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Jesse is an indie-band producer, a hedonistic ass, and a cynic. He doesn't believe in the idea of love and romance. For him it was all about clinical sex, small talks over cigarettes, and detached one-night stands. Everything was less about connection and more about hooking-up. And then he meets K. The beautiful, mysterious and dangerously alluring K. There was just something about K that pulled him to her. Challenged and charmed, Jesse goes on to pursue her. They get into an unlikely relationship, that pushes both their emotional, psychological and physical boundaries. ********************************************** 'K.' tells us the story of a young adult in New York, who use dating apps to meet others for fun with no strings attached. It will soon develop to another direction, as the protagonist evolves - both psychologically and emotionally.

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nice story, no dramas and its real as in daily life 👍
2021-06-17 18:12:51
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jenny shapiro
This should seriously be made into a movie!!! I've never written any reviews in any stories here yet but this one deserves a hella shoutout and recognition! I'm looking forward to reading more books from you author great job
2021-02-19 14:24:29
68 Chapters
 "One glass of Jameson, please." He raised up his index finger, calling the attention of the bartender as he sat alone on the counter. He fished out for his phone from his jeans' front pocket, opened Clix from the home screen and started swiping left and right.
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 The loud trill of the alarm clock instantly gave him a headache.He raised his arms sleepily and reached for the bedside table, blindly turning off the alarm.Jesse cam
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 Jesse drew in a sharp breath, caught off-guard as the pair of deep blue eyes bore into his from across the room.He twitched his lip into a smirk, staring back at the dark-haired girl. He finished off his drink, placed it on top of the table beside him, and walked off to the other side of the floor. 
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 They both tipped the shot glasses against their lips and took a swig of the amber liquids down their throats.Cobalt blue squinted her eyes and grunted as she let the burning alcohol on her throat dissipate slowly.
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 Jesse stood by the hallway outside the ladies' bathroom, waiting for K to come out from one of the stalls. He intended to take her to the backroom of the bar. He wanted to kiss her, he wanted to hold her, he wanted to do a thousand unspeakable things to her."Jess!" Charlie called out to him, already making her way towards him. "What the fuck, dude? I'v
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 "Watch out where you're going, dumbass!" A biker shouted at Jesse, who was almost hit by the bicycle as he walked mindlessly on the side of the road. The streets were already packed with people, all with the New York morning rush hour. The working class mob were out and about, scrambling to get to their menial, humdrum and routinary boring lives. 
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 Jesse's mouth was agape, flustered. "I- I don't-""Seriously," K interrupted and smiled at him. "You don't have to explain. You just didn't have to lie to me about it that night at the subway, when you told me you don't use it that often." She chuckled and air quoted with her fingers. "You don't owe me anything. Besides, German philosopher Friedrich Nie
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 "Charlie," Jesse called out from his office. "Yeah?" She peeked her head by the door, holding the jamb for balance. Her hair was now a bright silver shade. She looked hot.
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 "Where do you want to go?" Jesse asked K. They were walking side by side.They've just been walking senseless up and down Manhattan for quite a few minutes now. He had never took a girl out, so he wouldn't have any idea at all where he would take her - except on his bed. He had been thinking about her for weeks now, imagining that she's with him, lying in bed and naked under the sheets.
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 They were sitting at the back of the huge yellow cab, dripping wet from the rain.It was already a quarter past midnight, still a little early for a NYC Saturday night. But K was already feeling cold. Jesse offered that they come swing by his apartment down by the Lower East Side to wash and tumble dry K's clothes and get warm. K agreed without further discussion, much to his surprise and deli
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