Can't help falling in love

Can't help falling in love

By:  aayushi gupta  Ongoing
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Meera Gupta, daughter of Niyati and Manish is an architect who comes back to India, after a long interval to visit her ailing grandfather, Prithviraj, whom she is most attached to. Her grandfather's last wish is getting her married and even though Meera is commitment phobic she knew she couldn't rest without fulfilling her grandfather's last wish. Arjun, son of Shantanu and Pratibha Goenka is a young man, working with his father and brothers for Goenka Constructions. He isn't ready for marriage, especially not arranged as he considers all the girls considered for his marriage to be immature and materialistic. The real fact is also that he isn't ready for marriage owing to the baggage from his past. Arjun's younger brother is Aakash is married to Divya who is Meera's cousin and confidante. To make matters worse for Arjun and Meera, Shantanu gives his word to Prithviraj to ensure that Arjun and Meera are married. To headstrong characters, who aren't ready for marriage are woven into a relationship, will they ever fall in love? Is love the only thing you need to make a marriage work?

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Chapter 1
Meera Gupta ran into the hospital, leaving her luggage in the car, she slowed down on entering the building and briskly moved to the reception. She unzipped her handbag and began rummaging through it, looking for her phone. The nurse on the reception glanced at her curiously, she took a peak at the boarding pass that had fallen out of Meera's bag but could only see the destination of Departure, mentioned as New York. The boarding pass was dated of the same day, well obviously the destination of arrival was their city, the nurse told herself. Meera quickly scrolled through her texts and frantically asked, "Room no 103?" "This way madam" The nurse pointed to her right. Meera swiftly began walking towards that direction, her sneakers squeaking with the lustrous marble under them. She glanced around chanting, 'room no 103' to herself and spotted the room, she slowly peaked through the windo
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Chapter 2
Bhabhi - Sister in law (Brother's wife)Bhai/Bhaiya - BrotherJiju - Brother in law (Sister's husband)"Maa, no ways, do you see the shade of her lipstick, she isn't bhai's type for sure!" Aman cried out as he slammed the picture on the dining table."Kisi ki lipstick kharaab hai, kisi ki naak tedhi hai, koi padhi likhi nahin hai, (somebody's got a bad lipstick shade, somebody needs a nose job, somebody isn't well read) oh god Aman, and do you think your brother is some Tom Cruise! I am rejecting proposals after proposals all because of you guys, and your brother is not getting any younger! I have shown him all the single ladies in this city but neither you guys nor him like any of them! This way I'll probably die before I see grandkids!" P
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Chapter 3
Bhaisahab - A term of reverence and endearment for an elderly man Beta - a term of endearment for somebody youngerDi - Sister"Aah Shantanu, why did you take the trouble and come all the way!" Prithviraj said as audibly as he could"Prithviraj bhai, what is the trouble in this, besides you have been my mentor! How wouldn't I come and see you! I had no idea about this or I would've come sooner! These kids told me just today morning" Shantanu answered"Aah yes, how should these poor kids know about how early in time, our relations date to!" Prithviraj said, stooping his shoulders as he laughed in a hoarse tone"How are you doing Prithviraj bhaisahab?" Shantanu asked, a
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Chapter 4
"Nidhi, tell me one thing, which one is looking better?" Niyati said as she placed the nth diamond necklace on a sighing Meera, "Mom they're both heavy can you just ugh!" "Stop ughing Meera, it's your wedding!" Nidhi exclaimed, "Bhabhi I am confused between the choker and the necklace!" "Yes you're right, it's a difficult choice" Niyati said"Oh god ladies, please come to a decision, I have to give Dadu medicines, so let me do that!" Meera said frustrated, rising up.The house was in a full ruckus, someone was dealing with the caterers, the decorators, someone else! it was a full on chaos, organizing a wedding in a week is not easy. "Sidhanth, did you talk
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Chapter 5
Jijaji - Brother in law Haldi - A ceremony involving turmeric done prior to the Indian wedding"Sakshi didi!!" Divya said as she raised her arms for an embrace"Divya bhabhi!" sakshi replied as she fell into the arms of her beloved bhabhi. "I can't believe that Arjun bhaiya has agreed to get married!""Forget all that there is so much to prepare for!" Divya replied in excitement as she went on to meet the little Riya and Sakshi's husband Vivek. "Didi, for you only Arjun bhaiya and Divya bhabhi are important, all of us are second hand why?" Aman asked as he stood there like a dramatic aunty, hands on his hips
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chapter 6
Meera and Arjun, unable to see their faces, took 7 rounds around the holy fire to finally complete all the rituals. The wedding was a small intimate one, considering how quickly it had been organized and keeping in my mind Prithiviraj's health.The couple then took the blessings of everyone who was standing around the holy fire, having to figure out whose feet they were touching, only by taking a look at the shoes or feet. For two people who hadn't even seen each other yet, they had some great coordination.Finally it was the time for the bidaii or the farewell ceremony, ideally it was expected for the bride ball her eyes out, but in this case the bride was a slightly less expressive one, who had mastered the art of containing her emotions, even though today, she wasn't ready for the marriage that she had already become a
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Chapter 7
Chachi - Aunt (Father's younger brother's wife)Bhabhi - Sister-in-lawJiji- SisterBhaiya - BrotherTaiji - Aunt (Father's Elder brother's wife)Di/Didi - SisterMeera finally entered her room, a beautifully decorated room, scented candles, almost everything in the room was draped with flowers. An open balcony allowed pleasant air to enter."Well, Ta-da! This is your room!" Divya said excitedly "And next to your room, on the right it's Aman and on the left it's Divya bhabhi, and on the other side, there is Ishika and my room, if you need anything! Let us know!" Sakshi added very sweetly"Yeah bhabhi, in case you're hungry at night, just knock at my door!" Ishika added, at which both Sakshi and Divya laughed, while Meera just gave her routine polite smile."Good night bhabhi, best of luck" Sakshi whispered to her, while Ishika giggled from behind and b
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Chapter 8
"So dear Meera, ready for your first day at goenka constructions?"  Shantanu asked Meera who had come downstairs, wearing very simple formals, not a touch of make up and hair tied in a bun. She simply nodded to shantanu. "And where is your brother? Sahabzade Arjun, has he not got the courtesy of escorting his wife to his office when it's her first time!" Shantanu growled to Aaksh, Meera lowered her gaze and turned her head to Aakash "Papa, bhaiya was really excited but he got some work at the sight, so he asked me to take Meera" Aakash smoothly lied "Hmm" shantanu replied and looked at his newspaper again. Meera kept her expression stoic so no one would figure out that she hadn't even seen her husband till now. Divya put some lemonade in Meera's glass and lovingly put her hand on Meera's hand, "Aakash, don't make my sister work too much on the first day" "I can't guarantee that Diya, your sister is going to be working with my brother, and
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