Chapter 16 - Love is a responsibility, a sacrifice

Lilly's POV

My heart clenched so tight as he muttered those couple of words and walked away. Hurt wrapped me up from the inside out and I slammed my back against the locker, trying to hold into anything so I wouldn't just collapse into a million piece.

It was pathetic.

I couldn't stop my tears. My own self taunting me. I felt so pathetic at my current vulnerable state.

How did I reach here? How did I let myself open up for him? Why did I ever take that risk?

I knew it. From the beginning, I knew it would only end in heartbreak, but I couldn't stop myself.

Now, I learned my lesson.

With my hand, I harshly wiped the tears from over my cheek away. I am not going to cry over him. I am not going to cry at all. I am not weak. I will easily get over this. I have to.

I felt Zack's hand palm the side of my arm, "Hey, you okay?" He asked.

When I turned to him, I noticed the bit of blood gathering around the corner of his mouth from Chase's punch. My eyebrows pulled together, "I am sorry," I mum
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