Bound by Vengeance : An Alpha's betrayal

Bound by Vengeance : An Alpha's betrayal

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My mother wants his head on a silver platter, I want my baby back in my arms. Let's rewind shall we? Axel was once the one man I would give my life for. I loved him with everything in me. Our union was forbidden because of our pack's blood feud, yet, I gave up everything for him, to be with him. But soon, I realized that not all that glitters is truly gold… It was supposed to be love, but it turned out to be a game of love for him. A game where he was the cruel player and I was the dwindled pawn. An item for revenge of his pack against mine, he had called me. I became use and discard, and his pack took my baby away from me…. But what he doesn't know is that he messed with the wrong person. Because, I, Diane will not stop until I have given the cruel Alpha a taste of his own medicine Two can play this game of deceit. ******* Axel I lifted the bride’s veil and was shocked by who was behind it. Instead of my bride, Sofia, who is also my fated mate, I found Diane, the woman I used, in her place, offering me a full blown smirk. “Surprise, surprise!” Her eyes shined mischievously. “You….Where is my bride?” I roared, eyes blazing. In the next second, the cocking of a gun resounded in the room, as she pressed the pistol to my forehead. “Marry me now Alpha or Sofia dies….” She commanded. ******** Fire x fire collide under one roof once again, after a tricked marriage, none willing to succumb to defeat in a twisted game of love. Is revenge the endgame or will the intimacy from their past together consume them whole once again?

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11 Chapters
PROLOGUEDiane’s pov“I love you…” he confessed, our noses grazed and our eyes met in a deep stare as he finished with one last thrust and guttural groan, thus spilling in me.A moan slipped through me, as I climaxed at the same moment as him, clinging to the man I love as we reached our high together.He captured my lips in a gentle kiss again, “I love you so much Diane. I don't think I can live without you.” My heart warmed as I kissed him back with the same fervour. “I love you more Axel..” I stared into his crystal blue eyes, eyes that were my home, and I couldn't help the smile that spread through my face at his gorgeous face, looming over mine.Axel was my everything.The past year with him, the man I loved had been beautiful. I was Diane, Alpha female of pack Fidelis, and he was Alpha Axel, son of great Alpha Jackson and heir to the throne of the galaxy pack.As Alphas, from families that held a history of blood feud, our union was forbidden because of our packs disputes, bu
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Chapter one
CHAPTER ONEDIANEAfter everything, I lived.I exhaled a breath of fresh air, peeling my eyes open to the view of green nature before me, before my eyes shifted to the task of the day.I survived but I can't guarantee the same for our captives, currently under my watch. They'd been tortured for months, and today, I'll finally let them decide their fates.Survival of the fastest.That's the hunting game I'm willing to play with them today.With calculative eyes, I took in the massive forest I was standing in front of, getting ready to take on the challenge of the day.Before nodding, to the warrior who proceeded to set free our human prisoners instructing them to run for their lives with everything in them.I watched them run into the forest, with their tails between their legs, and just smirked.No one can run from the new Diane Russell.Not that they know.Also, with their snail speed, I would catch them in no time.This would be too easy.The cheering of our watching pack warriors
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Chapter Two
DianeA warrior in the day, but a whore at night.That's what Axel’s betrayal turned me into.Clubbing had become a routine and I wouldn't miss it for anything, even tonight.Doing a last minute outfit check in the mirror, a sassy badass bitch, dressed in skimpy outfit and dark makeup, stared right back at me and I just knew, with this killer look, I was definitely set for a refreshing night out, which would definitely end in a hard bang.Having no mate, or boyfriend left no place for love in my life and made me sex deprived, my toys weren’t doing much so it left me as the female who resorts to one night stands to satisfy the urges.By the way, later tonight, at dinner I plan to announce to mum and everyone else, my decision of taking revenge against the galaxy pack. I don't know how they’d react but it was worth a shot.But first, I needed to party, smoke and get laid. So settling for a box of cigarettes, I grabbed my keys, and drove to a club outta town, a place where no one would r
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Chapter three
CHAPTER THREEAxelMayhem…That's what I am, and that's what I live to unleash.Ever since I'd tasted vengeance, it had become like a drug, temptation drawing me into it's void and now it was fucking hard to let go.I was Axel Ivankov, son of Jackson Ivankov.After my father stepped down from rulership, I came into power as supreme alpha of the galaxy pack.Now I was treading in his footsteps, surpassing his ways even.East to West, my name was well known and it sent shivers down the spines of every one of my citizens, even foreigners trembled whenever they came before me and the strongest of Alphas came to me in alliance, pleading loyalty to my pack because of how much power I possess.I earned the title Mayhem when I single handedly assassinated the hunters that had evaded our pack house at eleven thus saving the women of our family, when father was away on a mission.That's when Mama knew her son had lost his innocence.Ever since then, I've been a man led by a vision of vengeance,
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Chapter four
Diane: I packed up every last bit of clothing I had, in preparation to leave. I'd made up my mind already. Tonight I will be leaving for Sephora hills.I'd just placed my treasured box of saviour's pictures within, when the door creaked open, revealing my mum who calmly entered the room.“Mum….” I was startled a bit as I took her in.I didn't really know if she was still against me going to Sephora hills, even though I'd made up my mind that no one would stop me. Initially, I had wanted to take on Axel in a war, over my child, but after receiving his cold invitation,I had a change of vengeance. It was one that would make sure I take revenge on Axel and also be with my son in the end.Very risky but also fulfilling at the end.She hadn't said another word since the invitation arrived, but I felt her anger at all of it.“You packed everything?” she started, eyes roaming around my bags.“I…I um, since I might be gone for a long time, I figured I might just do so…” I swallowed hard, u
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Chapter five
AXELMy wedding day was finally here and all I could think about was how great this suit looked on me.I stared at my glorious reflection one last time, adjusting my suit and running a hand through my permed hair.Damn, I was fucking gorgeous..“Ready to go get your bride?” Julian snickered from my side. He was also my best man.And a great taunter as well.I clicked my tongue in reply, “I was born ready. Now let's wed me off to Sofia, so we can get to the bedding stage already.”We got to the venue where the wedding would take place.“Lemonade….free Lemonade….” There was a weird servant I had never seen before at the entrance door, urging everyone to take a chug of her lemonade.“It's goodluck lemonade…” she said, offering two cups to Julian and I.New ridiculous shit comes out everyday cause when the fuck was there goodluck lemonade?I rolled my eyes, eventually taking a shot and Julian did the same because she was fucking persuasive.And when I entered the hall, I was seemingly i
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Chapter six
Diane Their angered whispers were loud and clear, the look of disgust in their eyes were too prominent as they regarded me on their way out, but they couldn't make a single move on me because the truth remained that I was bound in marriage to their Alpha now. So still standing in front of the wedding venue, I heaved a pent up sigh and eventually cast a dreadful stare down at the sparkling wedding dress I was currently in along with the silver band wrapped around my finger. I still couldn't believe I was married to Axel Ivankov, that I Diane was now his wife,even after everything. My mind jumbled up all that had occured since the ceremony and I couldn't help but be awed at how much bravery I'd exhibited and the risk I'd just taken…. I did it all for Saviour. I kept reminding myself. Everything thing I did was for me to be with my son. I felt someone place a calming hand on my shoulder…. Without even turning I knew it was Amelia, “Can I do this?” My heart pounded as I thought o
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Chapter seven
Diane“You messed with the wrong person Diane and now you'll pay for it…” were his cruel words, that didn't even prepare me for what was to come next…Before I could utter a reply, I felt him loosening his grip on my neck and instantly clasping his hand around my arm.Without care for my well being, he hurled me along with him out of the room and straight into the corridor. Like a lifeless doll, he kept dragging me along carelessly, giving me harsh collisions with the stairs and completely ignoring any one calling his name. All eyes were on us, his grip was firm and punishing, I couldn't even get myself out of it, as much as I tried.Even the servants, everyone had gathered, following us with their eyes and whispers as Axel showed this brutality to me.The entrance doors were already wide ajar, and so he easily dragged me out from it, not stopping until we got to the front where he eventually pushed me down to the wet ground outside his property, giving me a harsh collision in the pr
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Chapter eight
AXELI was going crazy, my insides were burning with rage.Rage! Anger! Resentment!All towards a certain human named Diane…The fact that she had the nerve to crash my own wedding messed with my mind. It made me irrational, and even after trashing my office, it still left me burning.Alcohol.It was my usual escape to numb my pain, so I reached for it.The taste of liquor burned my chest as I took more and more shots, willing to digest the new reality of my life but Fuck it, it did nothing as well.Without thinking, I smashed the glass cup to the wall and resorted to raking a frustrated hand through my hair“We had an agreement….” a cold voice resonated behind me, making me whip my head in his direction.Sofia’s father wore a frown on his face as he regarded me…“And what about it?” “You broke it…” he stated..“I didn't break no shit…” “That girl took my daughter’s place.” His voice rose an octave higher.“No one will take Sofia’s place. I will get rid of her and marry Sofia. That'
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Chapter nine
DIANE The cold night wind slammed against my bare skin making me shiver for the umpteenth time tonight, but yet again, I gritted my teeth to hold it in. To hold it all in. I had stopped the tearflow a long time ago. I'm strong.. Axel can't break me… I won't let him. Won't give him the satisfaction. Still in my wet wedding gown, I was sitting and curled up in this corner outside the entrance door, glaring into the dark night and waiting, just waiting for his next move… There was nothing I could do. I couldn't even make a single move without inviting the boring eyes of warriors guarding this premises. God, I was cold… I rubbed my hands together for some kind of warmth, wishing to escape this torture soon enough and like my wish had been granted, I heard the sound of the entrance door pulling open after like forever, making my head snap to it. Only to see a familiar woman emerging from it, bearing towels and handling a lighted torch. She was the same woman from earlier who had
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