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The reflection in the glass door of the gallery. "Gregory!"

"Didn't think you'd see me again, huh?"

I swing around. Walk closer to grab him. Relief. "Is that genuinely you?"

But Gregory only lifts one arm, presses against my chest, and pushes me away. a crooked smile drew around his mouth.

"Your hair...Blonde? And the goatee?" I want to take his hand away, but he pulls it back hard. "Where have you been? The whole world is looking for you!"

"Mmm... know, I saw my food on Police File. Never thought I'd end up there."

"But if you saw it, why—"

"What's this? Twenty questions? Leave it. I'm in a hurry: just came to finish something.

That's what fear feels like Fire flashes through your body, every nerve jolt awake, adrenaline throws your mind into overdrive, your eyes open, your breathing stops and your chest cavity squeezes. And you hear it - your own breathing stops and your sinuses squeeze. And you hear it - your
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