His tongue darted out to lick his lips and I had to force myself not to eye its movement. Shit. I am in trouble, big big trouble. For the first time ever, I have slept by his side, no, not just that, I was wrapped up between his arms...that's how I woke up. The thought alone made my stomach flip, either butterflies or
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Chapter 5 - Let's make a deal
Lilly's POVThe possibility of us was enough to knock the breath from my lungs.In a span of seconds only, I saw how the future might play out if we take this risk. I saw us, together, figuring whatever the hell this is out. I saw this growing, I saw us getting attached. But then, I saw that inevitable end. I saw how this would only end in heartbreak and the worst part is, it may not be me the one who'll get hurt.Before I could let the words part my lips, the loud clicking sound of a door echoed in the empty library and I gasped, taken aback. My body jerked up and the sounds became louder, heavy footsteps, some chattering, and people talking.My heart knocked it up a notch and I staggered backward till my back came in contact with Chase's front. His arm went around my body, his hand wrapped around my forearm in reassurance. My gaze lifted up to him and I breathed out, my heart dropped into my stomach trying to figure out if we're being saved or maybe not...My eyes squinted when sudd
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Chapter 6 - The known and the unknown
Chase's POVI sucked into a deep breath as I stared at my reflection in the mirror. Water dripped down from the strands of my hair into the side of my forehead as I splashed more into my face. Fighting through the thousand thoughts roaming up my head, air pushed harshly out of my lungs and I drove my hand through my hair.I dried my face and went back to my room. I pulled the semi-wet T-shirt over my head and threw it into the laundry basket. As I slipped another one over my head, I heard the door opening. I immediately turned around and...there she was.Her eyes traveled down my stomach then up again as I fixed my shirt. She licked her lips, "Um, not sorry." She said, trying so hard to hide a smile before she leisurely made her way into the room like she owned it.My eyes followed her as she sat on my bed's edge, her palms pressed over the mattress and her eyes met mine again, "Whatcha ya doin?" She asked, her tone cheerful."Why you're here?" I purposely ran away from her and now he
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Chapter 7 - Right yet so terribly wrong
Lilly's POVMy heart did that crazy thing again, pulsing with an unfamiliar newly-acquired affection toward the guy standing right ahead of me.As much as I wanted to break free from the shackles binding me to him since that day, I couldn't. My gaze locked on the boy who held a very special place in my heart. There was no denying how much Chase meant to me. I mean, we practically grew up together.It wasn't till recently that I started to see him more than that. More than a friend, more than family. He is becoming something else. Something more... but still unknown and undefined. And as any other human being I am scared of the unknown. More like terrified.My eyes caught the few drops of water that made their way down from the light strands of his hair to the side of his temple. I couldn't help the heartfelt smile sneaking up my face as I took in the whole situation we got ourselves into.In that exact same moment, a smile of his own curved his beautiful lips, reflecting my own. His s
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Chapter 8 - Sex Professor
Lilly's POVInvoluntarily, my fingers lingered over my lips and my eyelids glided down as I recalled back last night. The memory of his kiss imposing and enough to steal every breath of air from my lungs.God, yesterday's kiss was something else. So different from before. Full with years of built-up hunger, need and desperation.It was aggressive, hard, demanding and enough to bury itself deep down in my head making it impossible to ever shake it out.I slept thinking about it and woke up with the same thought. A thrill buzzing through every one of my senses that I can't seem to concentrate on any simple task without him invading every thought there is in my brain. That boy is going to ruin me in the best way possible.If it wasn't for mom barging in on us yesterday and accidentally interrupting our passionate moment, god knows where things would've led to because I was more than ready to rip off his clothes and have him do things to me I have only read about in books before.A light
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Chapter 9 - What are we?
Lilly's POV"No."This SOB."Come on," I whined.Who says no to sex, anyways?He shook his head and looked back at his book, totally ignoring me."Please," I said again, "Pretty please."Look at me begging him to touch me. Oh god, I can't reach bottom rock faster than this, can I?The muscle of his jaw tightened, his gaze on the book, purposely not looking at me. I pulled myself up and sat on the bed, crossed legs, right in front of him and stayed silent.His gaze fell on me again and I gave him the innocent puppy eyes. They usually work and get me what I want, but apparently, not this time.I huffed out loud, frustrated at him. He was always such an SOB, always annoying me, always taking my things, always denying me what I want.I know he wants this, but playing hard to get now, aren't we? He knows there is chemistry between us, god, I can feel it, he surely can too. I sensed it in the way he touched me and kissed me like there was no tomorrow.Oh, that kiss...With that thought runn
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