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"Mother said you agreed to marry me," I stared at her deeply in the eyes, as I took in her beautiful features. "Yes, I did," Her sultry voice replied. "Good. We will get married, but only for a year," Her face wore a confused look as she blinked. Taking her wrist, I allowed my thumb to gently sweep up and down. "Make me fall in love with you within a year, and we will live forever," I let the words in my heart out "What if I fail?" Her gaze met mine. "Then we will end the marriage and part ways. Worse still,you will lose everything you have,"I replied icyly, as her wrist slipped off. She looked at me with disdain. ******** Ariel Peterson, a young twenty five year old lady was thrown out of her so-called home, by her step mother. She decided to end it all, but found herself in a hospital. A marriage proposal in front of her, giving her a second chance, one she jumped at without a second thought.' Marriage will be lovely,'she thought. The cold Billionaire she was to get married to gave her a difficult task. 'To make him fall in love with her within a year' Will she be able to work her way into the heart of her husband? When a lady from the past finds her way Into their life, what misfortune will it bring to them? Will their love become happily ever after?

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Princess Galaxiana
Hooked already. Nice job, prof......
2023-06-25 04:17:50
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Stephanie Nzekwue
This book is different and it's plot is intriguing. It is something to definitely get hung up on!
2022-11-19 16:52:11
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Rhonda James
Good read would like to finish the story sooner than later
2023-03-30 16:44:36
user avatar
Waiting for update.. cant wait to read what’s next
2023-05-24 06:34:00
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Sitting on my bed, I felt a dull pain on my forehead as I creased it gently. My vision blurred as I closed my eyes, breathing in and out softly. I opened my eyes yet again as I tried to rub away the sleep fogging my vision. It felt as if I had slept forever. My eyes met with the glass cup on the stool beside my bed, as I felt a flash of what happened that afternoon. I had taken the cup of milk from my mum and drank it. 'I must have slept off after then,' I thought, as I stood up, heading towards the mirror on the wall. Gently taking a seat, I stared deeply at the mirror as if it was trying to tell me something. The bulb in my room illuminates light. It was night already. A wave of emotions rushed down my spine as thoughts kept gathering. 'I am getting married soon and weirdly to someone I don't even know. According to my mum, he is a rich businessman. That thought alone sent my adrenaline pumping with pressure. I felt sad because it was something I never wanted. I wanted to m
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LUCILLE POV There was this unfathomable feeling that clouded my mind since yesterday, the day my mum revealed the truth to me. I had always felt she treated Ariel far better than me since we were young. Even though we were poor, she was ready to give her all to Ariel, but right now, the tides have changed. Ariel was not only homeless but ripped off her properties which are now ours. Gently covering the upper part of my dad's body, I turned to leave. "If you continue to be like your mother, your life will be ruined, "I stopped as my dad's words reached my ears. I clenched my fist, trying not to let his words get to me, as I hurriedly walked out of the room. 'He is not a saint either,' I thought It was late already, but my ears picked up whispers from my mum's room, as I moved closer to hear. "It was a simple work, and you are both telling me you failed, "My mum's voice erupted She was probably talking to those bodyguards of hers, but what was
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RYAN POV The elevator dings open as I move out with my secretary trailing behind me. My phone stuck to my right ear as I was finalizing the deal with one of our biggest clients. "We will meet next week Mr. Hawkthore. I will ask my secretary to book the appointment, "I finalized, as I hung up the call. I kept walking towards my office. "Zara, kindly get the work done and bring them to my office as soon as possible. As well as the appointment with Mr. Hawkthore, "I stopped walking and instructed her before opening my office door. She nodded and walked to her cubicle in the opposite direction. I heaved a sigh of relief as I entered my office, my head throbbing, and I felt a slight headache. I am damn tired already. Running over the company has been one of my top priorities. I had to make sure everything was in place, especially as the CEO of this company, which focuses mostly on land buying and selling, as well as construction projects. Pul
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ARIEL POV I watched as the doctor examined me. She took my pulses and also checked my breathing. I could not help but pray silently that I would finally get discharged. It had been two days since I had been in the hospital, and the thought of leaving soon always crept to my mind. I tried not to think of my response to Mrs. Selina proposal, which I gladly said yes to. A lot of What's and Why had been on my mind lately especially at my rushed decision. What was I thinking about to the extent of agreeing to a marriage proposal,especially to someone I had never seen in my life. I had always wanted to marry the one I love, not a marriage of inconvenience. I groaned inwardly at my thought. But I still couldn't help but nudge a grudge at my family,the thought of revenge slowly creeping into my mind. I doubt if I will let them go scot free, especially my stepmom. Every time I thought about it, I felt overwhelmed with emotion. It was the greatest betrayal I had ever received in my l
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RYAN POV I shook hands with Mrs. Samantha as we finalized our partnership. Her company will be providing us with construction materials, and so far so good, they have been the best for the past 30 years of existence. She happened to be the new CEO of the company, and seeing our partnership worked out would make things easy for our company. “It was so nice doing business with you. We promise not to disappoint you,” She smiled warmly at me. “Thank you for the partnership. I would like you to meet the other stakeholders, as they are yearning to meet you. And since you are one of us now, we will have our quarterly meeting today,” She nodded, as we walked side by side. We proceeded to leave the meeting room to another meant for the company's quarterly meeting. I walked into the meeting room as Mrs. Samantha entered after me. We greeted each other warmly, as I sat at the end of the table. The meeting started with the progress of the company so far, and I was glad things were turning
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ARIEL POV To mention that my astonished look wasn't obvious to Ryan would be an understatement. We kept looking at each other, as my gaze was filled with anger, anxiety, and confusion at the words he spewed earlier. A year of marriage, and that was all? Divorced if I do not make him fall in love with him. It was the most bizarre thing I have ever heard, especially from someone like him. He had this confused notion, which only piqued my interest about who he really was. “Yes, I agree to your terms and conditions, Ryan Ackers.” He smiled as I gently let out those words. His next course of action stunned me the most. He stood up, before getting down on one kneel. He brought out a small box, as he opened it. Unable to sit still, I immediately stood up, wondering what this was turning to. He was going to propose, and for a split second, my heart skipped a bit. “Ariel Peterson, will you marry me?” “Yes, I will,” my voice came out small, as he chuckled. Without further ado, I stret
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A lot was going on my mind the moment he stepped out. I simply sat on the chair, my whole mind going to and fro. Everything seemed so sudden. The engagement, the kiss…. I felt my face flushed at the thought of the kiss. It felt good. I shook my head, discarding the thought. I still found Ryan unreadable, and he was constantly changing like a chameleon. From being sweet to cold. If not that we had only met for today, I would have considered him to be having alter personalities, but I reserved my thought until further notice. My eyes wandered to the shopping bags in front of me, as I decided to open it. My mouth slightly open at the sight of what I saw. I kept checking without picking anything in particular. A small makeup kit, comb, pair of shoe, clothes, just to mention a few. It was no doubt everything I would be needing for that evening.The first thing I craved for was food, as I gently opened the last bag containing a plastic container which has in it Bacon and eggs. I scoffed
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RYAN POV There was something about Ariel's presence that I can't really put my head around. She looked beautiful, no doubt, simple, just the way I liked it. I looked at the picture of my ex-wife and Ariel, not sure why I was contrasting the two together. It felt so good and bad to be attracted to the opposite sex after so long. I felt as if I was betraying my first love. Filling my cheeks with air, I exhaled it in a puffing sound. She was the perfect one meant to me, but death took her away. My throat suddenly went dry, as I cleaned the tears which were beginning to brim down my eyes. I decided to focus on the picture of Ariel. There had to be something captivating about her that kept me drowning in the pool of attraction I was beginning to have for her. Even when I wouldn't say it to her face or anyone's face, I felt she was my gateway to moving on from the late love of my life. I couldn't forget the glitter of happiness that I felt when our brims brushed against each other. I
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ARIEL POV The next day was Saturday, my best day out of the weekdays. I gazed outside my window, enjoying the view of the sun. It felt warm, and I liked it. After Mum's words to me yesterday, I felt so weak. It must have been saddening for her. If I were to be in her shoes, I doubt if I won't divorce. I could accept any mistake from my marriage partner, but him lying down with other women is a NO for me. Come to think of it, Mum never complained about it. The camera's in the house must have made her realize I heard the confession Ryan's dad had. My phone beeped, jolting me out of my thoughts. I picked it up, staring at the content on the screen, as my heart skipped for a while. Ryan sent me a message. Just great! After over a week, he had last seen me. “We will be going for a photoshoot this afternoon. Eva will help you get ready.” I read out, as I left out a frustrated groan. How was I supposed to prepare for an impromptu Photoshoot? And was it really necessary? After all, w
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LUCILLE POVI braced myself, breathing in and out gently to reduce the anxiety clouding my mind. I could not count the number of times I've gazed around the sophisticated living room of my future in-laws. The thought of seeing my arranged groom, only gave me flutters within. I've spent most of my days staring at his pictures. He looks so dazzling. The constant thought of getting married soon, crossing my mind like the streams of water. Finally, I could get what was meant for her. I hope there will be a day when she will come crawling to my feet. She ruined my life. I raised my head, my eyes meeting with my future mother-in-law. I stood up, as she hugged me immediately. “Good afternoon dear. Your daughter looked more decent in real life than in pictures.” My mum smiled warmly at her words, as they exchanged pleasantries. I felt my body tingle with discomfort, faking a smile. I was definitely not pleased with her choice of words. She used decent instead of beautiful for me. “Let'
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