The Exiled Dragon

The Exiled Dragon

By:  Veronica Fox  Completed
Language: English
160 ratings
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"Please, don't eat me," it begged. The voice was that of angels...Another hand gripped the trunk until finally, another eye appeared. One was beautiful, but now both looked back at me with an intensity that would sear into my soul until the day I died. It was a girl, a tiny girl. Her smell continued to be blown in my direction, and by the gods, I swear they were trying to draw her to me."Creed, an exiled dragon, known for his ruthless fighting and disturbing appearance. The dragon elders deemed him unworthy of a mate, the moon goddess would not grant one that was conceived of r*pe.Odessa, a woman who lost her father to cancer, her estranged mother finds her hours later after her father's death, whisks her away to a fantasy world to repay her debt to the Duke of Vamparia. She is now a mere blood bag, but one night fate was on her side. She escaped the vampire kingdom only to find herself found by a beast who takes her under his wings.Together they will unfold a new love and adventure as they try and defeat the vampires that hold humans hostage, for Creed to get his revenge for the new treasure he wants to call his own. Romance blossoms and even a special twist to make your heart squeeze with warmth.

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natalie fountain
Awesome book. Always love her stories
2024-04-19 12:02:56
default avatar
I just finished reading this, and I am praying for a sequel… This is one of the best books I have read in a while! Please make a dragon category ...️
2024-02-12 18:28:02
user avatar
Enjoyed The adventure with You - hoping for a sequel
2023-12-31 00:09:32
default avatar
Love all Vera Foxx books I have read. Many are available also in kindle. Just FYI
2023-12-13 12:13:44
user avatar
Rachel Johnson
Is there a sequel to this awesome book?
2023-11-25 00:29:28
default avatar
Robin L Robinson
Wonderful book, I couldn’t put it down! I hope there is a sequel!
2023-11-21 03:01:35
user avatar
Taking a breather from lycans and werewolves’ stories to another mythical creature, a dragon. Great time to spend my weekend
2023-10-29 08:43:11
default avatar
Pinky Malanti
loved it so much
2023-09-30 23:05:17
user avatar
Tracie Murphy
Such a good read. Very different from most. You won't want to put it down.
2023-09-05 17:18:54
user avatar
couldn't stop reading it!!! such a unique story love it!!!
2023-08-08 13:45:24
default avatar
Different from all the other books. really good read. worth your time
2023-07-18 05:12:04
user avatar
Sammy Ayres
loved it thanks
2023-06-23 07:04:27
user avatar
Čila Gabrić
One of the best book here! A must read! Well written, good storyline, characters, action, klifhangers,steamy parts... Worth the read, you won't be disappointed.
2023-06-11 17:04:11
user avatar
I have read this book twice. An absolutely precious story. I adore the characters. ...
2023-04-23 02:19:41
default avatar
I love your writing and make sure to read all of your books. That being said, what happened to Her forever, ride to the throne? Am I going to have to pay for it again?
2023-04-22 09:46:51
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77 Chapters
 "Wait!" The gurgling voice called for me. A claw clawed the upper part of my ankle; I winced at the sharp sting but kept going. Flinging the weighty door open to the unobstructed air, I bolted to the treeline, which wasn't far. This area was usually secure, streaming with guards, but many were missing. I didn't question it; this was my only chance.His gurgles became more transparent; he was healing far too quickly. My hope for escape was diminishing, but I trudged on because facing the repercussions was not an option.My feet were burning despite the cold weather. The damp leaves clung to my bloody feet while I tried to silently run through the dense woods. Thorns, briars scraped my skin; the moon was still high in the night sky.No footsteps were running after me; heck, I didn't even know if they could fly or if it was an old wives tale to scare children. I wasn't about to find out. My steps hit soft patches of moss-like material. Bright lights flew out,
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Creed's POVThe night's previous storm brought good omens. Fresh rain washed the trails giving new smells for fresh game. Despite the dark cave where Razak and I dwell, I knew exactly when the light sources would hit the sky. The double light hits the cave at just dawn giving the temperature a few degrees increase. My dragon was to thank for his stubborn temperature fascination.Clearing my throat, I grabbed the jug of fresh rainwater that had dripped in the night. It was cool, refreshing, and welcomed. Once the snow hit the mountains in a few weeks, I would miss the fresh rainwater. Razak was still asleep on the floor, the bed of furs laid for him were worn and tattered, yet he slept like a king, unlike the other hybrid beasts like him. I had found him when it was just a cub; his mother was killed in a hunting expedition held by one of the dragon tribes on the Southside of the mountain. Many tribes were careless, not caring if a female animal was pregnant or nursing y
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CreedFawn's eyes closed delicately while I stared at her longingly. When was the last time I had been this close to another being? I couldn't remember the last time I touched any other living them besides killing for food, fighting for gold, or defending myself. This woman is helpless, and she shows no fear in my disfigured body.This wasn't her world; she was stuck in a land where this was nothing but fairy tales to her. A strong feisty spirit must inhabit her body to have kept her alive this long. The journey into the mountains is not an easy one.  There were rumors that humans had started to come into Bergarian; mates were being found by the different species. All the humans had come in willingly. However, this girl did not. She was forced; the anger built up inside me as I watched her sleep.Her body was tiny, obviously starved, and given just enough food to survive for whatever purpose she was obtained for. I prayed to the gods that it was nothing too
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Blood Bag
Odessa's POV6 Months Ago"I'm so sorry for your loss," the nurse handed me the final paperwork while I sat in my father's room. My father was connected to life support, tubes coming out of his arms, chest, and mouth. He didn't even look the same anymore. There was no light in his eye, no golden glow on his skin. He had been here way too long, and his beard was tangled in the wires. The few longing tears dripped down my face. Dad's body was still warm, the machine did its job, but unfortunately, his mind couldn't keep up. Cancer had gripped hold of him, taking him by the neck and strangling the life out of him. It came hard and fast, already flowing in the bloodstream. My father, John Durham, was a writer. He never made much money, but he did what he loved. I admired that about him. He took a second job just to raise me when my mother left us both in the cold. She had become mystified with the thoughts of magic, realms, crystal
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His Cave
OdessaThe clinking of utensils startled me. "Dad?" I whisper. I rubbed my cheek against the pillow when it dawned on me that dad isn't here anymore; he's gone. In fact, I wasn't at home at all and was stuck in a tree running from the Duke. Whatever my cheek was rubbing against is so soft, so warm. It feels like the fur of an animal.My eyes didn't blink open slowly; they darted open was an intensity my lashes almost fell off. My back was turned to whatever was making small noises on the other side. My face stared into a rock wall; to the touch, it was cold and smooth. The light was dim, not bright in the slightest. Flames of a fire flickered my body's shadow on the wall. Was I in a cave?Rolling my body slowly to not be heard was a bit difficult. My ankle throbbed and, with the shift of blankets and pillows, it jostled the bandages into the wrong position. The bed was enormous, large furs covered the entire area, and I was raised high above the ground, a good t
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Yellow Cress Root
CreedMy little Fawn told me her name, Odessa.Sweet sounding like the sirens of the blue waters of the East. Her laugh was inviting. Everything about her was perfect. If I was allowed to have a mate, it would be her. The epitome of perfection. My dragon thought so while she stroked our scars. Her fingers trembled at first, but as I relaxed, her fingers radiated warmth. My dragon purred silently, not to scare her. She didn't know what I was; once she did, would she leave?She commented on her scars while we both traced each other's hardships. Odessa remained light and airy, pushing the memories away. My dragon was only outraged at the thought of someone hurting her.Razak's growl was a good distraction; any longer, I was afraid my beast would rear his ugly head.Razak is a quiet creature when in the cave. It is his home and solitude. I taught him that when he was just a kit, he should respect the home or spend his nights outside the cave. It happen
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Her beautiful Eyes
CreedAmora stood still, holding the parchment in mid-air. Her lips fell open, not understanding that I would not indulge in her questions. I couldn't, not with her mate. Adam had taken everything from me; did she not know that the dynamic between us had really changed?Sure, we were close. The best of friends, brother, and sister even. The day Adam ripped my throat, clawed my face, disfigured me entirely was the day I no longer trusted him. Once he and Amora became of age, I had not only lost my brother many years ago but now the sister I had gained. Adam kept her from me indefinitely. Shortly after, he had banned me from the tribe, saying a disgusting bastard like me caused too much distress in the tribe. The young children feared me only because of what they did not know.Gossip lies spread. Many were told the lies over and over until they took. I had my face ripped from Adam because I challenged him, that I wanted his place to be Alpha, the head dragon. Noth
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The Truth
OdessaAs if I would break, Prince Charming put me back on the fluffy bed of furry blankets. The feeling of being eaten was long gone once he put the blanket over my legs. He was relatively gentle for a big guy, covered in scars, tattoos, worked hands, and meaty muscles.His oversized tunic shirt was thin yet thick enough for me to feel well covered. More so than anything, I wore with the vampires. Overall, I was very comfortable in his presence."Um, Prince Charming?" He shook his head; he tried to smile. Each time he tried to laugh, a slight curl of his lip would go a millimeter higher. One day I'd like to see him with a full smile. "Thank you for taking care of me," my voice cracked. It was the first time I felt cared for in a while. Dad would constantly baby me when I was sick, even when I was a grown adult living in his house. "I don't have a way to repay you. I don't have money, but I can do chores around your house, I mean, cave. Once I'm better, I can go
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Duke Mortus
CreedOdessa's hands trembled while I held them. She wouldn't even look at me while she recalled the tale that led her here into my territory. The scars on her arms became more prominent to my dragon. He honed in with his intense eyes memorizing each purple scar that littered her frail body.For six months, she endured more than I thought a human could. Humans were said to be frail, fragile, and weak. Odessa was more vulnerable than the ordinary human. Her body held enough meat on her bones to still produce the amount of blood that could be collected daily from her.Vampires didn't need much blood, yet they acted as if they did. They pretended that they could drain the life out of a person, but that was a farce. They would end up throwing up most of it if they even dared try. My dragon heaved in my chest, pounding against my heart to be let out. He was so much pain, and I couldn't understand why. Odessa was a human we have found at the base of a tree; it didn't'
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CreedMy dragon's fangs had already descended again once we reached inside the forest. Bits of black blood dripped from our prey. I was no cannibal, I could not stomach the idea to eat someone with the same face as I,  but that didn't matter to my dragon. He was an animal. Wolves often talked to their wolves; their wolves were more civilized than they really knew. Dragons were not.Shifting, the smoke swirled around me, quickly covering my body from the outside elements. The sparks flew as my dragon singed the corpse that lay before us. His body was now bare and scorched black while my dragon scarfed down the body whole. I shivered inside, wondering how he would be willing to eat such a  disgusting creature.We took flight home; the rain had begun to flow so hard it was starting to be challenging to see. Small lighted torches around undersized villages showed brightly while many ran to their homes. Many elves had already taken shelter at the base of th
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