Falling for her

Falling for her

By:  Esther Adebusola  Completed
Language: English
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They say true love is not easy to come by, no one knows that than George Richwood, after being rejected by his childhood crush, the school queen bee Stacy Guns, he is out to find anything to take his mind off her. But in a twist of curves, He is blackmailed by his sister to make Nicole Francis fall in love with him, what happens when things don't go according to plan, and he starts to fall for the very person he was told to deceive? TAGS: curvy, age gap, erotic, teen romance, forbidden relationship

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Oni Kehinde
I love the cliffhanger when George told Nicole he didn't want to hurt her. it's funny and emotional though. There are a few typos though. Above all, it's a great read
2021-01-04 17:44:50
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I'm so ready to read more!!! This story is very interesting ❤️❤️❤️
2020-12-04 15:08:55
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Erena Costimiano G
not a bad story but i feel it is rushly finished.
2021-10-26 03:34:35
34 Chapters
Hi, Thanks for clicking my book and reading it.The book is the 3rd in the Richwood series. The first book is titled 'From Hate To Love' and it is on this platform. you can check it out.Though you can read this book as a standalone as well. The 2nd series is the continuation of 'From Hate to love' and it would be uploaded in subsequent days. Thanks for understanding.This book is a work of fiction and the sole creation of mine. This book is not permitted to be posted anywhere else. Please do enjoy the book. Please do not upload my book anywhere else. it is simply not permitted. Thanks. I hope you enjoy the book as well as I also enjoyed writing it. I loved it so much. I wish I were a character in it Lol. and one more thing, comments are welcomed. I hope to learn and improve myself better. and it is awesome getting feedback from my readers. 
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George Richwood leaned against his locker door, watching with honey eyes at the fairy-like beauty Stacy Gun walking towards his direction with her group of friends. Dressed in nice sports shorts and sneakers, he had gotten himself a new hairstyle, a style he researched that she loves on the boys she dated. She occasionally waved to him whenever she passed by. Just that singular wave was enough to make his day.He had intentionally called in late at the football practise just so he could have a glimpse of her longer today, blushing from ear to ear.Stacy was walking with her group of minions, which were quite a bunch; they followed her everywhere she went. George was beyond fascinated with her. It was his drug to see her there every morning. It was the only place she responded to his greeting; she pretty much ignored him everyw
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The rowdiness of the football field made Stacy cringe as she stepped into the field, she and her friends headed straight to the pavilion, taking their seats among the other school popular kids. With her neck held high, she sat down gingerly on a chair, soon the others flanked her, but she kept her eye out for her goal. Marie Richwood.  She laughed as the players all trooped into the field. She spied George looking at the pavilion looking around for her.She snickered, who does he think he was? she was only there to humiliate his sister, nothing else. “Brown, where is Marie Richwood?” she asked quietly, searching her purse for her red lipstick, bringing it out, she began to apply it, chec
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Walking into the house as quietly as he could, George peeped into the kitchen, he smiled as he saw his mother was in the kitchen, she was silently humming to herself.He ran upstairs towards his room in a hurry, if she saw him, she would definitely question him about his rough appearance, his eyes were swollen and puffy,  he had not even bothered to change out of his sport’s outfit after the whole proposal fiasco. She would freak out if she saw him.  He was about opening his door when the door to his Marie’s room opened and she sauntered out in her pyjamas munching popcorn, he groaned in distress, Marie might be beautiful facially but her heart was
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The quiet atmosphere brewing at the dining table could not get any worse, the Campbells all sat eating their food. The air was so awkward, the table has never been this silent, George reasoned.He tapped Marie underneath the table, gesturing towards their parents who were silently eating their foods and barely even looked at each other or spoke.Marie shrugged and continued eating her food.Pissed off, George hit her hard with his foot. She yelped in anger, bringing the attention of their parents out of their closed up daze“What is the problem? Why would you shout like that? we
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On the flight, all George could think of was Stacy’s letter, he wondered how one person could be so mean and selfish, all his life, he had always imagined a sweet love, a first love he would love till the end of the world. She had sent him a friendship bracelet, alongside a letter he had still had in his pocket He admitted Stacy would always be a part of him, the contents of her letter were still ringing quite hard in his brain. Unfolding the letter in his hands, he read them once again“Dear George,
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George held on to the curvy minx in front of him, in a bid to steady her, he had her against a wall, pressing deliciously into her. Her plaited hair was covering her face, pushing her hair out of the way. He stared into her face, she was an African beauty. And yes this beauty was not smiling, she was frowning and frowning very hard.With a defined hiss, she pushed him back, he smiled as he watched her pout angrily“The fact that you are new to the school does not give you the right to go groping people all over,” She said angrily, letting her eyes go over his appearance. He let his hazel eyes roam all over her curvy bod
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Sitting in his new classroom and barely able to think, George sat with his back against his seat, purposely avoiding the rude stare of his seatmate, whom he was yet to learn her name, Bored out of his mind, he stood up, hands tucked into his pockets, he left his seat“Students are not supposed to walk about once it is not the break period, you could get punished” His seatmate offered, looking at him like she had done him a huge favor by informing him beforehand.
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There was no worse feeling than one feeling rejected and abandoned. And that was Nicole’s current feeling after she left Marie angrily at the football court, she went to the class, picked up her books irritatedly, she refused to not answer any calls or greeting from her classmates, who left her alone and regarded it as one of her usual mood swings. She packed up her Physics assignment she had been trying to solve before Anna distorted her concentration, and headed to the library, she had wanted to give the assignment to Cyrus to help her solve it, but decided against it. She had no energy left in her to keep on clinging on to a guy who obviously does not like her. Her father no doubt had an evil and selfish plan coming up which involves the Kaye&
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The rowdy classroom was bubbling with a lot of activities, the day had just begun and it happened to be a free period for the students of Bells High school,  The environment was so happy and comforting except Nicole who sat worried, she was so pensive, her father had made her do a late-night sanitation in the house, she had wiped and dusted the house clean, leaving her extremely stressed and night, the day before. Immediately she was done, she had gone to bed immediately, forgetting she had failed to do her Calculus assignment. She placed the Calculus textbook in front of her in panic, this was one subject she was terribly poor at. The other students had begun submitting theirs to Cyrus as per the request of the teacher, she cast a quick glance at her wristwatch, she gasped in frustration, the deadline was gradually getting closer, Nicole contemplated whether to m
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