Born To Kill

Born To Kill

By:  Olivia Sera  Ongoing
Language: English
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Luna Vercelli was born to a powerful mafia in California. She ached for freedom she could never have. Her desires were shattered when her father, Roberto Vercelli, Capo of the Castelvetrano, announced her marriage to the son and future Capo of the New York Genovese. The marriage was a symbol of peace between the two clans. To the mafia, women were only for giving pleasure to men and nothing else but Luna never thought of herself as just a woman. Tensions rise as the Russians find a weakness that could possibly bring down the Cosa Nostra. Luna soon realizes that being born in the mafia means being born to kill.

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97 Chapters
Born To Kill: Prologue
“What makes you think I would hurt you?” For a second, I thought I was talking to a guy who hadn’t killed a hundred men before him. I hugged my knees and dug my face in it. I prayed to God that he meant what he said. I want our marriage to work. I was hoping that I could make him love me. I’m allowed to hope, right? “What makes you so sure that you wouldn’t?” I couldn’t keep my voice from shaking. He reached out and touched
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Born To Kill: A Bad Dream
“Luna!” Father called out my name. I ran towards him but immediately stopped dead in my tracks. I noticed two men behind Father; they were holding deadly weapons in hand. One of the men started to attack but before they could, they saw me. Their attention was turned to me. I was frozen. I was too scared to do anything. They were speaking in a different language and I couldn’t understand, suddenly one of them grabbed my arm tight and the other slapped my face.
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Born To Kill: The First Meeting
“Wake up Luna! Wake up! It’s your birthday! Happy Birthday!” Salvatore and Marina were jumping on my bed. I covered my face with my pillow. I don’t want to wake up because if I do then the engagement party will really happen and I really have to marry Primo. I don’t even know the guy, let alone marry him. I haven’t even seen his face and I won’t bother looking it up on the internet. I guess we’ll just have to see each other later. 
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Born To Kill: Only A Woman
For two years, Primo hadn’t forgotten about all the events in my life. He sent gifts during Christmas, Valentine’s Day and my birthday which is also the anniversary of our engagement and will also become our wedding anniversary. Although he never visits, but the gifts he sent weren’t just for show. They were really expensive. For Christmas, he sent me a diamond studded necklace with a watch that had the same design.  
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Born To Kill: Misunderstandings
I woke up to the smell of musk and an arm around my waist. Primo must’ve carried me to the bed when I fell asleep. His warmth on my back felt nice, I wouldn’t mind waking up to this every day. I felt his hand move and I could tell he was awake. I tried to sit up but his grip on my waist tightened. “Don’t. Not yet.” I relaxed and unconsciously put my hand on top of his. After a few minutes, he removed his hand from my waist; he stood up and went inside the bathroom without uttering a single word. I sat up and stretched my arms. Moments later, Primo walked out. His body seemed so much more interesting when you can see every part
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Born To Kill: Getting Along
When I opened my eyes, I found Primo’s sleeping face close to mine. He was still asleep but I knew he’d wake up soon. We still kept our position from last night. I took my time admiring his face. I traced the outline of his face with feather-light touches. I tried to stroke his hair but he grabbed my wrist. His grip was tight but when he opened his eyes and he saw me, he let go of my hand. I was about to sit up but he tightened his hold on my waist bringing us closer together. I placed my hand on his bare chest and he looked at me.
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Born To Kill: Sister Came To Visit
I spent the next few hours watching the sports channel. I did nothing but sit on the sofa and watch TV. Around 7 pm, I heard Primo’s car outside. I waited for him in the foyer. He went inside and when he saw me, his face softened. “Had a rough day?” I took the bag from his hand. He nodded. “Some of the restaurant owners were thinking of closing down because of the Bratva. We had to negotiate with them, they were a bit stubborn.” He went to the living room and sat on the sofa. “Did you convince them?” He nodded. “You should go upstairs and change.” I took the bag and brought it to the kitchen. Isla insist
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Born To Kill: Her Sister's Secret
“Primo, I’ll be in our room. If I fall asleep, just wake me up.” He didn’t look at me but he nodded. I walked up to him and I gave him a kiss on the cheek. I left his office and I went inside our room. I turned the TV on but I wasn’t interested in watching anything so I decided to take a quick nap. I woke up when Primo gave me a light nudge. I looked at my phone and it was almost 1. I stood up and went to the bathroom to freshen up. I stepped out and Primo was waiting for me. We went outside and he opened the passenger’s side for me. I stepped in and he closed the door. He walked to the other side and he got in.
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Born To Kill: Betrayal
We arrived in an unfinished community. “This is where people host street racing but I promise you, it’s safe for us to use.” Niccolo proclaimed. There were two cars behind what seemed to be the starting line. I took off my thick coat and gave it to Primo. He handed me the keys and I went to the first car. Marina did the same and proceeded to the second car. I looked at her and she had a menacing smile on her face.
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Born To Kill: Christmas Season
“Would you prefer a big Christmas tree or a small one?” I asked Primo. He looked at me and held my hand. “How about we get a medium-sized one? It’s just the two of us, four if you count Niccolo and Marina.” I agreed. We chose a tree that was taller than me. I picked out a couple of Christmas lights and other decorations. While we passed a Victoria’s secret store, I had the urge to buy my gift for Primo. “Can you wait here? I’ll just go and buy my favorite perfume there.” He nodded and stood outside the store. I went inside and bought scented candles, and a new pair of lingerie. I also bought some perfume
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