Note: This is a past-day event, (continuation of even-numbered chapters time span: 2,4,6, etc.)

"I've never been here," said Gregory. It's a Tuesday afternoon in the middle of winter. The last bell rang. I'm in a hurry, want to get to the hostel. This afternoon there is another rugby practice.

Gregory stopped me with his arm just as I was about to run. He looked up at the two-story building in front of us. We've walked past this a thousand times, but it's one of those places you never see again.

It's right there. Just another college building.

"It's the Blackwood Memorial Museum," I said.

"Let's go in."

"I have to get moving."

"Come on, Erick," His eyes darkened. "We'll walk through soon."

A hand wraps around my throat. I look at the museum. Maybe I overlooked it on purpose at other times, because the memories are waiting inside. Gregory is already up the stairs, looking back at me as he stands in the doorway. "Come now!"


I follow Entangled in my own thoughts.

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