CEO in Public... My Daddy in Private

CEO in Public... My Daddy in Private

By:  Beyond_my_imagination  Completed
Language: English
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That very night, she had lost everything, her parents and her sight, her life was no longer normal. It was a blur, a lonely blur. Autumn always thought her life was on repeat after her sight was taken away from her. She had no one but her best friend and the man that came and changed her life. Never in her life, she would've thought that someone would want to share their life with a blind woman like her. But there he was, Michael Adams, a rich well-known CEO. A man that has women worshipping the floor that he walks on. "He could've chosen any woman," she thought, but on that particular day, when his car almost ran her over. He chose her. He chose a blind woman. He chose Autumn Alexis

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61 Chapters
Dear readers,•The story 'CEO in Public/ My Daddy in Private' isn't released yet and will be released on the 1st of March, 2021. I'm sorry, for keeping y'all waiting, I've been working on my other stories that were due to finish before I even came up with this story. Although the story isn't officially published yet, readers continued to check it out and I'm so grateful for that.  •I don't know if y'all have seen my comment, but I've decided to change the entire storyline of my story because I was inspired and decided to change the storyline.  •A new prologue will be published for y'all to read to get a sense of the new idea I was imagining until I officially start publishing chapters on the 1st of March, 2021.  I hope y'all don't mind, I'm trying to please all of my readers who are reading my work. Thank you for y'all views, comments, and patience. Until then! 🖐️
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                                                        That night... The bathroom door opened as he stepped outside his half-naked body dripped onto the pearl white carpet as he stood there staring at the breathtaking blinded woman who sat patiently on her bed, "How was your shower?" She asked in the most innocent tone that made him smirk, "It was lovely, would've been better if you had joined me," he replied as she slightly blushed before standing up on her feet, "Where are you, Michael?" She asked taking, a step forward as he bit his lip before stepping right in front of her."Just keep walking, my darling," he instructed as she followed, taking slow steps. Soon her fingertips came in contact with his muscled, toned torso. She quickly retracted her hands as if she had
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Chapter 1
                                  The Beginning... If we could live in this moment.And just hold.Keep my head on your chest.I'll never leave this bed. The young woman laid flat on the cold tiled floor. Her long brunette hair spread out beautifully as her fingers gently traced the patterns on the tiles.  The flowers will be blooming. The leaves will be turning.And snow will be falling.While we're making love. Her eyes gently closed as the words echoed in her ears. The cold breeze of the night blew inside the open window causing her nightgown to blow up as she felt chills run down her spine. And the sun will be shining.The flowers still are blooming.Then leaves will turn again.But time will be frozen
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Chapter 2
Finally reaching the bottom of the stairs, Autumn lets out a heavy breath as she unfolds her walking stick before sliding on her black sunglasses before exiting the building.  As she exited the building, her sense of hearing immediately enlightened as different sounds from different directions filled her ears causing a small smile to grow on her lips.  Taking a deep breath in, she internally prepares herself for a long day ahead of her as she exhaled slowly, holding her head up high before walking to the nearest bus stop.  On her way to the bus stop, Autumn paid close attention to her surroundings as the people around her weren't as mindful of others less fortunate than them, but Autumn grew to ignore arrogant people. As Autumn continued her journey to the bus stop, she walked past a playground on her way as the happy sound of children playing brought a smile to her face. "Miss Autumn, Miss Autumn!" An excited little girl exclai
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Chapter 3
Another day at work has passed and Autumn was currently on her way to meet her best friend, Rosey, who had scheduled a lunch date for them to spend some quality time together.Apparently, Rosey had some gossip to spill about the new job interview that she had just applied for, wanting to become an assistant of the most well-known companies in London.Autumn was excited to spend some time with her best friend. She always loved the stories that Rosey has to tell her, and she too also had her own stories to tell.They were meeting up at their favorite cafe, Taboullah Cafe, a well-known cafe in London. The food there was delicious and the feeling that the place gives off just feels so right to both Autumn and Rosey.Autumn was currently walking down the sidewalk on her way to meet Rosey, who was already at the cafe. A permanent small smile stayed plastered on her lips as she carefully walked down the sidewalk with her walking stick leading her the way.
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Chapter 4
Days have passed since Autumn and Rose's lunch date and she couldn't stop thinking about what Rose had said about finding her Mr.Right. Autumn has always fantasized about true love and finding that special someone but never has she once believed that she would have true love or find that special someone. With her insecurities and condition, she always believed that a girl like her would never find someone willing to love, care for, and accept her for who she is. Rose was Autumn's best friend and her sister rolled up in one, and she wants nothing more than to see her best friend happy. Knowing Autumn's past and how much she has suffered, made Rose want to protect Autumn from anything that could cause her pain, both physically and mentally. But Rose believes that somewhere out there was someone, who would accept Autumn for who she is, love her unconditionally, and care and protect her no matter what. __________________Rose was currently at home a
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Chapter 5
The sun had officially risen and Rose was more than ready for her first day at work. Last night, after breaking the news to her husband, who was proud of her, they both went to sleep in each other's arms.As the light spread across the city, Rose's alarm went off causing a groan to escape from her dry morning mouth. The alarm continued to go off as it began to irritate Rose, who only groaned louder before the sound of a faint chuckled was heard.The sweet nectar of sleep caused Rose to forget who, she had fallen asleep next to last night. Her eyebrows furrowed before she opened one of her heavy lids. The sight of her smiling boyfriend was seen as he was propped up on one of his arms while admiring his sleepy girlfriend with an amused look. "Good morning, baby," she greeted as he ran his free hand through her messy bed hair earning a moan of satisfaction, "Morning, my love, aren't you going to get up for your first day at work?" He asked as Rose laid there
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Chapter 6
After the unexpected encounter between Autumn and Michael, later he returned to his office with a million and one thoughts running through his mind. There was something about Autumn that intrigued him and remembering their last encounter made him felt guilty.He wanted to know more about her and her past. She was different and somehow it attracts him. He somehow felt the need to take care of her, which was something he would never do for a stranger. Lunch break had officially ended and Michael immediately sent for his assistant. Michael stood in front of his office window overlooking the city before there was a knock on his office door, "Come in," he said as the door slowly opened as his assistant poked her head between the open door. "You called for me, sir?" She asked stepping inside before closing the door behind her, "Yes, Rose, please have a seat," he said as Rose nervously swallowed before taking a seat in front of his desk. Silenc
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Chapter 7
Rose waited outside the company waiting for Kevin to pick her up before Joshua walked out and saw her. A smirk immediately grew on his face as he gave her an elevator look before slowly approaching her, "Well, hello there, beautiful, what are you doing out here all by yourself?" He asked catching Rose's attention as she playfully rolled her eyes, "Hello, Joshua," she greeted as Joshua smiled, "Baby girl, you still didn't answer my question," he said as Rose sighed, "I'm just waiting for my boyfriend, he's running a little late," she said as Joshua's eyebrows raised, "Boyfriend, huh?" He asked in a disappointing tone as Rose chuckled, "Yes, my boyfriend," she said as Joshua nodded, "That's cool, but how about I accompany you while you wait, it's pretty dangerous out here," he said as Rose giggled at his slick statements, "Sure, Joshua, I'd like that," she said as Joshua smiled before standing beside her causing her to crack up, which he soon joined in as well. _____
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Chapter 8
A sigh left Rose's mouth before she turned to face Joshua, "Good morning, Joshua, look, I can't talk right now," she said trying to walk around him as he moved to block her way, "Wait, Rose, I just want to apologize about yesterday," he said as Rose stop trying to avoid him as she furrowed, "Apologize for what, Joshua?" She asked as Joshua sighed while looking down, "I didn't mean to cause any problems between you and your boyfriend yesterday," he said as Rose sighed, "It's not your fault, Joshua, my boyfriend is just very protective over me," she said as Joshua nodded before stepping aside, "Again, I'm sorry, you can leave now," he said before walking away leaving Rose behind, "Dear, God, what's happening?" She mumbled before heading back to work. _______Autumn turned around startled before a smile grew on her lips, "Oh, good morning, Amber," she greeted as Amber maintained her cold, unamused expression, "Good morning, Chef Alexis, beautiful flowers, where did
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