Business Or Pleasure

Business Or Pleasure

By:  Psycho-chan  Ongoing
Language: English
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They met at a business party and imprinted unforgettable memories in their soul. Konstantin Azzaro is the CEO of LK&A conglomerate who needs a wife when he falls into a scandal that could destroy his company and to end pressure from his family. Fate brings Ebony to his company who resigned from her old job for personal reasons and he offers for her to be his wife until the issue is resolved but Ebony declines his offer. Ebony is afraid to return back to her country when she is close to achieving her dreams and the only thing that can save her from failure and her father is marrying the man she works for.

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15 Chapters
KonstantinThe dinner party held between Lopaz Investors and their important business partners was where I first met her. She was beautiful, white pearly teeth that brightened with her dark skin, her confident brown eyes that held innocence yet sexualized it, brown braids that she tied into a large bun with two strands falling from her face. Her nose was pointed perfectly with beautiful red lips from the lipstick she had on and the scent that escaped her body was lavender.She was curvy, her shape exposed from the red dinner gown she had on and heels to support her height. She wasn’t incredibly tall, five foot ten impressive for a woman and the heels pushed her to a solid six. She smiled with a glass of wine in her hand as she sipped it slowly while her eyes focused on the CEO of the host.I watched how her smile changed from delight to fake satisfaction before her eyes slowly turned to where I stood and stopped. I said nothing and watched
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EbonyI sighed as I stared at the last establishment that I had successful passed all the other tests leaving only the interview. It would be tough since I heard twenty seven people had passed and only three would be selected and who could blame the company for such policy.LK&A in Boston was the headquarter of the third highest paid company in America after Apples and just above Microsoft and the pay was high since it was difficult to qualify when they had other branches all over the world even a charity site.I have been unemployed for almost four months and my roommate urged me to quickly apply for a few jobs including the only company that I had never expected to certify for their simple examination.I’ve come so far and I wasn’t going to let anyone take my greatest accomplishment ever.“Miss Ebony On—”“Onyedika (Oh-e-yay-di-ka) but you can just call me Ebony.” I informed th
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“I’m home.” I announced as I took off my shoes and put on my indoor flip-flops.“Welcome back Bony.” My roommate and best friend, Grace Johnson greeted and my nose quickly knew where she was as I headed to the kitchen.Grace was in only her pant and had a soft pink apron that wrote ‘Mama’ on it as she made lunch. I hugged Grace from behind and kissed her cheek before I leaned my head on her shoulder.“So how was the interview?” Grace asked as I sighed.“It went great; better than I expected just as you said.”“See I told you not to worry. They would be stupid not to worry you but…” She said as I raised a brow and she smiled. “You’ve got that look on your face when you want to tell me something but want me to ask you so I’m doing that.”“I saw him today.” I confessed.“Who? Gerald?” She
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“You understand that once you sign this contract… There’s no going back Ebony.” Konstantin said as my breathing ragged and the pen in my hand quivered.This was my only escape; this was the only option to be free of my father’s shackles. This was the only way I could stay here until things changed.“I understand.” I replied before I signed the agreement papers.********************I won’t be home for dinner or at all. Cuddling with my man, kisses. I smiled weakly at the text message as I unlocked our apartment and stepped in.I sighed as I dropped everything on the couch before going to the kitchen, picking a glass of water and chugging it before I exhaled like I had tasted the fucking best liquor of my life.I walked to the living room and fell on the empty couch before I pulled out my phone to text my best friend.Gotcha. I’m already home and grab
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I tapped on the keyboard of the desktop hard, enjoying the clicking sound it made to calm my nerve. I typed the last few words, deleting and typing before the words had stuck too much in my head and I had saved it.I exhaled as I leaned back against the chair I thought about what Grace had informed me about yesterday. My plan was to work for as much as I had time, request for a month or two to renew my passport and return but it seemed like life struck worry at a hard time.One more year and I would have been legible to apply for citizenship but with the immigration policy, you can only be a citizen by birth, investment or marriage. The South African had gone home since her Visa was expiring in two days and the Latina was deported because she was an immigrant yet to complete her papers.“You look like you’re in distraught.” I heard a sassy voice as I looked up from the computer screen to the first Asian I’ve seen in this company or on thi
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Konstantin“I’ve revised the documents with B&K and highlighted some things that you would need to revise before you give your legal signing. Worry not sir, this isn’t the legal document just a draft of it.” Ebony explained as I watched the way her lashed flickered when her eyes shut shortly.I leaned back in my seat as she placed the document on my table beside me before her head slowly turned and faced me. Brown beautiful eyes that had its unforgettable reflection of me and it made me wonder the things that went on in this mischievous woman’s head.Mischief is another form of intelligence, my mother always says.“Is there anything else I can do for you sir?” Ebony asked as she held a folder in her hand and placed her other on her thin waist; wrapping her long slender arms on her beautiful frame.The contract had been sighed and our wedding should be before Ebony’s visa expires w
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EbonyThe whole day was exhausting. I have never met a man who shops more than my mother and careful describes what he wants like my elder brother but Konstantin was a first and he strayed more from the stereotypical men of his kind.It was refreshing how he paid attention to details even a fashion fanatic wouldn’t notice and surprising how he could read people like he’d known them for years but his company wouldn’t be number two if he was like everyone else. I finally understood why my former employer, Mr. R. Smith was sensitive around him.Konstantin’s families had a certain ‘reputation’ to their name that was more underground than legal but so far so good, his company was clean.The first date with a rich man was always the same. Sexy dress, perfect hair, high heels, pretty makeup that made your eyes pop and all that for a fancy hotel that didn’t care how you look but how much you were willing
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Phones rang loud across every table in LK&A conglomerates. It was exhausting for the staff, attacked by clients, press and magazine lines that had been eager to be the first to release update on CEO Konstantin A. Azzaro and the mysterious woman he had proposed to the previous night.“I apologize but CEO Azzaro’s schedule is booked with no space for an interview. I’ll submit your request on his desk as soon as his schedules are free.” Ebony said before another phone on the desk rang. “Excuse me hold on.”Ebony pressed the call on hold, hoping that the caller would cut as she turned down another interview offer.“Hello, LK&A conglomerates; Ebony speaking. How may I help you?” I asked.“Mitchell Shell Blog representative, Sophie Carson. I would like to speak to Mr. Azzaro.”The endless calls went on for hours before Ebony in frustration pulled the line and cut the phones from the powe
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Ebony“Sorry I’m late.” I apologized as Konstantin stretched his hand and looked at the gold wristwatch on his wrist as I leaned closer to look at the time.“You’re twenty two minutes late to be exact.” He said as he gave me a stance for explanation.“Oh come on; you’ve never been late in your life?” I asked as he folded his arms.“I have but it was never by choice.” He replied and I understood it was the days when paparazzi crowded the office.“We are not bringing that up plus I needed to look good for you. Also, this is where stereotype plays but I’m a woman.” I said as I placed my hand on my hip.“By wearing… a Jeans and a shirt? The women in my family put in more effort and remain punctual.” Konstantin sassed and I wrapped my hands around him.“For better or for worse Mr. Azzaro. So where are we going?&rdqu
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KonstantinI pressed my thumb and index finger on my nose as I leaned back against the chair close to the pool of my private house. It seemed like Ebony’s relationship with Grace was like my relationship with my siblings except closer.She knew the status of our relationship and held no expectations from the inevitable affair. She was perceptive and far witty than Ebony on a bad day but there was something complex about her.“Marriage is not a relationship one does not of sympathy or convenience but I just have one question.” Grace said.“What would that be?” I asked.“Do you love her?” She asked innocently as she leaned forward slightly, interested more in what I had to say than her adventures in her private life.It was always an expected question when I decided to marry Ebony however; it was always a question that left deep thoughts in my head.Did I love Ebony? The answer
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