Bound by her bump

Bound by her bump

By:  Symplyayisha  Completed
Language: English
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Annie Davis was beyond furious when she was told she had been inseminated with the wrong sperm which belonged to a Billionaire who insists he wants to be in her life and the baby's life if she falls pregnant.........

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43 Chapters
Chapter One
“I'm having a baby,” Annie said out of the blue, making Ella, her best friend, choke on her orange juice.Annie was relieved that she let it all out to her best friend even though she wasn't sure about her reaction. It hadn't been easy keeping something this sensitive away from Ella."You're what??" Ella asked in shock, her eyes not leaving Annie who was seated opposite her.
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Chapter Two
Annie said her goodbye to Ella. She watched as Ella’s car left her driveway and then she went back inside.Before Ella left, they talked more about how busier and crazier their life was going to be in the future months, with the baby in the picture. To be honest, Annie was a little scared about the whole thing but she was even more scared about the fact that She may not get pregnant on the first trial of the procedure and if that happens, she would have to keep trying until it worked.
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Chapter Three
Annie woke up a few minutes past seven to meet up with her appointment which was set for 9:15 am. She would rather get there early than late.She said her morning prayer, arranged her bed and then did a little cleaning after which she had breakfast. She hardly had any appetite because of how nervous she was but she had to eat something according to the Doctor’s instruction.Annie tried her best to eat as much as she could, cleaned the dishes after which she went to tak
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Chapter Four
Eric stopped what he was doing intending to continue after his visit to Doctor Myers; a man who was like a father to him.The drive to the hospital was very quiet, He couldn’t help but wonder what good news Doctor Myers had for him.A happy smile spread across his face as he thought about the possibility of what the good news could be. The smile was replaced with a frown when he remembered there was bad news also which will probably overshadow the good news. He decided
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Chapter Five
Ella woke up at exactly two minutes to six. She woke up feeling tired because she slept late the previous night. She and Annie were up till midnight, chatting and editing one of Annie’s videos that was due for upload on YouTube.From the guest room, Ella made her way to the Kitchen. She made breakfast for two, cleaned the kitchen and went back upstairs to get ready for work.By the time she was all dressed up, Annie was still sleeping, She ate half of the breakfast she
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Chapter Six
Two Weeks LaterBy now, Eric had watched all of Annie’s videos on her YouTube channel. The more he watched, the more he fell for her. He likes her already. Liking at first sight, was something Eric never believed in but it all made sense to him now. He wanted nothing more than Annie to carry his child; He wanted her to be the mother of his baby.
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Chapter Seven
“Sorry, I’m late.” Annie apologized, taking a seat opposite Doctor Myers. He called her earlier and demanded to see her so they planned to meet at a restaurant close to the hospital.“It seems you had a lot of customers to attend to.” He teased and she smiled.Annie nodded, placing her small bag on the table. Today was indeed a hectic day for her.
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Chapter Eight
Eric could not help but worry about Annie and his child as he waited for Doctor Myers feedback on his talk with her.He had no doubt she was going to freak out but he wanted to be there for her and their little miracle.As at the time Eric left for his apartment, there was no news from Myers. After changing into his nightwear, he got comfortable on his bed and dialled his family Doctor who picked up immediately.
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Chapter Nine
Annie came out of her bathroom in a short pyjamas dress; she reached for her phone on the nightstand. There was an incoming call from Ella, her best friend.“Hey!” She said, taking a seat on her bed.Hi babe,” Ella replied cheerfully.“You sound so happy today,” Annie asked
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Chapter Ten
Eric got to the restaurant at exactly 7 pm. He had discarded his suit and was now putting on a dark fitted shirt and pants with a black jacket. His hair was styled in his favourite way and he hoped Annie likes the way he styled it.Since the restaurant was a five-star restaurant, he booked a VIP spot for them.Twenty-five minutes passed without any sign of Annie and Eric became kind of sad with the thought of her not showing up.
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