Chapter 33 - Before it's too late


Chase's POV

I gathered my books and notebooks into one box, fitting them all in, and placed them beside my already packed bag before I stood straight and took a quick glance around me, at the room that kept me captive for the past two and a half months.

It was supposed to feel like a prison. But it didn't.

The people in my life didn't let it be.

Inside these four walls, Conner helped me with my lessons every day, making sure I graduate on time. Between these walls, my mother brought me food and insisted I eat it all before she went on telling me about her day. My father stayed right here by my side, discussing my future as a pilot even though nothing was sure yet, with countless nights sleeping on that very uncomfortable couch, even though I begged him not to. He never left me alone.

In this room, there was Alex, Cara, Max, and Sally, they all stood by my side. They all visited, they all cared, they all tried to bring a smile to my face. They were all part of the hope that kept
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